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Whats-up!! Im not the rude type in here.I usually don't start Sh!t unless you start it first.But i ain't here for that.. Im a pretty laid back dude, easy to get along with.. Im NOT a creep ,actually im a really quiet,shy dude. I'm From L.A. In my 20's the name is Joey..Skateboarding for over 12 yrs Off &On. . I just enjoy the simple things in life everybody takes for granted.Etc Im grateful for everyday i get to live. Life is short. So i say live Each Day as if life has just begun cause tomorrow is never promised.. To all my people on the other side love y'all see you soon.. Sometimes i like to play ' hehe , but Most of the time i try & give a good&honest answer. I like to help people if i can. If you want to know anything about me or would like to ask me a question about something just hit me up.. Email me or add me if you want..In the mean time "qué víva la ràza y la revolúcíon"~Peace out Y'ALL.

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