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  • Why am I not growing?

    I am 12 in puberty I'm 100% positive. I eat very healthy, I swim 2 hrs a day any where from 4-6 times a week, I do light weight training (so i'm not growth stunted) and I sleep around 7-9 hrs a night plus and 1 hr nap. Over this whole summer I have been stuck has 5 foot 1 (I measure at the same time everytime)

    I don't understand cause during the shool year, I was all stressed out and I was growing, but now during summer break I am relaxed and I'm not growing. I get plenty of calcium and I'm pretty happy, no anxiety or depression etc etc

    Seems like everything the online sites tell me to do but I'm not growing

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  • Do i have a happiness disorder?

    Well, I about half way thru puberty and I've had no mood swings......(except for times when I rage cause I have a n00b team in a video game) But, ever since i was a kid, i don't really remembering being EXTREMELY sad at all. Even when people excluded me or started spreading weird rumors about me I've never been sad. I'm always pretty happy with my friends and my life and what I've done in the day. But, sometimes people get angry at me and I don't know how to respond so I just try to act friendly and they seem to get more angry......why? I do understand anger, as I experience it in my everyday gaming life( those fcking n00b teams making me lose.....), but I just don't take people seriously no matter how hard I try. So I was wondering weather or not theres some kind of weird disorder that makes my body not produce sad hormones or whatever.

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  • Still haven't gotten over losing just 1 measly person?

    So i've been a girl's boyfriend for a while, but last year we broke up. I moved about from 3min to 2 hrs away from her and i went to a different school. I haven't had a single kind of any communication with her for about 9 months now, and i'm even starting to get the cutesies with other girles now but every other week or so, ill have 1 night where i can't sleep and I just start thinking of my ex. Everytime this happens, i go through hell and everytime i end up crying and really wish i did something different. So, i came up with a solution of forgetting her. I started burning all the notes she used to pass me, the pictures, and basically all evidence of her life ever existing, but i found a picture of me and her way back in 5th grade, and I just couldnt throw it away. I ended up keeping it in my room and i stare at is for a few second everytime i wake up. So, if any of you have gone through something like this, please share with you your story and how you got over it, or how you tried to get over her becuase I will literally cut off my fingers if i was given a guaranteed and permanant solution

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  • excessive eating is healthy?

    well, lately i've been swimming for like 3 hrs a day, so i don't really have to care about what i eat. no matter how much icecream, french fries, or soda i eat, i don't get fat cuz i exercise a lot and i was wondering if excessive eating will be healthy for me. like eating very full every meal so i get lots of nutrition.

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  • Why do people keep asking about weight loss?

    I fin it very annoying on yahoo answers when I go to the health section and it's just "How can i loose weight" Why do people ask this question if they already know the answer? We all know it! Excercise and less fat foods, SO WHY? DO PEOPLE KEEP ASKING IT?

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  • Weird muscle on upper arm?

    So i've been swimming lots lately and i've developed really good arms, but one day ilooked in the mirror and on the back of my left arm, there's this gigantic muscle peice that's not on the right arm. (I fap with my right arm so this is weird) Why did this happen?

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  • what path should I choose?

    At this very moment, I am going to a colledge prep school (AKA nerd school) and I've also been keeping up swimming 14hrs a week. There is a girl who I've been in a relationship with when I was in 5th grade and I feel like we never really got to know each other due to our strict parents back then, and then, we went to different schools for middle. I really miss her and I want her badly, but middle school has taught me life is about chasing your dreams, not just having sex with girls or falling in love. We barely ever see each other due to my tight schedule and the only way I ever see us getting together ever again is if I change schools (which is not really hard to do currently) Now, if I change to her school, I might as well say goodbye to swimming and getting a *good* education. And I know you guys are gonna be like," why dosn't she just come to my school?" well, long story short, that's impossible. Every night I debate this situation but it just keeps equaling out. I've asked some good buddies and they all say to go for the girl, but sadly, they're all desperate virgins who don't understand what they REALLY want in life.

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  • Worst gaming systems?

