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  • Is he cheating on me?

    My husband and I have been together for 7 years. We have no intimacy at all. I work night shift, and he works days. He never gives me kisses or holds me when I see him. I'm the one who has to initiate the affection. When I go to work, I'm always the one who has to kiss him goodbye. When I come home, he sleeps on the couch, while I sleep in the bedroom. He usually goes to his friends house after work. We have sex about once a month if lucky. We never touch at all, only when I give him a kiss goodbye.

    What is going on? When I hear him on the phone with his friends, he's always laughing and having a good time....but when I try to talk to him, he barely says anything.

    When I look at the history on his computer, I've noticed he watches a lot of porn. I don't understand...but I think our marriage is doomed.

    What do you guys think? I'm really down right now and feel so worthless..

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  • What's a good excuse for snooping?

    I'm a Computer technician at a major corporation. I have administrator privileges and I'm able to access other clients information. Well one day, I was bored and decided to check out one of my user documents. After about two minutes, I exited out and resumed my work duties. Well a few days later, the user tells my other coworker that she found that I was accessing her document. She said she tried to edit her document, and it said "Locked for editing by another user", and it displayed my name.. So now I have to find a good excuse as to why I was viewing her file....Anyone have any ideas? I was going to say that I was doing maintenance on the folders and deleting unnecessary files ...but doesn't seem add up...

    Thanks for the help!!

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  • Army tuition assistance? How do I figure this out?

    I'm in the Army Reserves, and this would be my first time enrolling in college....I get 250 per semester hour cap, and the fiscal year ceiling is 4500 for the Army tuition assistance.... My courses are 1665 per course (4.5 credits per course)...So how would I know how many classes I can take per semester, using this tuition assistance? I know I would eventually have to apply for FAFSA, but in the mean time I just want to use the TA...How would I figure this out? Sorry, I'm just a little confused over all of this..

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  • Falling out of love with my husband...what should I do?

    I feel like my husband doesn't care about our marriage anymore... He's been out of a job for almost 7 months. He says to me that he's depressed, but he's been having a blast playing video games. He's always laughing with his friends that he made on XBOX live. I think he just uses that as an excuse to make me pity him. He plays video games when I come home from work, and until I go to bed.

    Sometimes my work will mess up my pay, and we would be without food for a little bit. He would always ask me to go and ask my friends to borrow money, or I would have to make an initiative and go to the food bank to get food. He doesn't do anything to support this marriage. I told him many times that he needs to find a job, especially before I get deployed.

    What he was doing last week was, sleeping all day, and being up all when I would come home he would be asleep,and the house a banana peels on the floor, and his socks all over the living room floor...He would make his little mess, and I would have to clean it when I come home. I'm fed up and gave him many ultimatums ...but he never falls through with them...and I'm back at step 1

    I resent him....and falling out of love with him...

    What should I do?

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  • Husband to lazy to look for

    My husband plays xbox all day while I work a full time job at my unit. He's been out of work for 4 months and wont even try to look for one. Were kind of struggling with just my job....and im thinking about getting a second job to support us.

    He does clean the house and cook....but after that he continues to play xbox all day. I deploy in 4 months and I told him he needs to find a job by then but he just looks at me and agrees and continues to play black ops....

    I've been crying myself asleep a lot lately because I feel so alone in all of this. Im trying to be strong and trying to be a good wife but its really hard when your husband isnt putting in his 100%....

    He's been the type to never really have a stable job...were both 23 and we've been together for almost 6 years and I've been mainly the person to support us two...

    Any advice would b great....

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  • Lazy husband who plays video games all day?

    My husband hasn't had a job in about 4 months. At first, he would try to look for a job....going online and putting in applications. But now he's been laying back and playing video games all day long. I ask him if he's been applying for jobs...and he says yes on his phone. HE obviously isn't to worried about finding a job, because he's not actually going out there and applying for a job.

    So I've been working everyday, coming home to him playing video games. He cleans and stuff, but we can't just survive off my job alone. I know he's depressed too but he won't take initiative and go seek help. So that's why I'm letting him go see his friend in california for a little while to maybe take a break away from things and clear his mind.

    What would you do in a situation like this, because I'm starting to get fed up with the whole situation. The thing is, I don't want to lash out on him because he is depressed. But I know when I was out of a job, I was out literally all day long trying to find a job every single day.

    I seriously feel like a mother in this marriage, or you can say the "man" in this relationship. He is 23 and so am I.

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  • Husbands best friend has crush on him?

    My husbands best friend has a crush on him. The guy is about 40 years old and my husband is 23. My husband knows this but continues there friendship. His friend came down to visit one weekend. A few days after my husband was really pissed because his friend expected to have sex with him and my husband didn't want it. So my husband kicked him out. After a while his friend started sending him stuff in the mail saying sorry and all this other stuff...

    Now my husband feels bad and wants to go see him

    I mean shouldnt I feel mad about this? Like the guy basically disrespected me for trying to get with my husband...what should I do in a situation like this???

