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  • Would short hair suit me/work?

    I have been wanting short hair for a while. Like really short hair. I have had long hair since I was around 5 though so I don't know if it would suit me now. I have a fairly round face but it's not fairly long and most of my facial features are very dark and stand out. I also don't know whether my hair would cope with it. I have very thick hair which is quite curly. I'm fairly lazy with styling my hair, mostly I just shower and let it dry naturally. I heard short hair takes quite a bit of work and styling though. I don't want it like miley Cyrus short but I definitely want it above my neck. Any advice?

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  • Lying friend?

    Okay so my best friend is a liar. I've learnt to live with that over the last few years. But recently it's been seriously getting on my nerves. In about November last year, I introduced her to a kpop group that I like (BigBang). She instantly became a fan and made a fan account on instagram. On this account, she keeps claiming to be a back up dancer and knows loads of korean celebrities. She'll frequently post pictures other people's pictures with the band members and say that ut's ger in the photos with them. She will find random pictures of pretty girls who don't even look the same other than them being asian and call them her own selfies. She has loads of followers who don't know the truth that she is just a regular 14 year old who lives all the way in England. Apparently you can only tell instagram if they are pretending to be a specific celebrity so that's no use. I just think her followers shouldn't be lead on like this and that she needs to accept her own life rather than make one up. How can I tell her without sounding mean and not embaressing her infront of her followers who she has become close friends with?? Thanks...

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  • How to get over social anxiety disorder?

    I've always been scared of people and especially talking to people. It's getting really bad, I can't even talk to a store clerk and always need to bring someone with me to do small things, even if it's my much younger sister.

    I've never fit in and I can never speak, even if I really push myself I never seem to get any words out. The thought of talking to someone I'm not too familiar with terrifies me and it's getting in the way of my learning too- especially in English and Drama classes where group topics and presentations are common.

    I just really hate being so scared to talk to anyone and I was wondering what the best way to help me with my situation is.. Thanks

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  • Is my bearded dragon sick?

    I've only had my bearded dragon for a few months so I really don't want him to be sick already. He is very inactive and only lies on his shelter/cave, occasionally getting up to go to the other side of his tank only to lie there again. He does not really open his eyes much either. He used to be very active so I don't know what's happened. His appetite seems to be lost now too and he is looking rather thin and fragile. If anyone has any advice that would be great.

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  • Brother always lies and has weird fetish?

    Okay so my brother ALWAYS lies... About literally EVERYTHING. I was trying to find my 3ds today since I had not played on it for a while so I asked him if he knew where it was (he said no). Later on, during the night my friend told me that he knew I was on YouTube on my DS (he could see as he was on my Friendslist). So turns out my brother was on it. So he lied to me and took my property without asking.

    Since this was my DS, obviously YouTube was logged in on my account so I decided to double check he was watching stuff so I went on history. He had watched around 8 videos with girls wearing diapers. Like teenage girls wearing diapers and really bizarre thumbnails...

    Obviously in the morning im going to kill him but ehhhhh how can I stop him taking my stuff without permission an lying about it and how can I get those horrible pictures out my memory? ._____. Help meh

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  • I don't like who I'm becoming?

    Okay so recently I have been hanging out with the popular people. I love it, they make me feel really happy an included. They aren't the type of mean popular people. But one thing I don't like is the fact that they keep bullying my ex friend...

    I don't like her anymore because she always got jelous and made up lies but I just don't like that they are being so horrible.... And I don't like to say anything because I don't want them to stop liking me. They are really good friends, they are being mean to her because she was being mean to me but I think they've taken it too far.

    Like today, in PE, we were doing karate and me, my best friend and her boyfriend had to practise our punching. So the boyfriend (no name) just says loudly: "pretend it's ____ (no names)" and she heard and left class early and didn't speak since... I feel really terrible and I don't like them backing me up anymore.... What should I do??

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  • Original username?

    I wanna change my wattpad name (yet again) and unfortunately I don't have a very good imagination when it comes to choosing a username....

    I want it to highlight who I am. Something that screams 'psycho'. I want it to be creepy yet cute at the same time :/ sadistic and something no one would ever name themselves.

    So if you have any suggestions that would be great, the one I love the most will be my new username and the best answer.

    Thanks ^__^

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  • Cute and catchy Ukelele songs?

    I just want to listen to some ukelele songs which are cute and catchy without any vocals. If there are any like 'carefree' by Kevin MacLeod, please suggest them to me ^__^

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  • How to come out to family?

    Okay so I have known that I am bisexual for a while and I want some advice in how to tell my family.

    I don't think my dad would be happy at all, he says I shouldn't think about love before I leave collage or whatevs, and I know for a fact he is against the LGBT community.

    I'm not sure how my mom would react. She is pretty unpredictable, but she has a really good friend who is gay and she isn't judgemental at all. However, I think she will say something like: you don't know what you are yet, you're too young. (Or something like that anyhow...)

