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  • can you use a uv lamp for acrylic nails?

    i want to buy a 36w uv nail lamp to do my nails at home. can you use the uv lamp for acrylic nails or is it only used for gels or shellacs. Please let me know soon cus i need to buy one. BE SPECIFIC:)

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  • Two female pet rats fighting?

    I own currently two female rats. One of them is a black and white dumbo named Ratatouille. On 2/14/12 I had to put down Ratatouille's companion, Templeton, a hairless, fancy rat due to a tumor. They were from the same litter and got along great! Ratatouille was alone for one week without a companion because we were looking around for a perfect match. On Saturday, February 25th I went to a local MSPCA and resuced a 6 month old, grey, fancy rat. Her name is Remmy. The two rats I own now are in sperate cages for introduction. When I take them out to meet, I take them out in a neautral area and they fight. When they fight, they don't squeak and there is no blood. But they push each other and jump one each other's backs and hey will kick each other. Is this safe and normal behavior? And Rataouille is a little bit older and will be 1 year old in March. So they is an age difference. Am I doing the introduction correctly? And I also have been switching their cages so they get used of each other's smell. Is this safe and okay to do? But I have noticed that Ratatouille has become a little aggressive towards me and will sometimes kick me with her hind leg when I pet her. Is this normal? Also, sometimes both of their fur stands up when they are fighting. Please let me know if I am causing to much stress on myolder rat, Ratouille.


    Jenna :-)

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  • Beddingg for pet rats?? whats a good one?

    I use CareFresh Ultra. Is this a good bedding? I also clean their cage once a week is this enough?? I only use white bedding because of their sensitive skin. Please list a specific bedding if the one I use isn't a good bedding.



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  • I need a good rat diet ??? whats a healthy onee ?

    I have two female rats. Templeton (hairless) and Ratatouille (dumbo). I was wondering what a good healthy diet is for them? I give them Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet from a local PetSmart. I also give them Cat Food on top of that. Is this a healthy diet??? If nout please be specific on special foods. I also occasionally give them human food like peanut butter carrots, alomonds, sun dried fruits, and bread.



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  • Questionn aboutt pet rats?

    I have two pet female pet rats. I wanna get two more female rats Ive had my females for about 4-6 months would it be okay to add two more females???

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  • babyyysittinng a bunnyyy ?

    okay im babysitting my neighbors rabbit for 2 weeeks and the rabbits name is Zoey. she keeps on biting the sides of the cage and lk running in there crazy and i have only had her for lk 4 days but she is lk beingphysco and she doesnt seem to like me idk why but i have rats maybe she smells my rats and she lk ounches me and i use to have a male rabbit Capone he passed away in 09 but idkkk why shes acting lk this but can somebody tell me whyy ! helpp plss! shes a physco

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    so i really like this boy and he knows i like him and so do all his friends. but he is alwways mmean to me and he always stares at me and lk today he was staring at me and his jaw lk open and it was weird. but how do i know if he likes me. I AM ONLY 12 YEARS OLD SO GIVE ME A REASONABLE ANSWER PLEASSEEE !!!!!!!

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  • Music to htc evo for sprint?

    how do you get music to your htc evo. i dnt have a music library. and make sure your steps are clear im only 12 so i need help. thanksss

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  • how to meet nicki minaj?

    like ive said before im opessed withh nicki minaj how do i get to meet her plzz sum1 help thqnkss

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  • how to be like nicki minaj?

    im obsessed with nicki minaj im only 12 so how can i be like her i have her barbie chain and stuff but i want to be like her

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  • do rats attract other rats?

    do rats attract other rats im thinking about gettin two Help

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  • broken or sprained finger?

    how do i tell if i broke my finger. i went sledding 2 nights ago and my friend jumped on me as i was getting up and i had all my weight on my pinky finger. its been 2 nights shld i go to the docors it is swollen and bruised. is it brokenor sprained HELP

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  • Stuck ! Rat or Ferret ?

    i want a pet i have tow hamsters but shld i get two rats or two ferrets. my mom is a neat freak and so are my brothers. well one of them but which is more fun and nicer and cleaner and easier to take care of

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  • how do i make myself have girly handwritting?

    i have horrible handwritting how do i make it girly looking HELP PLEASE!!!!

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