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  • Do I move on from my depressed (ex) boyfriend or stay and support him?

    My boyfriend of nearly 5 years left me a few months ago because he suffered with low self esteem and didn t know how he felt. I have tried to be there for him and at times he ignored me for days on end and others he is back to his normal self and grateful that I am there. He says I am the only one he can open up to about how he feels but then also makes me feel like I am the last person he ever wants to see. I am so torn, would like advice or experiences from those who have been through the same thing please

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  • Why are people who reside outside of the EU allowed to claim back VAT on goods?

    I work in a bit clothes shop and it causes us so much aggravation! Why should they be able to claim it back? I may sound a little right-wing but I believe that if they are in the EU buying goods they should pay for the privilege (it is not a right as a lot of people like to tell me)

    Can somebody please explain?

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  • Is there a place on earth where you can live in the past?

    I think it would be cool if we could live in another century. I don't mean time travel, I mean is there a place or group of people who live as the Ancient Greeks or the people in Tudor times for example? If so can you let me know please? Thanks :-)

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  • Good Names for a voluntary mental health advice group?

    I want to make a voluntary thing where I give people help and advice with anything really, not just mental health. I plan to have a help line, email address and website but need good name, any ideas would be greatly appreciated :-)

    1 AnswerMental Health7 years ago
  • 1 year dating anniversary presents for him?

    Ok so I've nearly been dating my boyfriend for a year now and have been friends for a while. Problem is, I want to buy him a present but have no idea what to get! On the night we plan to go out for dinner but I want to get him a little something too. We are both 18 and something I have already decided on that I thought would be cute is a little message in a pokeball (lol sad I know but he's recently visited his childhood and started playing a pokemon game which I am forever laughing at) and the message inside would be something like: '

    A wild *my name* has appeared!'

    'She uses 'I Love You''

    'You fainted'

    I don't know, if anyone has anything better then let me know and please let me know what you think :-) as a proper present I thought of maybe a watch but I have no idea, please help? He's very sporty but christmas is soon so something big would be saved for that. He is going to see a band soon (We Are Scientists) so was going to get him a band shirt but none of them seem very nice :-S He just seems to have everything he wants o.o Help?! Thanks =')

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  • How to become a museum tour guide?

    I have a couple of career choices in mind and a museum tour guide is one of them! I love History and feel that people need to know it to prevent the same things happening again (in some cases). But how do I become one? I am 18 and currently sitting my A-Levels so need a couple of paths if I get the grades to uni and if I don't. Thankyouu!

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  • Is no sex ok in a long term relationship?

    Not a personal problem, I just want to know other peoples opinions :-) but I mean when neither of the couple care? Does this show signs of not really liking eachother or do you see it as them having a strong relationship? Thanks!

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  • History A-Level question, please help?

    'Without an able body of Civil Servants Britain would not have been in such a formidable position in 1945' Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

    You've probably already guessed that it's for Modern British Political History 1945-1990 but ergh my text book tells me nothing, neither does the internet or our class teacher -_- I'm not asking anyone to answer the question for me but just a few bullet points to keep in mind please? :-S

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  • Why is my head so foggy lately?

    Everytime I seem to start my education again my mind goes all foggy and I can't concentrate even on days I do not study. I try to remember things that happened in the past or a few days ago but I can't picture it in my head. But I read a book that's non-fiction (that's not real, right?) And I can remember perfectly so yeah it's annoying. Any explainations?

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  • Why am I always sick at work?

    I'm 17 and have had my little part-time job alongside being a full time student for over a year now. Ever since I started working I have noticed that I am sick a lot more often and I mean physically sick but lately I keep getting sent home from work and losing money because of it. I work for a big retailor (Next to be precise) and I understand that working with people means more germs but I am vomiting at least fortnightly recently and it's starting to really annoy me because it doesn't seem to happen to anyone else as often (my Mum works there full time and has been for years and not had this problem!) Does anyone have any suggestion to why this could be and advice please?

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  • A-Level Philosophy help?

    I've decided to teach myself the AQA Philosophy course for A-Level, does anyone have any tips or advice? Main topics I need to know, sources and any other things would really help, thankyouu!

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  • Nice ways of telling somebody you got them tickets?

    Ok, so I got my boyfriend tickets to see Micky Flanagan live for his 18th birthday but they haven't turned up yet -_- I tried doing a printout but my printer isn't working so does anyone have any nice ideas of how I can tell him or something as I don't just want to say 'oh yeah, got you tickets to see a show...'

    Thankyouu in advanced!

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  • AQA A-Level exan with no coursework needed?

    Are there any a-level exams that do not need coursework completed with it? Edexcel is also fine

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  • How were the Nazi's right-wing?

    I get that the fascism stuff is all extreme right wing but they were the National Socialist German WORKERS Party so can anyone give me reasons why they were on the right despite the 'socialist' and 'worker' values they seem to have because I always thought that these qualities were more left wing?

    3 AnswersHistory8 years ago
  • Republicanism, Civil War and Francoism and Spain 1931-1975?

    I have no idea what even some on those words mean! An A-Level exam that I hope to do well in so any info would be appreciated also, what main events or topics are there at this time? Thankyouu!

    1 AnswerHistory8 years ago
  • Main events in Political History, 1945-1990?

    For an A-Level history exam, I have no clue! All I know is Thatcherism and even then I'm not entirely sure what that is. Any help would be great as I am useless in this topic, thankyouu!

    1 AnswerHistory8 years ago
  • Main events in Germany 1918-1945?

    That an A-Level student would need to know! The topic is Second Reich to the Third Reich 1918-1945 and I'm stuck for revision topics, I know the basics: Versaillies Treaty, The Night of The Long Knives but I need othe obscure topics, events and people who I need to know about to get an A/A* Thankyouu!

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  • Finding A-Level Business and History past papers and books?

    I need to find past papers and books but have no idea what exam board both subject are with, can somebody help?


    AS Outline

    Unit 1: Planning and Financing a Business - Starting a Business and Financial Planning.

    Unit 2: Managing a Business - People in Business, Operations Management, Finance and Marketing & Competitive Environment.

    A2 Outline

    • Unit 3: Strategies for Success - Financial strategies and Accounts, Marketing strategies, Operations strategies and Human Resources strategies.

    • Unit 4: The Business Environment and Change - Assessing change in the Business Environment and Managing Change


    Module 1: Second Reich to Third Reich Germany 1918-1945.

    Module 2: Republicanism, Civil War and Francoism and Spain 1931-1975.

    Module 3: British Political History 1945- 1990.

    Help please? Many thanks :-)

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  • Can anybody give me information about mopeds?

    I'm 17 and I have my provisional driving lisence but have decided that I want a little moped! Can anyone tell me about how to learn, how much they are and anything and everything please? Thankyouu! I'm living in England - UK if that helps things :-)

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