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  • What's with all the advertising/media on "green" and "organic" products?

    My purchase decision is based on how well a product meets my needs and the economies of it; NOT if it is made from organics or is "green" (supposedly good for the environment). Are retailers pushing 'green' as another fad to push products that really don't meet needs the best?

    (BTW, I understand the implications of doing the right thing for the environment and future generations - that's not what I'm talking about here - it's advertising the virtues of "green" over product benefits.)

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  • What would you do if you knew this about Home Depot?

    I call on the Home Depot. During a recent visit, I was pointing out that the primary claims on their offering in a category don't hold water (verified by independent tests). One of the people up the chain stated, "I know I have products that don't work. Heck, I have xxxx (different category) that I know is junk. But, my customer is not sophisticated enough (read "stupid") to know the difference. When the product fails, the customer doesn't blame the product. He'll blame xxxx or the way it was installed. But, not the product. I make great margins on it and I sell a ton."

    I'm not so upset about not being able to get my products to the consumer through HD. However, if the Home Depot doesn't care about quality (and obviously thinks we consumers don't care), why should we shop there? I'm not going to any longer because it brings everything into suspect. Plus, if all they care about is selling a ton and making great margins, we'll... I'll choose quality and go somewhere else.

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  • Is the media to blame for the belief in the myth of global warming?

    There is conclusive evidence that the facts aren't there for global warming and that the earth goes through cycles (for example temps have DROPPED for the past 8 years in the southern hemisphere). However, if there is no GW, people don't get money to meet their agendas. But, most people don't investigate the facts. They choose rather to believe interpretations of facts through a filter (the media). IF most people are smart; is the media to blame?

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