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  • Never been to a dentist before?

    I'm 16 and my parents have never taken me to a dentist, my teeth are horrible, they are all yellow and ****. My parents never told me to brush my teeth as a child. I'm too scared to go to a dentist as I'm terrified he'll comment on the state of my teeth. Toothpaste doesn't whiten the teeth or does it take a certain amount of time? It makes me cry at night when I see people with gleeming white teeth and then there's me with sick horrible ******* yellow teeth... Does teeth whitening products restore whiteness or does it make your teeth look an odd shade of white?

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  • Do I have samonella posioning? Or just the bug?

    Well the reason I suspect that it's samonella posioning is that I might have ate some uncooked chicken about 3-4 days ago. I woke up today at around 6 o' clock am, with a really really painful stomach, my heart was beating really hard and fast and I was really really hot, I kept getting hot flushes, I tossed and turned in bed trying to get back to sleep, it seemed that if I lay on my back, I felt really sick for about 2 seconds then it went away but my stoamach still hurt. After awhile (about 5 hours of pain) I decided that I was going to go to the toilet, that way if I stand up I'll know if I am really ill because you can feel it. I stood up, felt a little dizzy, went to the bathroom, crouched down to the toilet preparing to be sick. I couldn't be sick, I spent about 3 hours over the toilet and nothing happened apart from my stomach hurting and me burping a little :/ :( I lay down on the floor and shut my eyes, my mum gave me some calpol, I crawled back to bed, fell asleep until just 15 minutes ago and now I feel a little better, my stomach still hurts on occassions. I also went for a... poo? It felt different than normal but I didn't want to look because I thought it might make me sick on the toilet D: Any advice will be helpful!

    Important part: My sister was sick a couple of nights ago, then my brother, then my mum. Could it be the bug?

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  • What foods give you nightmares?

    Call me crazy but I enjoy suffering, for some reason... What foods give you violent nightmares? I'm intriuged on what my mind can create on 100% nightmare mode. So far I've gathered that chocolate, spicy foods and high fat can give you nightmares so tomorrow night I'm going to have a spicy curry for tea with lots of rice, I'm going to eat lots of fatty shite and before I go to bed at 11 I'm going to eat about 5 bars of chocolate. Anything else? I'll write my nightmare after I have it tomorrow as it is 00:20 at this precise moment of time. So if you are interested, stay tuned >:)

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  • Do you know of any creepy songs?

    I have a obsession for creepy songs. My definition of creepy is something similar to Hurt - Overdose. The guy's voice is pretty creepy with the orchestral instruments. Annihilation by A Perfect Circle

    Before you Snap by Yonderboi

    L490 by 30 Seconds To Mars (Awesome band..)

    Resident Evil song by Marilyn Manson

    Songs like these, thanks!

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  • Do you know of any soothing songs?

    I really like calm soothing songs, My Last Serenade (Killswitch Engage) Is so peaceful at the start, and only the start, I close it off when the screaming kicks in :/ I also like Before You Snap by Yonderboi, it's very calming :)

    The End by John Murphy, On The Surface Of The Sun.

    Robert Palmer- Woke Up Laughing.

    Bob Marley- Time Will Tell.

    The guitar solo on Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon)

    Intro to With Me (Sum 41)

    Underworld- To Heal

    Do you know of any music like these or with my custom preferences? Thank you! :)

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  • Poetry good? Beginner?

    I've named it, "The Friend in the Night"

    I wake from my slumber, in the dead of night, the moon so far out of sight.

    It hides in the mirrors, it hides from the light

    It crawls and creaks, so tall and bleak

    I shake and shudder, my legs are weak

    I hear thump, thump, thump, one by one, I know I'm next. I duck and hide but I know it's suicide.

    Turn off the lights, the demon is at the door, I see it's evil shadow, lingering.

    Under darkness I lie, I begin to cry.

    Trapped forever I know its fear, it opens the door getting nearer and nearer and nearer

    It's far too quiet, where has it gone, and then I wonder, it's me it's after, I can it's eyes, red like fire I can see it's teeth, sharp like daggers... it's me it's after...

