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  • Cat suddenly vigorously attacking dogs?

    I watched my three dogs and cat for 5 days while my dad went to maine. Nothing really happened at all, the occasional hiss at my 2 year old newf, maybe twice the whole 5 days. they were even laying in the same room and what not. They encountered each other with no hissing face to face too. The last two days my cat would regularly meow at my one dog as if he was asking for food. Very odd. Then my dad came home and all hell has broken loose, and when I say they are unprovoked attacks I mean completely unprovoked attacks. My 2 year old newf has gotten hissed at just for being too close and attacked and the cat meowed before the attack. Then the most surprising, I was sitting with my cat laying on the top of the lazy boy, and my 12 year old golden came over for me to pet her, my cat immediately hissed at her swiped, and as my dog was retreating, the cat jumped down, and grabbed on to my golden with claws. We got the cat maybe 6 weeks ago and besides the adjusting period of the first week, it's been quite besides the last two days.... Any thoughts, resolutions? Theories? I just rescued this 6 year old cat and he's a great lap cat but I really don't want my dogs getting hostilely attacked. All 3 dogs lived PEACEFULLY with cats before and never had problems. My theory is it is territorial and it has something to do with my dad and his wife coming home, since that's when this whole behavior of attacking started. Any thoughts would be great

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  • Can someone help me? What did i get high on? please!?

    I was at a concert and i smoke a joint some kid me and my friends met, i took a good long hit and held it. 5 minutes later i started getting tired... Me being a stoner and smoking every day i thought it was just some shitty stuff. then about another 5 minutes i started to lose balance and started swaying. losing control. then in another 5 mintues i started blacking out. my sight was going, it was getting darker. until all i saw was light dots that seemed black and red. we were in the middle of the crowd and i told my best friend i need to sit down, i was bumping into people stumbling like i was drunk and i could barely see. i went and sat down and my friends said i was dripping sweat and i was pale. Im Italian and very tan. im never pale. I smoke everyday and its good. i dont ever get like this. EVER. it freaked me out to the point that im quiting. i just wanna know what it was. what happened to me. it only lasted about 7 minutes after i sat down. i went into the crowd didnt take anything else and i had a blast. the said it was "blue dream" and it hit everyone differently. and no one else got like this. Im the heaviest stoner of my friends and i got the worst. can anyone give me an idea? please?

    2 AnswersMental Health9 years ago
  • What size glass pack do i need?

    I got a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 242 4.0 I6 on it. i know the pipe size is 2.25 but does that mean i need a glass pack with a 2.25 inlet and outlet? or do i get a 2.5 inlet and 2.5 outlet so i slips over? help!

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  • Who to start in fantasy?

    Sproles rb vs mark Ingram ???

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  • Whats Ryan Howards Intro Songs?

    i was at the 19 inning games last night and his song bumps! there were two of them anyone who was there can tell me and no its not on the website so if anyone says platinum dont een bother cause ill just delete your comment

    1 AnswerBaseball10 years ago
  • who would win in a race?

    Before you look at the cars compare specs

    3.0L v6 pushing 200 bhp curb weight 2990 IBS


    3.4 or 3.8 pushing respected 160 bhp and 200 bhp curb weight : 3436 BS

    A forth generation camaro vs a 2002 honda accord

    the accord has the 3.0 L and the camaro with the two engines...

    first person to tell both situations and not with a bias decision gets Best answer

    2 AnswersOther - Auto Racing10 years ago
  • Will a Jr. blade be OK in a SR tapered shaft?? just read please.?

    I have a one95 shaft that is tapered at the part i put the blade in. i wanna use it for street hockey, so i want a ABS wood blade in it. problem is i have never seen an abs tapered SR blade. so two things. if here is a tapered abs wood blade can you give me a link and the big one, if i buy a Abs Jr. blade, will it fit in a sr tapered shaft? im not doing slapshots and crap i save that for ice but could i get away with wrist shots and snap shots? any approiate answers are welcome

    1 AnswerHockey10 years ago
  • blackberry pearl 3g question? easy 10 points!?

    does it have the blackberry app world? i want this phone but if it doesnt have the app world im just gonna get another iphone thanks!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • Toshiba Flat Screen screen black? HELP!?

    I have a 26 in Toshiba LCD i think? maybe plasma but i doubt it. anyway about a year ago my dad bought me a computer and like a dip$hit he goes "oh how about you use your t.v. as a computer monitor too???? really just cause he is a cheap ba$tard and didn't want to buy a computer monitor. well it worked for a day then one day when to turn it on and it started up normal but then all a sudden made a weird "pop" noise out the speaker and stays a lit up black if that makes sense. this happen about a year ago and my tv has been sitting in my dad office and him being a hypocritical liar and one of the worst damn procrastinators your will ever met wont do **** to even call people... can someone who maybe knows about tvs and crap tell me whats wrong, is it fixable and how much will it cost to fix. will pick a best answer to most info

    1 AnswerTVs10 years ago
  • Eric Staal Curve Help?

    I have a bauer one85 with a p91a aak the eric staal curve, every wrist shot i take with it and slap shot one timer from the point i completely miss and usually in the safety netting. the only net bound shot i have is a snap shot. every shot i have goes high and wide and if you play you obviously know how frustrating it is. can someone tell me if you have the same curve you have the same problem. and anyway i can fix it. thanks

