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  • Which cell phone provider has the lowest rates on international calls/texts?

    I live in the US(Utah) and my current phone provider is T-mobile. My boyfriend lives in Scotland and uses Vodafone. He can send me texts occasionally, but I have to use skype to send messages back. Calls are also dodgy...we've had luck contacting each other on only three occasions, but the calls are too expensive on our current plans. T-mobile does have an unlimited international plan for $10/month, but Scotland is not included on the list. I'm looking for an inexpensive, dependable plan that would let me text and call him. I would prefer pre-paid with a basic phone. I do realize I can use skype for calls, but I want to be able to call him, and for him to call me, when I'm not near my computer.

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  • Depression is "over my head"?

    I'm not sure how to handle this....One of my roommates recently got out of the hospital because she tried to get help for her depression/anxiety. Today was the first time I've seen her in a week and I noticed her leg had been cut/scratched up. I asked her about it though I already knew the answer and her reply was "Oh, that's why I was in the hospital....It's..over your head. WAY over your head." So I let it be, figuring she didn't want to talk about it. When our other roommate came home, though, I commented on the matter to her and response was the same, only this time I felt like they were treating me like a kid who doesn't know anything. I've had small discussions with roommate 1 about my own experience with depression and thoughts of suicide, but she's either forgotten it or passed it off because,,yeah, depression makes you feel like no one else could ever have life harder than your own. Roommate 2 has also had problems with depression, but no suicidal thoughts that I know of. I feel selfish for being upset, but...I asked a question out of concern and was pretty much shoved aside because neither of them thinks I could possibly understand what depression is like and I didn't know how to point out that I DO understand and their reaction to me is placing me in my own dark little corner where I feel like I'm trying to be a friend but no one wants me to be one to them.

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  • How can I deal with this horrible roommate?

    We have five girls in a three-bedroom apartment. I, fortunately, have my own room, but that doesn't stop me from being bothered by roommates. While four of us do well enough in cleaning up after ourselves and respecting the others' property, L is absolutely terrible in this department and doesn't give a crap when we talk to her about it.

    Her crimes include:

    1) Leaving soup/rice on the stove/cooker for up to a week. Try to tell her this is a health hazard and she only hears that we're complaining about food being left in a pan, which should be acceptable because the pan in hers and we shouldn't concern ourselves about her pans.

    2) Flushing feminine products, tossing toilet paper. Apparently this is due to some confusion over what should and shouldn't be flushed. She's from Honduras and maybe they toss used toilet paper in the trash down there, but we flush it here. One of our old roommates explained this to her and somehow the "do flush" list came to include pads and tampons...and yet we still find her flushing feminine products and tossing tp.

    3) Coming home from work and proceeding to strip on her way to the bathroom/bedroom. This one just baffles me...mostly because of the order in which they are taken off. Shoes are left in the living room, bra and skirt are dropped in the dining room...I see no logical reason for this.

    4) Wanting privacy, but listening in on other people's conversations. Her room has a little "window" that looks out on the stairs. If you sit within two feet of this window, you can hear much of what goes on downstairs and she does not hide the fact that she listens whenever she can. On the other hand, she'll sit down practically next to you and proceed to have a loud phone conversation about things you would rather not overhear (tonight was about her bowl troubles). Make any sort of comment about it and she gets pissed and tells you to mind your own business and stop being nosy.

    5) Her sense of entitlement. She acts like she owns the place. Loud music, loud phone conversations, "borrowing" things, treating the rest of us as though we are guests who have overstayed our visit. In fact, she even proclaimed that she could be as loud as she wants because this is HER place. I've pointed out the fact that it doesn't belong to her, that I, as well as three other girls, also live and rent here. To which she responded that I should butt out of her business or she'll be even louder.

    6) Guests. This is a big problem because we have absolutely no room for guests. We have three rooms taken up by five girls, a kitchen, small bathroom, small dining area which opens into a small living room. There is no room for guests to stay overnight without the chance awkward moment, yet she has friends and family over almost weekly without informing the rest of us. We've had to cancel pizza and movie nights at the last minute because of this inconsideration. Try to talk to her about it and she makes us sound like the rude ones...because it's wrong for us to think her family would be more comfortable in a hotel room and terrible that we would suggest she stay at her drunk friend's house instead of bringing the drunkard here.

    And to make matters worse, the girl she shares a room with, in her misguided sweet mannered way, encourages these actions...because "it's L's first time being on her own and the learning process is step by step"...So L gets her chores and dishes done for her by this roommate more often then being reminded to do them herself. L is an angel in this roommate's presence, but a total beast with the rest of us. If we confront her about anything, she pulls a bunch of excuses and then rushes to her roommate or another friend and pulls the victim card.

    I need tips to get me through this before I slash her tires and "accidentally" break something of hers. She claims she'll be moving out in two weeks, but has constantly gone back-and-forth between saying she's moving and then saying she's staying but wanting her own room when one of our current roommates moves out. Also, how do we discuss this issue with our landlord in order to prevent her from being able to stay on a new contract?

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  • When will I hear back about USPS job?

    I applied for a seasonal job with USPS this past week. I went to a meeting on Tues. and had an interview yesterday (Thurs.) I can't say whether I did well at the interview because I was asked basic yes/no questions, like whether I would be available and willing to work the full season, what shifts I can work, can I lift 75 lbs, and if I had questions about the footwear required. I was then told I would receive an email to schedule a health exam, but....I can't recall if the interviewer said I would receive the email today, or if I was supposed to get the email last night and have the exam today. I'm also confused as to whether receiving the email is a good indication that I'm on the list pending what the health exam results. She didn't ask if I had questions and I didn't think to ask for clarification on these points because I thought I understood and now realize...I don't. So I wonder if anyone has experience applying for seasonal positions with USPS and how quickly they reply back.

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