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  • Hilarious Japanese/Chinese film?

    There was a Japanese (or maybe Chinese, I'm not sure) culture week on Film 4, I couldn't sleep so I turned it on and there was this movie but I didn't know the name, it was hilarious I'd be grateful to anyone who could tell me the name.

    Details: Um, from where I watched it the main character (I'm assuming) was going to fight a load of peasants and they all crowded around him in a circle and he was saying stuff like "Come on, I'll kick all of your asses" he said he'd fight anyone and people stepped forward but he made excuses, he picked a woman and she kicked his ***, he got back up, picked a skinny guy and he kicked his ***, then he picked a kid, he thought it was going to be easy but the kid was like a black belt and owned him. Then afterwards, the sky goes dark and a clan appears and the main character fights and stuff. Later on, I can remember this part, there was this crazy lady who wants the guys rent but he doesn't have it and he calls her a name and she screams and she has like super lungs and everyone gets blown back. It's a comedy, that's all I can remember I'm afraid, thank you for your time.

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  • Do I have a Temporal lobe seizure disorder?

    I read on a site that Complex Partial Seizures can cause motionless staring and altered ability to respond to others with unusual speech. I usually get this feeling, I can't describe it but it kind of feels like the feeling you get when you need a yawn, you can feel it building up and you know you can't stop it. It feels like that in my eyes, they start to get wider and wider and I can't close them because the feeling is overpowering and I'm left just staring motionlessly into space, I sometimes zone out of my surroundings until someone catches my attention, but when I don't zone out, the times when I can speak, my speech is quite monotone and slower. Is this seizures in my temporal lobe? If it helps I might have Aides Syndrome, one of my pupils are bigger than the other :/ I have exceptional eye sight, my Peripheral vision is quite amazing, well in my opinion, I can do this strange thing with my eyes when I can focus on nothing so everything goes fuzzy, but if I look into a tiny hole and do this technique it actually magnifies what I'm looking at, it's weird. Put your hands together, the little holes I close a little bit more and do the focus-on-nothing technique. My eyes are strange... Sorry that was definitely off topic, should I get my eyes checked out? :)

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  • Mozillia Firefox lost toolbar? (SOLUTION)?

    Hey people, I want to give all those a solution to the lost toolbar on Firefox so please comment, I'll rate first answer best answer.

    If you are like me and when you are playing something or foolishly deselect all the toolbars on the toolbar section. CLICK ALT ON YOUR KEYBOARD, THE TOOLBAR APPEARS, CLICK VIEW, THEN TOOLBAR, THEN MENU BAR. That's your toolbar back for good :) I'm loving my returned toolbar.. I have missed the google toolbar... I had to quit Firefox everytime I wanted to search for something :P :/ :D

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  • Please help.. What is wrong with me...?

    Please help me, does anyone know a site where you can talk to proffesional psychiatrists by the internet? I don't think there is a psychiatrist near where I live... My parents don't believe me.. no one does... They just dismiss my pleas for help as me being silly... like I can't have a mental illness because it's "impossible". I don't know what it is but sometimes when I think of one bad thing that's happened to me that's annoyed me, my mind suddenly gets flooded with them, I can't get rid of them, they just attack my mind, giving me really bad headaches because it's that stressful... It makes me twitch because I'm so irritated.. it feels like this tension building up in my head and it's going so fast and it's hitting off my skull building up so much pressure... I get so irritated because these stupid ******* thoughts won't go away... I get so angry... I cry... but it's not just that, I have 4 other problems and 1 from my childhood that I want checked out... Please... I don't know if I can go on any longer, I need help, I'm desperate... I feel like I want to hurt myself a lot to release the pressure built up inside me... I feel depressed all the time, I get really really irritable, I don't like my family, I don't like talking to them or anything, I hide away in my room... in solitude where I like it, I feel 10000x more comfortable in my girlfriends house than I do in my own. Don't worry though, I'm not a psycho at heart, I'm a nice person and I treat my girlfriend like a princess because she's all I've got, and she deserves the best (I'm blabbering, sorry) As you can tell my mind as calmed down for now.. but it will be back so please help me before it does! Thank you! :)

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  • Epic classical music like O fortuna?