    They've been friends for like 7 years.

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  • Should my husband complain to the IG? This is messed up?

    So my husband is a SPC in the Army National Guard. He told me that his E-5 SGT calls him a shitbag and makes fun of his weight all the time because he's on profile. He also says that he's not a good soldier because he has PTSD and never been deployed. Also all the sgts are taking advantage of all the lower enlisted and making them do all the work while they just sit down, chill and bullshit with eachother. So one of the soldiers ends your telling one of the higher ranking sgts who's deployed and the unit gets in trouble. So the next day one of the SFC tells the whole unit that the next person who opens there mouth about what's going on thenthere going to smoke the crap out of Everyone.

    BTW there unit is deployed so there the detachment....I think its messed up that they're treating there soldiers like that they need to act like role models and NCO's not like scum.

    Should he complain?

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  • Husband thinks our marriage is a joke?

    I've been with my husband for five years. Both of us are 23. I am starting to feel like I don't share the same feelings for him anymore. He jokes around way too much. He's constantly grabbing my arms and making stupid gestures with them, or he would hug me, but laugh about it and make weird noises. There is nothing romantic about my marriage at all. I don't think he can even be serious about kissing me, or doing nice things for me. I can't take this marriage serious anymore.

    On top of that I just don't find him sexually attractive anymore. He's put on a lot of weight, and doesn't make an effort to lose it. I told him how I felt about it, and he just got pissed off and said that If I loved him for who he is then I shouldn't care if he gained weight. I agree some what, I still love him...but I just am not turned on when we do anything sexual together. I just don't feel any desire within in me..

    So what would anyone do in this situation. Over the past five years, I've tried to talk to him about all of this....and he goes back to the same old him...

    I'm just tired..and feeling a little depressed.

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  • Is there a type of lense that will make my eyes look smaller in glasses?

    When I was younger, I was always stuck with glasses that made my eyes look huge. Ever since then I've been wearing contact lenses for years, because I feel that those glasses make me look stupid. Is there any type of glasses lense that won't make my eyes look so big? I mean I look pretty ridiculous wearing glasses that make my eyes look abnormally huge....Any advice would be great!!

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  • Would this be a stupid idea if I trade in my Mustang for a Tiburon?

    Would it be stupid to trade in my 2002 Ford Mustang V6 with 48,000 miles on it for a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon coupe with 85,000 miles? My mustang is costing me a lot of money with all of the repairs! I recently had to get a rebuilt transmission because it failed me. There's just a lot of problems with it, and I'm fed up!!! So would it be a bad idea to trade it in for this car?

    Please people I need some advice!!

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  • Who gets what in case of divorce?

    My husband and I have furniture, a bed, a big screen t.v and some coffee tables. I also have a car that's in my name. Those are our major possessions. If we both got a divorce (state of Florida)....will I still get to keep my car? Do I get any of the items if lets say I do get to keep the car? We purchased those items while we were married if that's any more info...

    Any info would be great!!!

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  • Does it sound like my husbands cheating?

    My husband was texting someone on the phone. I glanced over and I noticed a woman's name. He pulled the phone close to him, and said why am I all up in his business. He switched the screen and I noticed there was a call from her too on his call record. I asked who this woman was, and he said a girl from his unit. I never heard of her that's why I was asking so many questions.

    I asked him if I could see the text message, and he said no it's none of my business. I don't know why he's being so paranoid about me looking at the text...but I would have no problem showing him my phone if I was texting another male, because I have nothing to hide. So he gets all mad, and walks out the door. I was thinking about the whole thing, and realized that he's been very over protective over his phone...he gets angry when I get a hold of it, and never leaves it out of his site. Am I overreacting over all of this? We've been married for 2 years, and were both 23. Plus our marriage has been going down hill for a while...He's been very private lately...and doesn't really talk to me as much anymore....

    Please any advice would be awesome!!!!

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  • Husband gave up on it worth it?

    Me and my husband are always arguing over the stupidest things. We've been married for 2 years now, been together for 5. We're both 23. He told me if I don't want to be with him anymore then just leave. We both work full time, and he thinks because he works longer hours then me, then I should have to do all the chores in the house.

    Everytime I mention to him that I'm unhappy, then he says that he's happy...and doesn't do anything about it. I've mentioned to him so many times that I'm not happy with our marriage and that we need to go to marriage counseling, but he's not taking it serious. He just forgets about our conversation...and goes a long with his day.

    I told him that if we don't get help with out marriage then were not going to last very long...and he just ignored me...

    I'm just afraid that we won't last...he's just showing that he does not care at all about our relationship...

    Does it sound like he cares at all about us?

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  • Anyone have any ideas of what the problem could be?

    When I'm driving and let off the gas pedal, my car slows down dramatically and the RPMS immediately drop... It feels like I'm braking, but I'm not. I know this is not normal, because in other cars that I've driven...when you let off the gas, it slows down at a good pace, and the rpms don't suddenly just drop.