    1 AnswerHockey1 decade ago
  • How to burn WMV. Files onto a dvd?

    I have a 5 minute presentation for school on my computer that i made on windows movie player. i converted it to WMV. i want a play by play by someone not a website cuz i googled all of this and its all out dated. if you want to guide me from windows movie player that would be good but anyway that gets this on my dvd for school tomorrow... i seem to downloaded one but i re insert it into my computer and nothing pops up. some please tell me to do it, i have a blank dvd btw... thank you oh and i have windows 7 and the newest movie maker

    5 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Really good song like this? Help?

    i love the song outlaw blues by bob dylan. i want more songs like this can someone help. it just has that honky tonk feel to it. like that loud guitar in the same chords over and over again.

    please include youtube link in answer please.

    here is the song by bob -

    Youtube thumbnail


    3 AnswersBlues1 decade ago
  • My xbox is having problems! help?

    My xbox is about 2 years old. it has trouble reading discs but not all just some. i have 4 general games. MW2, NHL 11, NFS shift and UFC 09. Sometimes when i turn it on it shows games up as a DVD? idk. then for UFC 09 and NFS shift it works fine! no problems. but for MW2 it never lets me play. was a trouble the first day i got it. it would show up as "play game" not play modern warefare 2. the guy at game stop said try downloading it to my hard drive which i did and it works from that but it takes it awhile for it to figure out its actually MW2. idk why. NHL 11 im having trouble and its something i have never seen before with it. when i first popped it in it said " play NHL 11 and i thought yes maybe its like NFS shift and ufc and will play but right as the game starts to load and before it goes to the "press start" page it sayd cant read this game, please clean.... blah blah blah. I JUST BOUGHT IT! ITS NOT DIRTY! NOT A MINOR SCRATCH ANYWHERE. so i thought ok ill just download it to my HARD DRIVE but when i start to download it it stops at exactly 17% not 16 not 18, 17!!!! every ******* time. its pissing me off. why does it do this? i have scoured the internet for a solution and no where i find the same identical problem. oh btw at my moms house i have another xbox and works perfectly fine there.. idk please help me

    1 AnswerXbox1 decade ago
  • Am I Horrible? Seriously Answers and expert/long time golfers only!?

    I am 15 years old and started golfing when i was 13. My last outing i Hit a 94 on a par 72. I'm not asking if im ready for the tour but am i bad? I hit 240 with my Driver on a good day at the range, 215 ish with my 3 wood, 185 - 5 wood, 160 - 5i,... 130-pw. again im not asking if im ready for the tour. i want an honest opinion. i have never had lessons im self taught. someone tell me on a scale 1-10 which one being barely hits off the tee and 10 being im ready to hit the tour... ps im not trying to hit the tour i would be fine playing a bar league in my future.

    6 AnswersGolf1 decade ago
  • What music videos get you pumped for games?

    I need some music videos to watch before hockey games to get me pumped.

    an example is not afriad by eminem.

    ill go with some hard rock but nothing to intense.

    3 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • gear box question EXPERTS ONLY?

    I have a 1962 Ford F100 sidestep. I Can only imagine the gear box & clutch is obliterated because if hasn't run in a long time and my brother has been moving the clutch column all over the place. I need to know can i get a junkyard gearbox and clutch and put it in there or do i have to get a special kind. thanks. also if you know good cheap parts websites it would be greatly appreciated. i am very low on money

    5 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • white head or cold sore?

    After hockey practice i went to bed and woke up with a white thing on the edge of my upper lip. it had a white head but it it hurt when i touched it. it felt like a white head i got scared cuz i dont want cold sores. I popped it by accident while eating so its just red now and starting to fade. it dosent hurt unless i touch it and i dont even feel it through the day. i havnt kissed a girl in a few months so its slim i got it from someone else. could this just be a pimple from the dirt of my mouth guard cause i dont wash my face aand didnt that night and also i dont wash my mouthuard and sits in my helmet till my next game. i have had bad whitehead around my mouth but they were white head cause they grew like whiteheads and whatnot. It dosent ozze or anything. its just a red mark now because i popped it while eating. its really small not big like the pics on the internet.

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • Some really good chill songs please. easy 10 points?

    Need some good chill songs. along the lines of jimi hendrix, bob marley, sub lime and jack johnson, no tecno or anything please

    3 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Hockey stick help please. Experienced players only.?

    It's the middle of my high school ice hockey season and last game i broke my Sherwood 5030. If you don't know, its a wood stick most known for the fish hook coffey blade. I really just developed my slap shot on ice this year and my coaches say i have a monster slap shot. But I just broke this stick and im getting a new stick tomorrow. Since the 5030 was just to get me through a few weeks my dad says I can get any stick I want not over 150. Now here is the question, if i do get composite stick, will i still have my slap shot. And if I would. What stick should i get that I would have a good slap shot with but it doesn't have a big curve. Or should i just stick to another 5030.

    4 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Must need rap songs anyone?

    need some old school rap/hip-hop songs.

    hit me up wit dem

    2 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago