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Hey! Ok well I'm a 16 year old girl from Canada. I'm part English, Scottish,Irish and just a bit of Aboriginal. I'm a tomboy so I'm close with many guys I will be mostly answering in the singles and dating section. If you want you can e-mail me any questions that you may have without using those 5 points. But being honest it may take me a day or so to answer your question (school and all), but no way longer than a week.

  • Whats more of a world issue?

    The Human Egg Trade (Self explanatory)


    A Ukrainian prairie city built were the Soviet Union used to get uranium, so now there's increasing health risks.

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  • My HP deskjet printer won't print?

    I have a Hp Deskjet D4360 and it won't print at all, like no test pages or anything.

    When I try to print my compute goes

    "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup".

    I've tried everything windows manager has suggested but still nothing.

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  • I have a cold and I need help?

    I just recently got a cold that made me stay home due to well I felt horrible.

    I sort of just passed through the nose stage, when it's all clogged up and all that fun stuff.

    But now I have a cough, which is causing me more grief then the nose thing. I'm have asthma and over night whenever I woke up during the night I had to use my puffer because I couldn't breathe.

    If you have any suggestions of things that can make this cold pass a lot faster than it is or to help me breathe I would be so grateful.


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  • Drama starting before school even starts.?

    So Ive been with my boyfriend for a little over 2 years. There's this other couple that was just a month behind us. Who both people were friends of mine also.

    Well recently the guy broke up with her, and it was far from clean at all. Like he just started hanging out with a different girl(while they were still going out till like 2am or so). And like there was just tons of swearing, fights, ignoring her blah blah blah.

    Like I feel bad for her cause when he broke up with her he said that he doesn't wanna be with her anymore, and that he never loved her......

    I just want some advice on what I can do to support her, Then also do you think that the guy is with the other girl just as a fling cause my friend is religious and doesn't believe in sex before marriage.

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  • Lets share greedy people stories!?

    I wanna know stories of a greedy person you know,it has to be one person and that's it.

    Here's stories of my person(Who is a millionaire.)

    -His daughter who is 40 gave him a drive in town, during the trip he bought gas for her truck. Later he figured he didn't use the full amount of gas he paid for so he siphoned the rest of the gas out of her truck.

    -He bought a used grave stone, since the last owners couldn't pay for it he bought it and had the last person's information taken off but argued about the price to get it taken off.

    -During his wife's funeral he wanted to get the cheapest cards that had tractors on them.

    -He was suppose to pay off his only granddaughters universities bill when she finished, and he was trying to get her to pay some of it off when she has money troubles to start with.

    There's probably more but I can't think of any other really bad situations

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  • My dad smokes and he thinks I don't know?

    I know my dad smokes,don't know for how long but I know he does. He denied it earlier on in my life when I asked him if he smoked but I can't say for sure if he was smoking then but I'm pretty sure he was.

    I'm not sure why he's hiding it from me, I'm assuming he thinks I'm impressionable but personally I really don't care.

    My whole thing is that I want him to tell me but I don't think he has any plans to. I mean like I've played it in my head several times on how to start the conversation but every time I play it in my head it doesn't seem to go right.

    So how can I start the conversation and get my dad to tell me

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  • How to lose a bit of weight?

    I want to lose a bit of weight for the school year coming up. This summer I'm helping my dad with some plumbing. So I mean there's no shortage of exercise during the day, but for lunches I can't always eat healthy because it's usually whats nearest to the job site.

    So any suggestions would be great, thanks

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  • Why is everything my fault?

    Well my boyfriend and i have recently almost made the 2 year mark but things haven't been so great lately like, when we try to talk things through everything he mentions is tied to me.

    Like i have a metro pass (I can get on public transit whenever I want), so when he mentions that we don't meet, it's like a way of him saying it's easier for you, why aren't you on your way over?

    Then cause I'm normally a talkative person, whenever i can't think of anything to talk about it's pretty much my job to start the conversation. Then cause we have nothing to talk about he ties it in with the "we don't spend enough time together" thing also.

    Then because my mom works full time, does volunteering and a bunch of other stuff there's even more pressure on me at home. I get literally 2 days out of every week to myself where I can seriously make my own plans that my mom hasn't forced me into.

