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  • Anyone good with netbooks?

    I got a Windows red netbook about a year ago. It has been great up until June. My computer got whacked with a lot of viruses. I had Norton, but it wasnt working. So, through my college, I installed AVG security, Spybot, and Malware Bytes. I scanned the computer every single day like a nut. It was fine, but then I realized I still got a lot of pop ups. THEN the computer started making this sound, like it was working in overdrive (think of a whuzzzzzing fan like sound). 3 days ago, I turn my netbook on and it goes to the black gateway screen for 2 seconds, then fades to just black. I can not get to a windows sign in screen or anything. Help me please.

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  • Why don't people see that?

    That if it hadn't been for the surge in Iraq and if it hadn't been for the success of this surge, we wouldn't be able to gradually pull our troops out the way we are. I give Bush that credit.

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  • Has this happened to you?

    This is going to be a little long, but I would really appreciate peoples opinions.

    Ok so the issue at hand is that I have a week and two days before I am supposed to get my period, but for some reason, I have bleeding that started yesterday. Now it isnt the same kind of bleeding that comes from a period, it is just, well there...

    I use Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo since about November and I have liked it up until this point..could it be break through bleeding?

    Or, is my body run down?

    Since January I have had sinusitis, I was put on antibiotics for that, which as most people know cause birth control to be ineffective...(got my period that month) Then on January 19th as I was finishing the sinus meds, I got strept I was on antibiotics and predisone for 10 days, which again, make your birth control ineffective, when I got my period it was a little weird, like a brownish discharge, so I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative, and I took another 2 weeks later (2 days ago) still negative...


    Yesterday I went to the ER because my head has been pounding for 2 weeks..I know I sound like a hypochondriac, but its just been a bad year for sicknesses, and I had a CT Scan and it came up that I still have the effing sinusitis and that it is really bad..not to mention a 102 fever...

    So could my body be run down and just breaking through the birth control?

    OR could it be breakthrough bleeding?

    Or what are the chances of this being implantation bleeding?

    (I had sex Sun. & Mon. w/ a spermicidal condom and Im obviously on B.C.)

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  • Have you ever experienced this?

    So, Ive been on antibiotics so my birth control is ineffective. My boyfriend used a spermicidal condom and we were in the shower. When he pulled out of me, the condom was still on. He never came near me without a condom, but for some reason, I felt extremley wet afterwards, yes, I know we were in the shower, but it was different. made him fill up the condom with water (I know Im crazy) to see if there were any leaks, there werent. Do you think it is the spermicide in me? I noticed that the spermicide was on the exterior of the condom, so could it just be that?

    /has anyone ever experienced this?

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  • I missed my first pill & took one amoxicillin?

    Ok, just need a little advice. I am on ortho tri cyclen lo. I just switched fromLoestrin 24 FE. I used it for a month and then got my period on the wendsday after the placebos started. When I was supposed to start my new pack, I missed the first day, took 2 (sunday and monday's) the next day and went on as usual, taking them every morning at 9 am, if not earlier. I have had a cold this week and I took an amoxicillin on this past Monday (moms a nurse and has all this crap) to see if it would make me feel better. I know it lowers the effectivness of the pill, but I only took one and thats it. At midnight, my fiance and I were having sex and, this isnt something im proud of, but we were drunk, so I know he pulled out of me, but he cant remember if he did *** in me a little or not. So, I know my ovulation day was yesterday and the days before it and I am freaking out. I am going to take Plan B tomorrow (it will be 36 hours since once I take it). I never miss my pills except for 2 weeks ago and other than that, thats it. Should I worry a lot?

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  • So It's New Years Eve and I'm sick?

    Hi everyone. I just needed some advice. It is obviously New Years Eve and I am supposed to go to a party with my college friends. I have been trying since Sunday to get better and it only seems to be getting worse. The thing is, I have a good old fashioned cold and/or sinus infection. My head feels full, now Im coughing and my glands are swollen, one of them is even noticeably swollen..(that is just the way it is, its been like that since I was little)...So do you have any advice on how to feel better? I have drank so much water, Im keeping the oj flowing, I just took a DayQuil...Also, is it a bad idea to drink later? Should I only drink a little bit? I just need some advice on how to deal with this. I usually would decide not to go to a party, but I always find an excuse not to go somewhere and its with my friends from college.

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  • Birth Control question?

    Do all birth control pills cause weight gain? I started Loestrin 24FE about 10 months ago and gained 12 pounds since then...I just changed my you think my weight will start to go down

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  • Someone fill me in here?

    How is it that Obama wants to give tax breaks to people who do not pay taxes?

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  • I need to know what something means...?

    Ok, so I go to college in a pretty bad area. It is in NY and is worse than the city even is when it comes to crime. I usually don't care about it...but I was actually curious about something....

    What does it mean when there are shoes over a power line on a street?

    Some people may laugh at me, but one of my friends told me it was something and I want to see if it is what others say.

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  • Help with A court case?

    can someone tell me about Elrod v. Burns (1976)

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  • Somebody fill me in...?

    Why is it wrong to shoot and kill an intruder who breaks into your home BEFORE they show you if they are armed or not...apparently it seems wrong and immoral to do that...

    but abortion is ok?

    Im not biased to either side, Im just trying to see both sides of this argument

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  • Where can I get the motivation?

    I need to lose weight. I am 5'4 and 150. I hate myself and I cant bear to even be touched. I gained 20 pounds since January...I just dont have the motivation, I feel like it will never happen..

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  • Do remember this computer game?

    Ok, so I may sound like a nerd, but does anyone remember the game

    "Titanic:Adventure out of time" I remember having it when I was like 10 and Id figure some stuff out, but it really messed up my computer lol. IS that game still out there?

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  • Can someone give me advice? ?

    Ok , so I feel pathetic writing this, but I need help.

    I'm 19 years old and Im having weight issues. Well, more appearence issues. I am 5'4 and almost 150 pounds. I dont look fat, but my body isnt toned at all. I know I could eat better (Im in college, you know how it is) and I feel like I dont have any motivation. I cant run because my chest starts to hurt and I just feel hopeless.

    I feel as if even if I try the ugliness wont go away. My stomach will still make my pants/underwear roll down and I can see the cellulite beginning to take over my legs. I hate myself so much and I want to make this stop before I have no control.

    Does anyone have any weight loss advice?

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  • Does anyone watch the Office? ?

    Why does Michael hate Toby so much?

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  • Does anyone drink Twisted tea? ?

    Does anyone else drink these? I wanted to know if anyone has the same experiences...surprisingly when I drink them, I get drunk a lot faster then I do with beer...2 of them and Im buzzed I need at least 4 beers to get any feeling...and Im a girl!

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  • For you John McCain supporters?

    How many of you were happy with him at the debate? I was! Surprisingly in my Politcal PArties class in College, most of the democrats were happy with him too.

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  • Is anyone on Loestrin 24 Fe as their birth control?

    I am currently on this type of pill. It was weird at first (I started in January) I would bleed before the inactive pills came and what not. The doctor said this was my body adjusting. Then, my body was fine with it for about 3 months. (April, May, June). Then in July I had a scare and didn't get my period. I had all the symptoms except my actual period. I took 7 pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. I called the Doctor and the nurse said this too, was normal. I got my period in August and it was awful, as if it was making up for the previous month. And then now, I was supposed to get my period on Monday and I still don't have it. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I also always use a condom as well so I don't know what is going on with me. I had all the symptoms (cramps,headaches,bloating,acne). And now, nothing. Has this happened to anyone?

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