    1. is the nintendo DS because nobody likes pokemon anymore

    2. any other horrible game systems?

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  • Describe the most horrible person you've met?

    for me it was my cousin. She was fat, had crazy outbreaks on her face. she has a girl mustache eww. she had way more money than she needed cuz her mom is rich and gives her like $2000 a month. She is really scared of snakes and when she sees anything related to snakes (like a long stick) she will get all scared and run away, I shouldn't say run. she's too fat to run. and don't hate on me because her personality also sucks. She never finishes promises! and about the $2000 a month allowance, she has NONE saved up. She spends it all on stuff like nail polish and junk food when she should be putting it in a bank a getting a personal trainer! She is also pretty stupid and dosn't give a **** about her future. Whenever we go to the store, she will litterally freak out. I will have to remind her that she already bought that item 10,000 times yesterday. and when she feels confident about losing weight and stuff, she will want me to go outside and jog with her (I'm usually busy playing Halo:Reach) so if I say I'm busy she will tell my mom and you know moms. They always want you outside. The worst part is....I have to live with her for 6 more months!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT HER!

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  • Is this OK (damn 20 letter thinggy....)?

    So I've been skipping lunch every day because I'm not hungry in lunch. So then, my friend told me about this starvation mode thing and after lunch, I can still pay attention in class and I can still sprint at full speed and I don't feel hungry again till around 6:00p.m. but I'm wondering if this is healthy for me. Should I start eating lunch again?

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  • Why is this?(damn 20 letter thing)?

    Well, about 3 months ago I really kicked it of with this girl and at first I was crazy in love. We passed notes, we were hated on, and we y' know just the normal kickoff. and made me feel so happy and warm (yes this is coming from a boy's mouth) and well, we continued to do the same for a while and now, I don't feel the happiness anymore...back then, a note was like a love letter. now, a note from her is like, just another text. I can tell we are both trying to make it feel more fun but it's not working. Not even her a** accidentally touching my spot turns me on anymore. I still love her but it ain't what it used to be.

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  • Does anyone else have a family like this?

    Well, my family is consisted of me, my brother, my mom, and my dad. We don't know much about each other, we just live together. So here's my description of my family.

    Me: a total nerd at home that everybody hates. but when I'm at school, everybody looks up to me because I'm the school comedian, student council president, 1st class clarinet, and is looked up to as a player (in relationships) and in the top basketball team around the district. Well that's how everybody looks up to me and that's how I look up to myself too. Also I feel my parents never helped me in anyway but financially and I had to work myself to get this good. Though, sometimes I feel like I'm a total right now...

    my brother: some super addicted to video games dude who has no friends at school but still quite the comedian (half of joke my ideas come from him and he's the reason I'm popular at school because his jokes are hilarious) he's also emo and he likes girl only for their looks (asshole...)

    my dad: A typical know it all asian dad who dosn't know anything about love or the society and only cares about grades. Once I had a fight with him talking about how happiness is more important than grades. He's a real complain *** because he'll complain about how dirty the house is and when we're cleaning, he'll be watching TV.

    my mom: the only sane person in this house I can turn to. She is the only sane person but she can be real annoying sometime because she's not exactly the brightest person on earth.

    When I talk to other people at school about their weekends, they say they go out to the movies, or dinner with their family but my family never goes out together. In fact, most days I only see my mom. In the morning I see my mom because she's making breakfast and by this time my brother and dad are already at school and work. Then, when I get home, my brother is already in his room playing games and I'm downstairs playing xbox. Then I eat at like 5:00 and at 6:00 I go to my room and that's when finnaly the rest of my family goes eat. at 10:00 I go to sleep. Does anybody else have a messed up family like this too? or is this just an asian thing or are we just inormal?

    The weird thing is, I have a perfect life at school and outside but I have a horrible life at home. So the next time you see this overconfident-rich kid, remember, his house life might be horrible.

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  • annoying but don't wanna break her heart?

