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  • stolen car?

    Someone stole my car today. I filed a police report and they are looking for it. they have asked me questions about my car and ive told them details about it and things like that. I called all the towing companies around me and no one has it so I know that it is stolen. although its a long shot, if someone were to find my car, what would happen with the person who stole it (if they found the person as well)? what if the car is wrecked or totaled? would they pay? can I press charges?  I just moved, so I had lots and lots of stuff in the car. the car was locked, so im not sure how they even got into it. it is a red 2012 ford fusion SEL. I don't know a whole lot about what would happen afterward so if anyone could answer my question that would be great! (please no harsh or rude comments). thank you

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  • Landlord not fixing issues?

    I moved into my first apartment about 5 months ago. There were a few things wrong with the apartment when I moved in, and my landlord said that she would fix them. she had a list of everything that needed to be done. it has been 5 months and there is still mold on the ceiling (two BIG mold spots and theyre open holes now) and my smoke alarms don't work (not just dead batteries, theyre wired) and no one has come to spray for bugs or anything. There are some other minor problems like more (very big) holes in my walls etc, when I moved in she didn't tell me about any of the issues I had other than the mold in/on the ceiling. I have told her in writing and orally and over the phone so many times and she ignores me and wont fix it no matter how many times I ask. She gets maintenance done to her apartment all the time. I have asked her if I could move into an apartment that I knew was open, she told me no, and moved my neighbor upstairs into it 3 months after I had asked her. I took a note to her with everything that is still broken and she threw the note back in my face and threatened to kick me out because "it's always something" with me. the obvious answer is to find somewhere else to live, and I have, but she wont let me out of my lease. she said if I want out of my lease she's going to make me pay because im "not getting out scot free" im 19 and this is my first apartment out on my own, and ive never dealt with anything like this before. could someone give me some options? 

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