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  • Only one hours sleep in two days and still not tired?

    Ok so I'm just interested because it's been two nights and I've only had about a hours sleep and I'm still not tired at all! I have eaten less then usual I skipped breakfast and had no snacks, the only things I drank were tea and water, I just wondered why? I find sleeping hard anyway but this is strange as I'm usually exhausted by 10pm.

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  • I can't stand being human?

    Yep, ok I know it sounds strange ( if you read some of my other questions you'll know about my situation ) but basically the summed up version is that I see and hear things sometimes and I also had random panic attacks in my head and I don't get tired anymore I've had like one hours sleep in two days and I don't even feel sleepy. But those are different problems, basically my head is full of crap I've read in books and comics and my life is so boring, it's like nothing ever happens like I'm destined for a normal dead end office job ( no offence office workers ) I've always wanted some kind of power or something,.. Yep I just realised this sounds mental so I think I should sign off but I really can't stand the whole normal ness of my life and I just want to be exciting and be able to fly or mutate or something. And the fact I can't do anything makes me want to just die again and ..

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  • What were some of the perks of being a client king?

    This is for my classical studies, I'm 15 and I really don't understand the stuff on the internet about client kings in ancient roman times. I just need some of the good things that came from being a client king to put on a poster(: thanks

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  • I think I'm loosing my mind?

    Ok I don't really know how to explain this and I know that now are is safe and someone I know will probably find this eventually but I think I'm seriously loosing it, I'm fourteen , I have all these.. Characters? Or voices in my head that I sometimes play I just kind of phase out and loose reality and sometimes it takes me a while to come back, it's like I've created these worlds in my head that have become so real to me I sometimes forget that their not and start telling a story about ' my friend...' That never happened. It scares me because I can't control my own thoughts. I also see things and hear thing, like shadows that are not there and even in daylight. And I hear ringing and music constantly in my head like I'm in a movie, I also have all my thoughts like a script in my head, it's like I'm in some kind of reality show but only I know it. I also can't physically eat properly any more, I used to eat normally but then for some reason I stopped and tried to eat less so not to gain weight and now I can't actually handle more then a little food. I just feel like I can't trust or tell anybody so I don't know what to do, for some strange reason I want to be in a institute I don't know why maybe just to have some peace in my head and someone who understands just to get away from everyone and have a break from life. I do sometimes harm myself and I think about suicide a lot not so much doing it, but how I would of I did. I also can't take alot of risks like stepping on cracks sometimes ( don't know why only sometimes ) or walking under a ladder ( superstitions ) I'm also scared of social interactions like talking to the cashier at the shop or at school when I have to answer a question or present something. This is properly the strangest thing but I repeat everything anyone says in my head, for example if hey say a word I have to repeat it in my head. I can't trust even my closest friends and especially not my family, I feel like I've lost hope in everything and I have no hope of motivation all my goals have faded and it all seems pointless, I hate myself ,this town, this house it's never been home and I'm scared that I'm loosing the border between reality and fantasy, I just need someone to tell me what's happening and why I'm going crazy.

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  • What's wrong with me?

    Firstly I've never been diagnosed with anything and no one in my family's like this

    . There's also no one in my family I can talk too for personal reasons. Basically I get really anxious in any social situation, for example buying something from a store and having to talk to person at a checkout, or talking to someone on the phone. I also started feeling tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep ect. . I feel really sad and alone and I don't know why anymore.. I don't think I can survive this place anymore. I also can't stop like shaking or moving something and I feel a constant temptation for adrenaline or to climb something. I dont know what's wrong, I also have sudden moments when I just kind of Shake and cry to myself and I don't even know why. All i know is I'm constantly nervous and sad and angry and I'm don't know why and nobody cares and I don't know what to do because no one will listen and i just can't stop rambling but I feel so sick. Please Please help me! Please'

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  • I'm don't want to do this anymore.?

