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  • What do I do?

    When I was in 8th grade, I was bullied physically by an ex-boyfriend and mentally by my "best friends". I had so much anxiety and depression from this that I didn't attend 9th or 10th grade and part of 11th, I just taught myself the classes at home. (I attend therapy regularly for this).

    I'm now at the end of my 11th grade year and I found this amazing school specifically for my issues. Its the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. I actually feel like a teenager that I never got to be. Here's my problem though: I am a hypersensitive empathetic person. One girl in my class struggles with poverty and family so I bought her a coffee one day and now everyday she hints to me that she "really needs a coffee now" or "wish[es] [she] had the money to get one". Also, if she needs something she'll make me get it. Or if she drops something she'll "ask" me to pick it up. I feel degraded... I know these things you do for people are out of the goodness of your heart but she like demands it and it bothers me. This is the exact way my 8th grade "best friends" STARTED to bully me by taking advantage of me and I feel this will only intensify if I dont stand up for myself, except I dont know how to WITHOUT being rude! Can anyone please take the scenarios I gave and explain to me what I can do? I hate being taken advantage off and need some help sticking up for myself. Or just any advice on how you stick up for yourself in general is much appreciated.

    ** Please dont say anything like "grow some balls" or "punch 'em in the face" or "just talk to her about it". I'm not going to do any of that....!

    Thank you :) ~Nat

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  • What laptop brand should I get?


    For u non-lazy folks: I'm going to college but unfortunately I know nothing about computers (please don't judge, I was brought up in a house that didnt use much technology and I'm just starting to get use to it). I am asking your opinion on a laptop brand for my following needs:


    1.) PowerPoint, Word documents, Excel

    2.) take notes and do other simple business tasks

    3.) decent price (under $1000 range?)

    4.) watch movies

    5.) damage proof / resistant (if that's possible? I'm clumsy... Is heavier a better way to avoid damage?)

    7.) storage space! I have no clue how to transfer things onto disks etc

    8.) SD slot for pictures

    9.) iTunes

    10.) connection to Internet and email

    11.) USB ports to print and use flash drive

    12.) NO EXTERNAL keyboard or mouse needed

    ADDITIONAL BONUSES (not necessary)

    1.) watching HD movies

    2.) playing video games

    3.) video chatting with friends

    4.) keys that light up for nighttime use

    5.) good battery life

    6.) light, easy to carry

    7.) which is better Ethernet or built in wifi ?

    8.) I honestly could not care whether its outdated or not! just not like a 1990's!

    9.) edit photos

    Lastly should I get a Mac or PC?

    Any questions just ask! Thank you SOOO MUCH for ur input and non-judgement and for reading this long post ! ~Natalina

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    I'm getting a tattoo on my right back wingbone and I cant decide what lyrics to get! I want something not too long (preferably less than a verse / 5 lines).

    BONUS: Do you have any ideas what picture I should have with it (flower, birds, etc)?

    Heres the Lyrics:

    "Believe In Me" by Demi Lovato

    [Verse 1]

    I'm losing myself

    Trying to compete

    With everyone else

    Instead of just being me

    Don't know where to turn

    I've been stuck in this routine

    I need to change my ways

    Instead of always being weak


    I don't wanna be afraid

    I wanna wake up feeling

    And know that I'm okay

    Cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways

    So you see, I just wanna believe in me

    La la la la la la la la

    [Verse 2]

    The mirror can lie

    Doesn't show you what's inside

    And it, it can tell you you're full of life

    It's amazing what you can hide

    Just by putting on a smile


    I'm quickly finding out

    I'm not about to break down

    Not today

    I guess I always knew

    That I had all the strength to make it through


    Not gonna be afraid

    I'm going to wake up feeling

    And know that I'm okay

    Cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways

    So you see, now, now I believe in me

    Now I believe in me

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  • Exercise advice, please (:?

    After being down COMPLETELY for 6 months (lower back injury :P but I'm much better) i've gained 35 lbs! I'm furious! I am now 180lbs and really want to lose the weight. Obviously the two main things in losing weight is exercising and eating healthy. Eating healthy is easy for me and I've been exercising 3x a week, 1 hr a day on the elliptical.. No results yet (1 month later; just maintaining the same 180) and because of this I am losing my motivation to exercise. I am just wondering if anyone could come up with a legitimate 1 hour workout routine for me that will help me lose the weight? Dont have to go crazy, just simple things.