    With exams in the way, and all this pressure I'm surprised I'm in like a sort of decent shape still like mentally and physically. My eating habits have dropped like crazy, one day i ate ONE granola bar and ONE microwavable meal and like 5 bottles of water.

    And it's killing me cause it's every night that this happens, and I'm starting to fall out of love with him because of all this. It kills me cause it's been two years nearly, but everything is pressured on me to keep this relationship living.

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  • i feel like it's my fault?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now, to start off this question.

    Well my bf and his mom are in this whole fight thing right now and like they won't even acknowledge each other. I know his mom isn't very fond of me..... like while his mother and younger brother were together she said he wasn't allowed to date till he was a certain because of the mistake his bother made( my bf)

    So like I don't know what to do. I don't want to break up with him cause i have really strong feelings for him. But at the same time I feel like I'm breaking him apart from his family...

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  • I need help naming 4 kittens?

    To start this question, we brought in a pregnant stray mother cat. We have been feeding her for awhile, so she knows who we are. So right now she's in our porch with 5 kittens, she gave birth to either on Thursday or Friday.

    There's 2 full black ones, and two Tabbys. The one we named is phantom because he almost has the phantom of the opera mask thing.

    So ya i need two black kitten names and 2 tabby names

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  • I want to dye a tint of red in my hair.?

    I want to dye a tint of a dark red in my hair, like a tint not just a full out red.

    Any suggestions on products or anything that will help?


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  • History Project help?

    Ok so to start off this question we either had to built something or write a 500 word essay. I wanted to build something on Chinese or Indian history.

    If you have any ideas on what I could built please help

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  • how to help asthma when I don't want to depend on inhaler?

    I know this sounds weird but I don't really want to depend on my inhaler for my breath. I'm wondering if any vitamins can help my asthma.

    This will be taking place for my gym class (school). So don't think I can just sit and concentrate on my breathing cause it's co-ed, so kinda physically demanding.

    But are there any vitamins that i can take before I get into gym, like at home or during lunch?

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  • Things I can do to help my asthma?

    I have gym class so you can imagine the running and all, so is there anything I can do to help my asthma. I do have a blue puffer which I take right after I change (before going out and running).

    So if you have any suggestions that perhaps could help my breathing, like pills or anything. But clearly the steam thing won't work cause I'm at school

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  • hairstlyes for painfully straight hair?

    My hair is so painfully straight naturally and I just want something to do with it in the morning for school. But before you go answering i have no hair products,(clearly no straighter) and anything like that.

    I just want things like a french braid ( which i know how to do.

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  • Which picture is best?




    I took these pictures of the sunset in France when i went over the summer vacation

    #1 has people in it but you have to look closely

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  • Help with Staples BD 6410 calculator?

    Ok so i got this new calculator that i honestly want to drop off a building. When i put in 2.5 "squared" i get 25/4 how do i get it NOT to give me a fraction but a decimal!

    I have a math test tomorrow and i seriously feel like crying

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  • Just wondering......?

    My old best friend liked my bf before we were going out and still likes him. So once me and my bf started going out her and this other jealous girl started talking to my bf about how he should be flirting with the other girl when im not around(he didnt). She complains that we are too close and that we share everything.

    The other girl has honestly pissed me off soo much cause she would throw herself at my bf to get attention from him...

    I havent done anything but i just wanna know something...can i honestly trust my old best friend alone with my bf ever?(i dont trust her too much)

    sorry its long

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  • our outdoor cats and kittens.?

    i just want your honest opinions on these three outdoor cat we feed. One of them is the mother of the other two.

    This is Tigger

    This is Patches

    This is Mommy cat (i hope the name is clear =P)

    We have been feeding Mommy cat for about 4 years now and we think the kittens are about 4 months old.

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  • Our outdoor cats and kittens.?

    i just want your honest opinions on these three outdoor cat we feed. One of them is the mother of the other two.

    This is Tigger

    This is Patches

    This is Mommy cat (i hope the name is clear =P)

    We have been feeding Mommy cat for about 4 years now and we think the kittens are about 4 months old.

    9 AnswersCats1 decade ago