    Only add stuff with good vocals, there's this one epic song that I've heard when I was about 11 and I didn't know the name and it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life if I don't find it. I've looked on the a question with the same name as this and some idiots have put stuff like "Rise Of The Valkyries" How is that got anything to do with O fortuna? :S Thank you, you've saved me big time! :)

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  • Does Electro shock therepy hurt?

    I've just been watching "Return To Oz" I decided to relive my childhood days. Well, I don't think children actually realize how horrific the movie is. I had no idea the doctors were going to perform a electro shock current on her. That and that the place she was at was a mental hospital. My question is, would it hurt? She didn't have any sedative or anesthetic. She was simply tied to the bed. If it was administered to her, would it hurt?

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  • Tight foreskin and something else!? :(?

    Um I need a lot of help :( My foreskin is really tight, sometimes it's retractable other times its not. I can pull it back fully when I get an errection in the bath but not when I get out :/ If I pull it back before I get an errection it stays sometimes or sometimes pulls back and closes again. This is really embarrasing, my girlfriend wants to have sex when we turn 16 which is next year so I'm terrified that we won't be able to and she wants to suck my cock so I'm also scared of not being able to please her or to come :( When I do pull my foreskin back it gets tight at the middle light a waist or something. This may be important, at tip of my penis one of the thingy's are red and a bit swollen on one side. They are both red but one of them is swollen. I want to get checked out by a doctor but I'm really embarrased, I don't want to tell my parents but you need to ring the doctors to get a appointment and what happens if they start asking loads of questions or if I do go I don't want my parents to find out anything at all. Is there anything or anyway to deal with this without getting attention?

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  • I hallucinated lots, do I have a mental condition?

    Um, okay.. Well it first started a while back. I started seeing things that weren't there, images (angels, ghosts and the such) seeing things crawling on the floor or black shrouds moving around the room in the darkness... Then I caught a UTI my dad thought he could cure it by giving me a Amoxicillin tablet, soon after I noticed I was increasingly jumpier than normal. I had a recent obsession with Aliens as I thought I saw some UFOs in the sky (Long story won't go into it, if your interested check my profile questions) I was on my phone and in the corner of my eye the light was reflecting off the window, for some reason I thought it was a alien's head looking in my window coming to get me. I panicked (obviously) then realized it was just my phone light, my brother found it quite hilarious. I was paranoid to death, started seeing lights in my room even though it was pitch black and some horrifying images :/ Later on I researched it as I knew something was wrong :P Turns out the drug that's supposed to clear bacterial infections, also has some side effects (guess which :/ lucky me, eh?) Then it happened again but I overdosed on my correct medication, for UTI's I had 2 and 1/2 by accident, I'm only supposed to take 2 a day. I was with my friend and started believing the aliens were after me. I heard things, started seeing things, the regular typical stuff. But this is the scary part, about 2 months on I hallucinated once again this time...without drugs it was random. This happened on Saturday, I was paranoid there were things after me, seeing horrifying images and I had a distorted perspective on reality (ie. I didn't know if I was awake or if everything was real)

    So there you have it, do I have a mental condition? I had night terrors and Schizophrenia as a child both went untreated by disappeared by themselves. If that helps?

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  • Girlfriend super horny!? What is going on!?