    I will stick with it, thats not the problem, the problem is: I'm not getting anywhere with my current workout and I dont know how to come up with one...

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Does anyone know a special needs bunny who needs to be adopted?

    I moved to east Mass a month ago. My new house has more space, so my parents said I could get one more rabbit. (I have 2) I will ONLY adopt. I know that there's a lot of bunnies in need, but this time I'm looking for a special needs bunny (hospice, paralysis, or at risk of euthanization for no reason). I am 17, but I'd rather spend my time w/ rabbits than teens. I'm planning on staying in my parents home for the foreseeable future & I am going to do online classes for college.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a website I could go on or a shelter in a 40 mile radius of the Boston, MA area. I've tried and there are only 2 bunnies under the 'special needs' category (one named Whiskers is not available anymore and the other Mitzi, I have not received a reply email), I have also tried and they told me that 'nothing fits my search'. :/

    Please let me know if you can be of any help! Please no rude comments.



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  • Opinion!: Where should I go and why? Europe, China or U.S.?



    I recently got invited to this thing over Summer 2014 called "Global Young Leaders Conference" because of academic stability and leadership qualities...

    There is three places for me to go:

    1.) Europe (Austria and Germany) :

    -- Vienna to attend an official reception and welcome luncheon by the Lord Mayor of Vienna at Vienna City Hall and walk the halls of the international organization such as OPEC.

    -- Prague, treated to a special welcome dinner, examine the role of global diplomacy and explore Wenceslaus Square, the heart of the Velvet Revolution.

    -- Berlin to take part in a case study on human rights at two of the citys moving memorials and pass through Brandenburg Gate during your exploration of former East and West Berlin.

    2.) U.S.A. :

    -- Washington D.C. to take part in international embassies, evaluate nations interdependency in world trade and economics

    -- New York City to engage with the United Nations speaker, draft policy proposals, debate issues, and work to pass resolutions, which may be held at the United Nations Headquarters

    3.) China :

    -- Beijing to explore the Great Wall and the Forbidden City

    -- Hangzhou to take part in China's cultural riches

    -- Shanghai to witness the exhilarating growth.


    There is also an "Add-On" program for each:

    1.) Europe's "Add-On" is:

    -- Munich to visit the Old Town "Altstadt" District including Marienplatz, St. Peter's Church and Neues Rathaus

    -- Salzburg home of Wolfgang Motzart and in the scenes from the film "The Sound of Music".

    -- Bavaria to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, inspiration of Disney castles and ride cable car to Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze

    2.) U.S's "Add-On" is:

    -- New York to take part in the sights and sounds of one of the world's greatest cities and partcipate in such diverse activities as exploring the Financial Distract, shopping along 5th Ave, view from teh Empiire State Building and visit the SoHo

    -- to visit universities: Columbia U and New York U

    3.) China's "Add-On" is (PICK ONE OR THE OTHER):

    -- Hong Kong

    -- Xi'an


    1.) Live in Eastern US.

    2.) Have been to NYC but not DC

    3.) Never out of the country

    4.) Money ISNT a factor

    5.) I only speak English and a tad of Spanish

    6.) Having to travel ALONE

    Thank you!

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  • Opinions NEEDED: Should I go away to University?

    I'm in my junior year & thinking about college. I'm an only child & my mom is single so it's just me & her. I'm really close to her & we're friends. As for college, I'm NOT that kid whose dreamed of it my entire life & I definitely don't have any colleges in mind that I am desperate to go to. But now that I think of it more, I actually want to go off & be in a dorm & make new friends since high school hasn't been a good experience for me (I barely have any friends). Does anyone have any opinions?

    I think my mom would be heartbroken it I leave just like any other mother but she doesnt have a husband or other child to help her move forward. Shes always worrying about me. She misses me a lot when I go out (which isnt often). I know I cant be with my mom forever but I'm the reason she lives/her world revolves around me & I dont want to hurt her.

    No rude comments please, just honest answers on what you would do.

    Thank you

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  • Please Read I need some advice and support! 10 pts!?

    I just joined a club for depression at my local hospital but its only for three classes. I have depression but am pretty much out of it compared to the other teens. I have already done two of the three classes. I feel like I belong in this group of people because they understand depression but we only have one class left. I really want to have a relationship with a few of them .So here my question: should I hand write a letter to each of them and give them my phone number or does that sound too desperate? Will they like getting a letter or will they think I'm weird. I really don't want to get made fun of. That's what got my into my depression in the first place.

