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    Any idea what these toys are?

    They have a magnet on their bottom. They look familiar. They are not Trolls.

    1 AnswerToys10 months ago
  • What is the best way to clean travertine tile before sealing?

    There is some grout haze on the travertine tiles in my newly installed shower but the haze has sat there for a bit. The travertine tiles have not been sealed yet, will simple green or dawn dish soap help clean them up before sealing?

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling1 year ago
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    Why does the burn tool in Photoshop look like a hand?

    A friend of mine joked that it looked like a hand that could be holding a joint hence being used as the symbol for the "Burn tool."

    1 AnswerJokes & Riddles1 year ago
  • Legend of the Five Rings?

    I have a bunch of my Brother-in-law's old Legend of the Five Rings cards, books, miniatures. Are they worth selling? Does anyone play the game anymore? The cards are probably mostly from the late 90s.

    I bought his house and now I am cleaning out what is left behind. He apparently never threw anything away.

    1 AnswerCard Games1 year ago
  • Can Dwarves swim?

    And I mean people with dwarfism not the mythological type. Like the most common type of Dwarfism (Achondroplasia) for example the person has larger sized head and normal sized torso but short limbs (Peter Dinkledge has this type) wouldn't that complicate swimming? Do they have to learn different ways to swim due to their physical stature?

    1 AnswerSwimming & Diving1 year ago
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    Gaining Rank in Russian Sambo while in US.?

    My husband was a Junior Master of Sport in Sambo when he was a kid in the Soviet Union, he left the Soviet Union at 13. I think as an adult he is considered a "Candidate for Master of Sport" How does he get an official Master of Sport designation now that he is an Adult? He is 40, and not in great health to do a bunch of competitions but he has the knowledge and can prove his skills. I think he told me the US Sambo Association fell apart. Would he have to travel back to Russia to get an official Master of Sport designation?

    1 AnswerMartial Arts1 year ago
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    Was Pocahontas stupid for turning down Kocuom?

    Always felt Kocuom was a good deal and that Pocahontas turned down a good thing. He was tough, strong, dedicated. So he was a bit serious? I bet he could learn to relax a bit in time and be a cool dude. Grandmother Willow gave horrible life advice. But you know, she was a tree who vicariously lived through Pocahontas.

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 year ago
  • Russian speakers, help me settle a debate between my Russian husband and his sister?

    The Russian word for bear is Medved with the root being "Med" which means honey. The question lies in "ved"

    Would Medved translate as "Knower of Honey" or "Eater of Honey"

    2 AnswersLanguages2 years ago