    Anyone have any ideas of what this could be? Could it be a transmission problem? It's a 2002 Ford Mustang V6...

    When switching gears, while in park...the gears grind on 2 and 3

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  • Is there something wrong with my transmission?

    I have a 2002 Ford Mustang V6 with 46,000 miles on it. When I drive around and put my foot on the brake, and put gear on park, it vibrates for a little while then stops. I tried switching all gears to see if it still vibrated. I switched gears to Drive, Neutral, 1st gear and 2nd. It vibrated the most on 2nd gear. When I drive sometimes I feel a loss of power in the car. It feels like somethings pulling the car back. When I drive and let my foot of the gas pedal, it dramatically slows down, and the RPMS drop very fast. It's weird because other cars that I drove, it never did usually takes time for the RPMS to drop...

    I know my mechanic says I have a problem with the power steering pump...but from the symptoms above..does it seem like a transmission problem? Or can it be as simple as a vacuum leak? Please if anyone can help that knows about this type of stuff...


    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Can God take away a blessing?

    Right now I'm devastated! Our car was totaled...and God has blessed me with money for another car.... I prayed to God to help guide me to a good car that will last us for a long time. I wanted a good reliable car...and prayed about it at the dealership..

    The dealer shows me this nice mustang...for a decent price. I tell him I would only buy it for 7300 out the door. That was 1,000 less then what it was being sold for. So he goes to the back...and talks to the sales manager about it.

    I keep praying to God and asking him if this is the car you want me to have..then let it be approved. A while later, the dealer comes out and says he will accept the offer. I was ecstatic!!! I was happy God answered my prayers..

    Well I go home and find out the car has a lot of problems...It cost us about 500 dollars in repairs so far...Now my husband calls me and tells me it keeps stalling.

    My question is this...

    I prayed, and received what I asked for...but can God take away? I mean all of a sudden this car has so many problems...Did I do something wrong for this to happen? Or is this a trial of some sort....

    Please...I really need advice...I feel like crap right now....

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  • Irresponsible husband..what to do?

    So, I just volunteered to deploy. My unit has promised me some hours in the mean that will help me and my husband out a lot. But my husband has no intentions to find a job. He's only had one job in a year. He quit that after a month because it was to hot for him.

    This has been happening for the past 5 years with him. He never really was making the income, the whole entire time of being with him. We're both in the Army. He's undeployable because of his knee. I'm the only one making the initiative to make money in this house. So I volunteered myself, because that would help us out a lot.

    He told me, when I get deployed, he wants at least half of it. I'll be making about 3700 a month being overseas. It seems to me that he's planning on not working, that's why he needs that much. I told him no, I will give him a thousand per month out of that, because if he's working, that's more then enough to help pay for rent and other things.

    What should I do? I feel like he's going to be like this forever...

    By the way...I'm usually the one cooking, and cleaning the house.

    He makes awful decisions with money...he totaled his car with no I had to use my enlistment bonus (7500) to buy another car....

    I am lost and need some direction....

    13 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • What do I do with my lazy husband?

    Okay. I know my husband is depressed, but I've realized he's only happy when he has money to spend. I've tried talking to him, and tried cheering him up, but he doesn't listen. I've even told him countless times to go seek professional help with his depression, and he just puts it off. It's really starting to bother me a lot.

    I do all the cooking and cleaning in the house. He doesn't do anything. We're both on unemployment right now trying to find jobs. I've been the one who's actually trying to find a job, while he doesn't put forth any effort too. When I was away for military training, I was gone for 6 months. He only had one job for like 3 weeks and quit. I was making quite a bit of money, so he didn't bother to look for a job. So everyday, I cook, clean, do the dishes, while he just sits there and watches t.v all day. The only thing he does, is takes the trash out...but he's started not doing I've been having too...

    My question is...what do I do to make him help me out. I've tried talking to him about it before and he would yell at me to stop nagging him. I am just so tried of living like this. It's like he gave up on everything, including me. He doesn't even want to have sex anymore, just blow jobs...

    I am lost...any input would be helpful

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  • Do I have symptoms of a mental illness?

    I am 23 years old. Both of my parents are paranoid Schizophrenics. I have two sisters. My older sister has an anger problem, and my younger sister has anxiety. I feel that I have a lot of anxiety too, but mines a little different.

    There will be times when I feel happy for a few days, and then like 2 days out of the week it all turns. I get all angry, and take out everything with my husband. I try to start fights with him, and he hates it. Then sometimes I would get really excited and talk so fast, that my words get all jumbled up's crazy because the thoughts in my head are racing so fast. Then some days I will feel really depressed, and not want to do anything. It's a lot of highs and lows. I do sometimes feel that people are always watching me. I am pretty attractive, so yes some part its true...but when I'm driving or walking anywhere...I feel that all eyes are on me...It's also hard for me to make friends, because I always feel that they're judging me.

    So from the symptoms above, does it seem like I have a mental problem? I know I should see a professional about it...but I just need other peoples know if I'm crazy or not..

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