    Okay before you say "She's human or Girls can get horny too" My girlfriend is like really innocent minded! I've been picking up some.....vibes when I was with her but I just ignored it as I thought it was my dirty mind. She pretended to eat my fingers with hers (long story) Then the day later....Her...personality changed, dramatically! She apologised (being playful) I said "Oh, it's quite alright...I rather enjoyed it ;) " Then she just went into like a super horny mood! She told me about a dream she had, I kissed her and bit her on the neck so it turned her on. Then I took her top off and started feeling her up, now bearing in mind she's usually really innocent I couldn't help but feel turned on by that! I said after some teasing and hesitation "Did you enjoy being felt up?" She said "Yes, I rather enjoyed it, to be honest.." And things went from there, she got hornier and hornier. Then the next day I decided to make her horny again so I had a lucid dream: We were in a building with many windows, like a factory. We kissed then started talking dirty to each other, we felt each other up then I put my hand down 'somewhere' and she seemed to enjoy it, my hand got rather wet.... I told her this and she said "It actually turned me on" And now we are meeting up tomorrow because she's going on holiday on Friday for a whole week and she said "I'm plotting what I want to do to you..." I like came about 20 times in 2 days, felt horny from the moment I woke up to the second I fell asleep. Why is she so horny? I'm not complaining but it seems...strange. It's like she's dirty minded now.... What do you think she will do to me? ^_^

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  • Have I been abducted? Or going to be!? UFO SIGHTINGS (EVIDENCE)?

    It all started at precisely I think July 24th 2010. I was going to a wedding party then when me and my family went out at 10:25 didn't get to the car at 10:30. Then I noticed something strange in the lights, two to be honest. My brother thought they were asteroids as they looked like they were on fire. That's what I thought too, until one of them just vanished and the other was moving in quite erratic ways....They just disappeared behind the clouds. I got two pictures of one of them. I'm signing up on Photo Bucket so I can post the links to show you a picture of one. You freaked out yet? Well, get ready to have your mind blown!

    We were on the motorway roughly 20 mins later on, we saw one of them again...this time really really low down...coming towards us, no sound coming from it....just silence.There was only 2 cars on the motorway, my dads and some other families :/ it was coming towards us with so much speed, I stuck my head out the window to see what it was. I saw a really bright orange light, like it was on fire with a haze or aura round it. The wind and the Car was moving too fast so what I saw of it was blurred but I saw like a triangular shaped object with orange lines underneath it. It hovered above us for about 3-4 seconds, I frantically pointed at it to alert the other driver to see what it was. I wish I had taken a photo of it...

    A couple of weeks on..I'm having nightmares, I'm getting abducted by aliens in my dream. Some guy says to me "Wake up....they're coming at 12:15" I just remember seeing hills, a white light shining in my eyes then seeing figures emerge and run towards me, I try to scream but I get knocked unconscious and wake up in a bright white room with a light in my eyes and I'm lying down. I can't hear anything, but I sit up and run, I don't know where to go but I run and I hear screaming but it doesn't sound right like its inside my mind.

    I've been seeing UFO's a lot, they are becoming more frequent, I've recently fallen under Auditory Hallucinations as me and my friend were walking across the field i live next to yesterday and I heard two girls screaming, and could hear talking in the darkness of the forrest I walk through. I saw it again you know....the orange light, behind the trees over the hill next to my school. Are they coming for me? I keep having nightmares that I'm being abducted or they are talking to me, asking me my name and they ask me why do I think they have came for me. Is this a cause for concern? I will post the picture I took awhile back.

    Do you believe me now...


    Second Sighting:

    Tell everyone you can, I might be missing soon.... they are coming for me....I feel it,

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  • Sexual signals or just her being innocent?

    Okay, me and my were out together one day. We got close as usual but nothing sexual just hugging and holding hands together :) But then she got my fingers between hers and started pressing down on them with her fingers but they were between her ring finger and the middle one like it was a pair of legs? Then when we got back to hers she started tickling my neck then she used her foot to get my foot and I got her back. Was she turned on by this? Also she has a tickly spot which I sometimes get but I noticed that she pushes her body against mine, is this involuntary or does she want you know? Then when we were out she was lying down on the sand and I noticed her legs were outspread which is abnormal for her. Then she started rubbing my fingers with her thumb like gently up and down then in circles, sexual or her being innocent? Thank you! I'd figure it out by myself but I've got a corrupt mind so I tend to think it's sexual most of the time :/ She's innocent minded by the way! If that helps!