    Ok so firstly ive spent my whole life in this stupid place that I hate, my family don't abuse me or anything but they argue past the point of normality, the police have even been around a few times. When I was little I would cry all the time about going to school, and I didn't have many friends so my mum moved me to private school where at first I was pretty happy but in prep school (y3-6) things started getting bad again and I didn't understand it and I still don't know why but I just kept having kind of mood/energy swings and crying and not wanting to go to class, I had a few best friends at the time but non of them were real friends.... Things started to look up when I met this guy at my new house that we got with my mums boyfriend, he seemed nice but his parents wer having problems and I would later learn when the police came round that they were quite dangerous, anyway my friend would always try to make me do the wrong thing like stay out late or do this on my bike ( that ended with painful accidents) and one day I got so angry I just screamed at him witch I never do because I can't anymore.. Ill explain that later. I know I'm kind of just rambling. But that mothers boyfriend. And a few others kind of just left or moved out or whatever, so we moved in at my granddads old place witch was havoc and as he was away we had it to ourselves but I felt lonely and isolated and scared their every day, then we moved to my grandmas but as we did my granddads house got flooded and I lost loads of my stuff, my mum lost virtually nothing but the worst was that I lost my piano, I

    Witch was kind of my only escape from the world. About two years later ( although my mum told me we were living there for four weeks) we moved into our own place that I voted no against but everyone else voted yes so.... Here we are. I kept asking my mum if we could move away but NO. In year 8 I was going mental inside I was crying in private and now in year z9 I've become a very private person I don't let people see me have emotion, I have friends now but they still don't get it. I bet you don't either it just feels good to rant, but I see things and sometimes even hear things now and I don't cry I front of people or even smile in some cases and as much as I want to I can't shout and don't stand a chance in hell about moving out as far as my mum thinks, I feel like she blames me for all our money troubles because she pays for my school, but I've offered to go else wear but NO, so I don't get why I can't do anything right in anyone's eyes, everybody hates each other and I know they probobly will end up hating me too because that's how things work around here, they dont believe in may, they wont help me , ive told them about the visions and the seeing things and my mum id its nothing! i know what she ment thouhh.. urrghr i dont wven m

    Know why im telling you this its like i cant live without drama now and im just I'm nothing, squat and I'm just done, ok done freaking finished.

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  • How can I fix scratches and thin cracks on my mini ipad screen?

    So I have my ipad in a hard shell case and I lent it to a friend, who managed to hand it back With two large scratches on the screen, they look like cracks but are probobly too thin as they have only the tinyest amount of depth! Is there any way I could fix it without having to buy a new screen? Like a gel or polish?

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  • Is Aliexpress safe to order from?

    I just want to order some clothes from Aliexpress, ( i know it's cheap, ect ) I just want to know if the stuff I order will actually come? I know like ebay it risky to order anything, but is it likely to come to the uk safely? ( it says free shipping, but I don't want to pay huge fee later? )

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  • Cheap but good quality skateboards?

    Hey, I'm really into skateboarding and I'm looking for a new type of board, I like the penny boards but I don't want to spend to much on it as Its just to mess around on outside, I'm thinking like £20 max ( I know it's limited but it's just for fun). Also I love the Santa cruise land shark full board, does anyone know where to get one, or one just like it really cheap? ( please post any links you have, preferably not ebay, unless you must)

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  • Love is love, I want to help!?

    Ok so I'm not actually gay myself, but I strongly believe that love is love and all people should be allowed to love whoever they want regardless of gender! So I just want to know some ways I can help? Maybe some charities I could volunteer for? :) thank you!

  • My friends been catfishing?

    Ok so my friend has been catfishing this guy for quite some time now, at first she asked me to pretend to be one of her friends and I said ok, but found it creepy and stopped doing it completely, but she kept going and they've been talking for about two and a half years and its starting to worry me as the boy seems to be really attached to who he thinks she is, he plans a future for them, but whenever they arrange to meet she comes up with a last minute excuse and leaves up him heartbroken, I've tried to talk to her about it, but she doesn't see how much this is going to hurt him and herself! Any guidance?

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  • What's wrong with me?

    Ok, so I do some ' weird stuff ' like I don't consider doing suicide but I do think about it, like what would happen and why people just use a knife and don't jump of the Eiffel Tower and such.... I know strange. But I also have constant voices in my head, like one billion thoughts sometimes like now, i just hear a billion things and my head hurts and my eyes go blurry then it just fades out.. Please help! I'm confused! I also narrate thins in my head and repeat every word everyone says in my head once straight after they've said it. I also constantly imagine people around me that aren't there, situations scenes, like movie sets and cameras around me then it all just... Fades out, I didn't get head aches for a long time but now suddenly they got really bad, I had to be sent home from school it hurt that bad, then the other day I just got really bad ear ache suddenly then it just disappears! I also feel like I have to climb everything and I never sit still my leg just starts shaking or something, I can't tell my parents so I don't know who to go to.... Please advise me! What is this? Why me! ( 14, f, never taken drugs or alcohol or abused, self harmed ect.)

