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  • Is it weird to want to kiss someone to comfort them?

    This guy is going through a lot, he talked it about in church things got emotional for everyone when he drove me home we talked more about it. We had some similar issues so I related to a lot. We hugged and I felt like I wanted to kiss him not in the lips but cheek. I would also like to mention that I'm in a relationship with my guy of five years, right now we are going through some problems and trying to see if we can still work. My question is it weird that I want to kiss the other guy to comfort him?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • 10 month baby getting at 5am?

    My LO is going to bed around 8-8:30pm than he will wake up at 12 for a feeding this is not normally because he always slept till 6-6:30am but now after the 12am feeding he is getting up at 5:00am and staying up until 8am and falls asleep this just started yesterday. What can I do? I dont mind getting up early but 5am is just a little too early.

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 years ago
  • Breastfeeding one side engorged and other not?

    I'm breastfeeding my 3 week old son, and suddenly my one side seems to fill faster, and it gets engorged but the other seems empty not sure whats going on.

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 years ago
  • Found 11 year old looking up porn?

    So I found something interesting in the history of my eleven year old brother' laptop. Should note that I share it when he is at school so I know it is him. I have no idea how to approach this subject matter of what he is looking up.

    6 AnswersGrade-Schooler8 years ago