    I'm 14 almost 15 by the way, maybe I should wait a while before coming out. I don't know....

    So if you have any tips on when and how to tell them, or what to do if they reject you for it, it would be appreciated ^__^


  • My Best Friend Is Acting Wierd...?

    I told one of my best friends that I was bi because I am, (we are both girls) and ever since she has started flirting and stuff with me.

    She keeps asking if the two of us could go out as a joke, and she start getting physical like tackling me to the ground and stuff...

    She has also touched me in 'certain places' several times and then says it was just an accident.

    Also whenever I'm at a sleepover at her house and she's getting changed, she wears the tightest shorts ever and asks me to button them up for her.

    So yeah... Any advice you can give me?

  • Difference between bisexuality, pansexuality and polysexuality?

    I don't understand that difference... I'm bisexual but I just want to know what the difference between pan, poly, and bisexuality.

    Also, what are the different types of sexes because apparently there is more than just male and female...

    ^__^ best answer goes to the clearest an most understandable answer

  • How to make hoodie larger?

    Okay so I recently bought a hoodie from amazon. It fits me but I like hoodies being loose. I don't want to order a larger size because it took three weeks to get to my house and I can't wait that long. I tried to stretch it but the material isn't very stretchable ( it is a matryoshka hoodie from the vocaloid song matryoshka)

    So any suggestions will be appreciated ^__^

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  • Anime suggestions?

    Okay so I don't really know what kind of genre I'm into. I don't like sci-fi, horror or like action ones.

    But to give you a rough idea of what is like, some anime I have enjoyed before are black butler, Watamote, shuffle! And Sakura kiss. I need one with a good story and good characters and with amazing art not like one piece or anything....

    So any suggestions? Thanks xx

    5 AnswersComics & Animation6 years ago
  • Crazy wierd or unrealistic phobias?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone has really bizarre phobias. Mine isn't that strange, but I am TERRIFIED of moths like I feel like I'm going to die just by seeing one from a distance. An I'm scared of pretty much every type of insect, kind of wierd though cuz i didn't use to be I used to even have a pet spider ._.

    Best answer goes to be strangest phobia ;3 and give reasons too

    3 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • Darude sandstorm?

    I keep seeing on videos even if they are totally unrelated to music, loads of people are commenting 'darude- sandstorm'. What is with that?! Like why are people commenting it???

    6 AnswersOther - Society & Culture6 years ago
  • Is this strange?

    Well it's kinda hard to explain but like let's say I am finding something hard to do and then someone helps me, and is like concentrating really hard or explaining something to me, I get really dizzy and kind of horny... Personally I think it is wierd. I'm not really used to people paying attention to me because I am quiet and all that. But if someone is doing something for me and enjoy helping me then I just feel really wierd... Is this normal???

    Please no hate comments :/ or I will... Do something...? Never mind. o_e

    1 AnswerMental Health6 years ago
  • How to stop being bullied?

    I have been teased badly basically my whole life. I am currently 14 and a half. Normally I don't take any notice and just cry at home but recently my ex friend has started to bully me for a really bad reason. She is very pathetic. She is one year younger than me but is a right *****. So she has gone and made loads of her friends (because she is popular) turn against me. They follow me shouting things like: "everyone hates you", "why don't you just die?" "Ugh you are so ugly and fat." That isn't even true! I'm not fat at all! I may not exactly be a model but I'm definatly not fat and I guess I am average looking...

    I just ignore them but they won't stop. I am really quiet and shy so I don't want to fight back. I just walk away with my head up and pretend not to hear them.

    This all started today by the way at school in our lunch break. They are really mean and bitchy snobs who are really popular and everyone likes them. In period 5 (our last lesson which is after lunch) I was crying my eyes out. My teacher didn't pay any attention. Two kind of friends of mine said I can hang out with them because they are also popular an have a larger gang. I don't want to start a war or anything though. I have been crying ever since then and I tried to strangle myself a few minutes ago. They are also saying mean things about me on Facebook (I have now blocked an deleted them).

    So is there anything I can do to not get bullied?

    6 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships6 years ago
  • How to accept being bi?

    I have been bi for about 2 years (I'm 14 now) and I have just never been able to accept it. I am making myself feel bad for being bi, I just can't accept it. My friends say that I should just accept being bi because that's just who I am but I don't know if I like it or not...

  • How can I stop feeling so depressed?

    Me and this guy, named Jake have been best friends for ages, I felt like I could trust him with my life. I loved him and I would think about how awesome he is every day. He was my best friend even though he was a few years older than me. Then one day he just stopped talking to me. I don't even know what happened, I can't remember doing or saying anything wrong. He just made new friends and stopped talking to me for ages. I have no other friends so it's not like I could just call up someone to hang out with. I cut out all communication with him because I was so angry but I see now I have cut him out my life. He is now far away in another continent and I have cried every day since. I just want him back. Please help me...

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