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  • I think my girlfriend loves her friends more :(?

    Thank you if you are reading this, your the only person I can confide my feelings in. Okay, I think my girlfriend loves her friends more than me, she went to the cinema without telling me with her friends and didn't even think about asking if I wanted to come....I read on Facebook-her friends saying how awesome the cinema was! This really upset me, when I confronted her with this she said she was really sorry and that she's been a ***** and stuff, I forgave her but asked "Why did you not tell me you were going to the cinema? Did you not want me to come or something?" she said she didn't think her friends would like it, well i've invited her everywhere I've went.... I feel like she doesn't care about me anymore....Her friend was sleeping over last night, and my girlfriend write in glitter on her arm "I <3 Danny" Which made me feel loved but then I thought, she's always wrote love and now why the change? :/ Now this morning they went to the cinema, just those two. I hope :/ to see a movie. Did she think about inviting me? No! I want to tell her how I'm feeling but I don't want to upset her....Do you think I'm right to be angry? Or do you think I'm being possessive? She doesn't even apologise when she has to go anymore....I feel really left out and unloved :'( I wish she'd see things from my perspective :( I need a hug....

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  • I feel deppressed for some reason :(?

    I feel like ****, officially. I don't know where to begin with this :/ Um...okay. I don't think I'm human at times, it's hard to explain. I look at how people treat each other each day and it's sickening. Tell me how can people be like this to each other and hold themselves so highly in the sky? Everyone does it, even you. Don't bother saying you don't because it's a lie. You are like the rest of them....I have a little thing called Empathy. You know sometimes I think it's a curse, My girlfriend, my friends and everyone. I care a lot about them, I go out of my way to cheer them up when they are down and when they are sad I feel sad....Yet time after time I get it thrown in my face. When I'm sad, all I get is a "are you okay?" "awww that sucks, I hope you feel better soon" they don't give a shot about me. Do you understand what I mean? I guess it would be hard as you are not me. I don't think I'm human because I think differently to everyone, I feel for people, I wonder how they are feeling. But so many people are blind to other people feelings and only see their own. I feel so alone :( I don't think there is anyone like me in this world....which is why I'm considering killing myself at the age of 21. People are selfish, they don't deserve me. Why should I bother with how other people are feeling when they don't give a **** about me!? D': I need a hug......please? :( Im not like everyone else, I'm different....I've been given a gift but no one is worthy of it :( I guess i'm just troubled.

    I was molested by my next door neighbours son when I was a kid. He started playing with me and my brother a lot. Like play fighting.....then one cursed day when it was dark, on the way to the shops he lured me into a bush.... :'( sorry...He started feeling me all around....saying "you can touch me too" My mam and his mother walked past, she was shouting my name and looking for me. She looked at the bush we were in.....She could see what he was doing to me.....yet she just walked off....pretending she didn't see us......she abandoned me...I finally got loose and ran up to them, I was just 8 at the time so I didn't know what was going on....yet it's stuck in my mind forever, I can always remember the look on my mams face as she walked off...not caring.... :'( He's still next door to me, I'm afraid to tell anyone as they might not believe me, and I'm too embarrassed :( Help me..

    Do you know what it's like never to be hugged by your parents? To know they never said

    I love you' once!? Not even 'i'm proud of you' nothing..........I hate them so much....they don't love me. They can't even stand the sight of me :'( Why...tell me why I should continue living when no one but my girlfriend cares? I'm most troubled's done it's damage and I'm forever scarred.

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  • Do you like my poem (self explanatory)?

    You laugh, I laugh

    You sigh, I know why

    You look sad, I cheer you up

    You cry, I cry with you and hug you tight...

    You say you love me, I say I love you too

    Why can you not see what I see?

    I laugh, you laugh louder

    I sigh, you can't hear

    I feel sad, you don't notice

    I cry, you wonder why

    I say I love you, you say you love me too

    This gift I have is but a curse, to see what someone feels but for them to be blind to yours.....

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