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  • Do any liberals actually read/study conservative politics or do they just quote MSNBC?

    I think that generally, conservatives are more well-read in terms of getting both sides of the political argument. I want to see what others think. I don't care what side you are on, but keep it friendly.

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  • What is the best outlet for an active Weimaraner?

    Just wondering what the best activity to get my loving but extremely hyper weimaraner into. She gets exercise almost everyday. I live in a rural/suburban area with access to forest, lakes, rivers, and creeks, so she gets to go out and run around like an idiot.

    But, now that she is approaching a year old, I've decided that I want to give her a purpose, a drive, something to get her to actually think. So, I'm wondering if it would be better to focus on hunting, agility, or obedience for competition. Her basic obedience is pretty good, so I'm not looking for the typical "you have to teach her basic obedience first" answer.

    Either way, I plan on putting her into competition for one or all of these things anyway, and she will hunt, irregardless, but I'm just wondering what other people have done and what may or may not be the best choice to start training for first.

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  • The economy sucks, by my estimation and the debt is getting a little ridiculous?

    Why do Progressive, er Democrats, think that spending a bunch of money socializing everything in sight is a good idea for our economic future?

    Do they really think that expanding the deficit and debt to record proportions is healthy for a future America?

    Will we still have a country when we wake up in the morning?

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