    Well there's this girl that likes me but she's annoying because whenever I'm talking with my friends or with my girlfriend, she will pop in and ruin it. I'm a nice guy and I know how being rejected is so I don't wanna go break her heart but she's so annoying. I find myself skipping lunch hiding in the bathroom to get away from her. (don't get me confused with a emo guy because I'm really happy with my life) I've tried talking to her about how I don't like her but then she will like barrage me with 10 days saying," why don't you like me" and I'll say I don't know and she'll continue liking me. My Girlfriend is her bestfriend (I have no idea why because one is annoying and one is awesome) and I've explained it to her and she says she feels bad for her and to just let her play around with me but I'm getting crazy annoyed. How to shoo her away without hurting feelings?

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  • Stop. Shutup. Go away.?

    Well recently, I've been flirting with this girl and usually she would play along and laugh. She would even play along during class. But today, when I started teasing her, she just went," Stop, Shutup, Go away" Then after and hour I tried again and she started playing along again. Why was she so mean for just that second? I'm suspecting it's a mood swing but any of you guys have any thoughts?

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  • What to do in this situation?

    Well lets go back 6 months. 6 months ago I had great grades, friends, and pretty much everything anyone wanted except for love. In class our desks are assigned into groups and I got assigned across from this girl that I "used" to hate. So through the next 3 months we were next to each other, we got to the point where we didn't hate each other and we were kinda friends. That's when I started liking her. I went through so many people saying that she's ugly and stuff but I didn't care. Well now it's about the end of the school year and we really kicked it off. In a matter a fact, we are about half a centimeter away from being boyfriend and girlfriends. Funny how you can go from hating to loving right? Well to get this far, I sat away from my friends at lunch to be next to her, I stopped playing soccer with my friends and well, I pretty much gave up EVERYTHING for her. My grades also started to slip. I don't really have any friends now either. I gave up EVERYTHING for love (yes, even porn...well, pictures don't count!) I even ended my xbox live membership. Now I have nothing but her. If I lose her then I'm dead. I spent from 5th grade to now (last year of high school) chasing her but if I lose her I have NOTHING to back up on. A lot of people say,"all you need is love" well I thought that was true until now. I'm really worried about my future and I narrowed it to 2 options. Quit her and study lots and stuff(safe way) or I can continue to chase her and hope everything goes alright (risky way) I've thought a long time and I don't know which to chose from because I'm a very non- risky person and I've lived my life the non risky way. Should I take the risk and go for the good life? or should I go the safe way and get an ok life, possibly a great life. explain.

  • Why do people look better when....?

    Well, when I go to the mall my self esteem is real low and I think I'm ugly. But when I'm at school around my classmates my self esteem is real high. Why do people look like ten times better when you get to know them?

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  • Why do they all say this?

    Well, I'm having a relationship with a "muscular" girl and everybody says I'm gay. Why?

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  • Friends being total *******?

    Well, I always play soccer with my friends and they were always really nice to me but I put friends as 2nd priority. So yesterday, I went to go play soccer with the girls and then, the next day, my friends had a mean streak on me. When I wanted to play with them they were like," Go play with the girls" and being total ******* to me. I think it's because they're jealous. but they never play with the girls.

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  • weight lifting concerns?

    so lets say you started weightlifting at the age of 10. and you only did your arms. If you only exercised your arms will it still cause your whole body to stop growing?

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  • So this is what being popular is like huh?

    at the beginning of last year, I was the guy that nobody knew and it was the first year there. Now(1year later) everybody knows my name and I could be called a popular guy but there's something that bothers me...back then I always wanted to be a popular guy and all my kinda friends were girls that I liked(<3). Now I am the popular guy and that group of girls are less friendly to me. Like way less friendly. Last year they would let me play soccer with them when the other boys said no and they would let me jump in on stuff. Now that I'm more popular and everybody lets me join in, those girls don't let me join in. Is it possibly because I did something wrong? or is it just because they wanted to raise me till I had friends?or is it because I didn't thank them for all the help they have given me?Or is it something else?ever since they started being this way to me I stopped wanting to be popular and now I wanna be the guy sittin in the corner. I look positive all the time but I am actually jealous of the people who sit alone at lunch.

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