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  • What's your story?

    I want to write a book, about everything, about everyone! And I want you all to be part of it! Just tell me anything about you, your life, your hopes, dreams, a event that happened, heck just give me your whole life story! ( it can be sad, funny, hilarious)

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  • What's the weirdest thing about you?

    It's for a research thing I'm doing! Go wild! Reveal all! It's the Internet... No one knows who you are!

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  • I don't know what's happening...?

    Ok so I have a extreamly over active imagination, but now I do things... Like I hear things and see things, once I kept having dreams that the bus would crash on the way to a school trip, then i was on google and without me doing anything it zoomed in on the road I saw, the trip was fine but the next day I woke up with scratches all down my arms (like stigmata) I was scared but didn't tell anyone, then another time I felt like I was being followed but I had a sort of breakdown and told my mum and she said I was imagining it. I also pretend in my head to be different people, I've made sort of charecters that I'm constantly playing inside ( different personalities). Similarly I never write in the same font, it's always different depending on who I'm thinking of inside. I also do this strange thing where I write myself into shows, plays even conversations in my head, I make my own 'movies' in my head but when I try and write it down my mind goes blanc. I'm not scared of anything and I can't stop moving for a second, I constantly have to be doing something, I get bored with anything after a few minutes and I have bad thoughts... Sometimes... About doing stuff.. Hurting people.. Even myself... but i know iwould never EVER hurt another person EVER so I don't know why I think this... I'm kind of worried about pressing continue and posting this incase things get worse.. But I need advice so here goes....

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  • I think that I may have a problem?

    So lately things have been getting worse, I really need some advice! Here are the basic details :

    - but I've never been able to sit still, like eve, I have to be tapping my foot or fiddling with something all the time in lessons and stuff.

    - I constantly feel the need to climb stuff (even if it causes me danger) like hills, trees, sofas, tables ect.

    - also in public I find it really awkward when people recognise me so I avoid them, for example: there is a lady that works at the shop near my school and I used to go there for some water on the way home but she would see me every night and make more conversation every time like it started with 'your late out from school today' then got more advanced like asking me about after school clubs and my phone case and stuff ( and this is perfectly normal) but for some reason I can't stand it and I get all awkward, she also has a strong accent so I sometimes can't understand. I've avoided the store for like a month and a half now.

    - I also always feel chubby or fat, I'm actually underweight for my hight and age but I constantly feel like I shouldn't eat and feel guilty if I do and I just need to exercise and such all the time.

    - I dance randomly and sing all the time ( just a general fact)

    - I'm a good student with high grades but I just tune out of lessons a lot of the time,

    - I repeat very word I hear once in my head, and when I don't i get headaches.

    - I have a HUGELY over active imagination! It's really distracting and odd.

    - I narrate things in my head, and I write in a different font every day

    - I find it hard to sleep and I used to feel like I was being watched

    - I'm obsessed with what wil happen in the future

    - I hate clutter and mess, I feel weird and uncountable in messy spaces.

    - I get bored with anything after about ten mins,

    Ok so I know this isn't normal, I never really did until I wrote it all down just then, I'm kind of scared. I've tried talking to my mum about it before but she just said I was just imagining it, she didn't understand. Please give me some advice?

    Additional info: I'm a girl and I'm 14

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  • I don't want to be normal?

    I just hate being ordinary, I feel like I'm special but don't know how to unlock it..... It being powers or something?? It's crazy and I'm making myself crazy... I need something more.... I can't be like the rest....

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  • Do you have any supernatural abilities?

    This sounds farfetched but its for a important private research project, it can be anything like mind reading and bending stuff using your mind! Just make sure it's 100% true, and if you want some help on discovering your powers leave some contact details like email with your answer. Or.for help control them contact me.

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  • If you could have any superpowers, what would you have and why?

    I'm doing a private research project on supernatural abilities, this is part of the study, just state what superpowers you would like (anything from mind reading to invisibility and flying!!, be creative) thank you for taking part in this study, you could be playing a important role in science!!!

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  • I think I have issues but I can't ask for help?

    I'm scared because I'm 14, and I can't sit still for a minute without moving my legs or on thing, I constantly amm shaking, I can also sometimes see and hear stuff... Well I hear stuff all the time... But I can't ask for help because of certain reasons.... Any advice? I kinda need to know what this is.... I'm also very paranoid and scared of being alone and such.. Because I see and hear stuff when nobody's around... ( I've NEVER been on drugs or smoked or taken alcohol and I never will. )

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