    Also, last class one boy was having a difficult day. At the end of the class I gave him my number and I encouraged him to use it. It's been three days and he hasn't texted me. Why do u think he hasn't texted me? I'd LOVE to pursue a friendship with him but I feel like he doesn't want my friendship. Please help. Thank u (:

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  • How do I make friends?

    Ever since I've been bullied in the eighth grade (2 years ago), I haven't been able to make a friend. My trust has diminished because my best friend was the bully and my other friends didn't stand up for me while the adults didn't believe me. I've gone through counseling but I don't feel like she's giving me any help with the "social" piece.

    I do have people I talk to at school but they're acquaintances. I don't really want to pursue a friendship with them though. I've asked one of them to go to my school's football championship to watch but she had to go to church... She's an atheist...

    I want to learn to make other friends, meet new people and be outgoing. I know most people are going to answer this question by saying "just talk to them and be yourself". For me it's not that easy. I have trust issues. I just need to find people who show me that I can trust them.

    I tried an after school activity that was a club for anti-bullying to see if I could find any potential matches for me. No one showed up... All the other clubs after school are drawing, anime or sports and I'm not good at any of those nor do I like them. I don't know how to make friends of my age that I can just be a teen with. It's hard because in high school you have classes with SO many people and you need to focus on your work that I don't have time to strike up a conversation with someone nor do I even know how! In the younger grades I had the same class for the year so I learned to have them as a family and got along with everybody. I had lots of friends in the younger grades...

    Obviously, this bullying has killed me on the inside.If anyone has any suggestions on how I can find a friend in my school, please let me know. Please no negative comments!

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  • Ann Foster Witch Trails?

    Please answer some of these questions. Thank you!

    1.) What evidence does Ann Foster provide to "prove" she was possessed by Goody Carrier?

    2.) Why might Ann foster have accused Goody Carrier of being a witch? Do you think that she actually believed that Goody Carrier was a witch?

    Thanks again(:

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  • DEAR BUNNY OWNERS: how to play with an adult rabbit?

    Hi everyone, I appreciate you reading all this. You can skip to the next paragraph if you want. Background: I have had a bunny named Pumpkin for the past 8 months now. I love her to death and enjoy spending time with her. When she was a baby (1-6 months) she was really playful and thoroughly enjoyed circling around me or my family member’s feet every time we stepped foot in her corral. I read books and did research on how to make my bunny the happiest bunny in the world, which I believe she was. Then, at around 6 months she became really aggressive and started humping some stuffed animals, urinating and pooping outside her litter box, digging aggressively, and even biting. Our vet said the best thing to do would be to get her spayed. The spay went well.

    Anyways, my point is, she’s almost an adult (Adult at 12 months) and she is always relaxed and wants to be patted now. She still gets excited when we step in her corral like she used to but then stops and expects to be patted. I don’t want to pat her every time I see her. I want her to play a bit with me. I know she’s not a dog or a cat but everyone else’s bunny plays with them. I keep reading articles to play “hide and seek” which Pumpkin hates, “roll the ball” OR “tug-of-war” which she looks at me like I’m stupid, or games involving food. Games involving food are the only ones she likes but honestly, I can’t keep feeding her treats, it’s not healthy! Lastly, she does get her exercise but prefers to be alone and curious while she’s out of her corral and not be bothered.

    Thanks for reading all that! Bottom line is I want to be able to play with my bunny so can you please suggest some games to play with her or even try with her because so far nothing works? (Tricks are not counted as games.)

    Please only positive, legit answers, not stupid trolls or sarcastic people.

    Thank you,


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  • Adopting two bunnies! How to get moms approval!!??? Time is ticking to buy them!!?

    So I already have a bunny that i love very much but lately i've been wanting a second one. I already know that they should be spayed/neutered before being put together and may not like either other but i already have that figured out.

    My problem is: i found two bunnies i want to adopt. I cried when reading about them because it was so sad! Both of the bunnies are adult neutered males and recently their owner has a rapidly declining disease and is looking for someone to adopt. The owner is willing to help in vet care and other expenses. One of the bunnies is paralyzed and needs to be attended to quite frequently. I'm full and ready for the responsibility since im homeschooled and do a fantastic job taking care of my first bunny (if i do say so myself).

    Problem is: my mom says no to another bunny (nevermind two!) and if i can surpass that, the bunnies are all the way across the country!

    First of all, i dont know how to get them nor do i know how to let my mom get me them!

    Please! I really want them and they deserve a good home! The time is ticking to buy them! please help

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