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  • What song is this? (video attached) (kinda a rap song)?

    what song is this?

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=fvwp copy and paste this into your URL bar.

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  • 10 inch high heel stilletos?

    i have been looking everywhere. where can i buy 10 inch white stilletos? i can't even find someone who will make them. and don't tell me to look at pink stilleto shop, the tallest they have is 8 inch which i already have. thank you.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • Trigonometry Graph Help?

    On the axis below, for -2 < x > 2, graph y=2^(x+1) -3. For those of you who aren't good with parenthesis, this reads; y= 2 with an x+1 exponent and subtract 3 from this. y=2^(x+1).......-3. I understand that you cant show me a graph. I dont understand how to solve y=2^(x+1) -3. I know it has something to do with the exponents but thats all i remember. I also dont understand what the -2 < x >2 has to do with it. thank you.

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  • Area of a Triangle???????

    How does one find the area of a triangle given the following information? (please include work or atleast a formula)

    * three angles are 105, 40, and 35

    * one side (opposite angel of 105) is 30 cm.

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  • Military Camps in New York?

    I am 16 years old and i am looking for a summer military camp. I live around buffalo, NY and im not able to go anywhere too far away. i dont want an "adventure/activity" camp. i want a hard core boot camp. I've been looking everywhere. Anyone know ideas? Thanks!

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  • Is it wrong of me not to go to the wedding?

    My parents got divorced about five years ago because my father was cheating with his secretary. i was in sixth grade. we never saw it coming; just woke up one morning and my father was gone. my whole life up until that day, he was never any sort of father. he actually caused me to have self esteem issues even today. he lives 20 minutes away and he has never made any sort of effort to see my sister or me. He is still with the secretary he left us for. My sister and i have always refused to see her. he has invited us to dinner tomorrow night and im pretty sure he's going to tell us that he's getting married. I absolutely refuse to go to the wedding. i mean why would i want to see him marry a woman i despise who used to call him when he was at home with his wife and kids. she knew he was married. she is half responsible for destroying my family. other relatives tell that he is still my father and i need to go to the wedding. Am i wrong if i don't go to his wedding?

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  • Dealing with depression in health class?

    I am a sophomore and i've had major depressive disorder for 10+ years. Trust me , I know that sounds unrealistic. This year I have to take health in order to graduate with the advanced diploma. Today was the first day and she said that we would be talking a lot about disorders,stress,being emotionally healthy. It made me feel VERY uncomfortable and nervous. Nobody knows about my depression. I've had to keep it a secret all these years and I have gone well out of my way to hide it. The desks are arranged in a circle, so i felt like everyone was closing in on me even though they weren't. Sometimes during the day i need to go to the bathroom at school because I snapped and i feel like im choking back tears. I'm very afraid that i'm going to start tearing up during her lesson and even more afraid that i won't be able to hold it back. My health teacher is very nice and very young. she isn't much older than we are. She said that we could stay after class or after school if we had questions or didn't understand the lesson. I don't know if i should stay after school and tell her about it and tell her that the lessons are making me very uncomfortable and that i can't stand to be in the room. I don't think that would do any good though because i HAVE to take the class. I don't want anybody to know and i think that if i told my teacher, she would tell my mom or the counselor. I can't talk to my friends either. I also have a VERY IMMATURE class and i know the kind of comments they will make during the lesson. i don't know what to do.

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  • Facebook profile picture won't show up?

    my facebook profile picture won't show up no matter what picture i use.

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  • Colleges for an atrsy?

    I live in western New York. I want a doctor of music degree, a degree in make-up, a degree in fashion , possibly a degree in photography, and anything i can do for writing and drawing. WHERE DO I GO? I've looked at many colleges, but they only have one or two programs that i need. I don't know what to do.

  • Why do I have an accent...?

    I live in New York and I've noticed for few years now, a lot of the time, I have an accent. I don't know anybody with an accent so i didn't pick it up from anyone. I usually won't notice until my friends start repeating everything I say with a thick and noticeable accent and i'll say

    "What are doing?"

    *laughing*"I don't know, what are you doing?"

    "I'm trying to talk to you" and so on..

    Yesterday, i was in the car with my mom and sister and i was talking to them. They start, "What are doing" " You're talking in this accent I've never even heard before"... and so on... Most of the time, i try to really think about what i'm saying, avoid certain words, really try not to sound like i have some sort of accent, especially when i'm talking to my teachers. I feel like I'll be talking to them and they'll be thinking "Stupid Teenager.....Does she really think she can pull off that fake accent?" or when I'm with my friends or my mom and sister because they'll start making fun of me. Usually i won't even notice that i'm speaking differently even when someone is mocking me. They'll tell me to stop, but i can't because i don't notice that im speaking different at all. Sometimes I'll just avoid talking all together.

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  • Shower Curtain as opposed to towel?

    Have you ever washed you hands and then, instead of fumbling for a towel, just wiped them on the shower curtain?

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  • What song do you listen to wake you up?

    What songs do you listen to to wake you up/get pumped. don't forget to tell me the artist.

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  • I need new songs on my iPod?

    im looking for loud upbeat songs and slow sad songs. any suggestions? don't forget to tell me the artist.

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  • How do you delete facebook posts?

    i reactivated my facebook account and i want all of my old posts gone.

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  • Mad World by Gary Jules sheet music?

    i need sheet music for Mad World by Gary Jules. preferably flute, but i 'll take vocal or trumpet.

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  • Where are my pictures?!?

    I just uploaded some very important pictures from my kodak camera. i moved the pictures into a folder on my desktop and deleted the pictures on my camera from my computer. i unplugged my camera and went to the folder to finder that 90% of my pictures are magically gone. Where are they?!!! i need these pictures!!!! Can i get them back?!!!

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    where can i find the jeffree star (beauty killer or diva) bracelet. i've been to amazon, hottopic, everywhere. i want this bracelet.

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  • Dog the Bounty Hunter Music?

    An episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter was showed recently and i liked this one song on it. i can't remember what song it was. the title was something like stay here or just stay here. the artist's first name began with a W and i think their last name started with a P. ive been to the A&E website and the song im looking for wasn't there.

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