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  • a word that describes a change in a long term storyline?

    ok so i have used this word before and for the life of me i cant rember. but here is the breif idea of the word. You have a storyline that has evolved over countless articles and there is a background information that comes from many different articles that make up the universe of that storyline . but say in the last book they add something that does not fit with what has been said already.

    " I would say that (enter example here ) was not ______ to the rest of the storyline" . gah i just cant think of that dang word

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • how to make your own molex to xbox 360 dvd power?

    i saw how to make a cheap one on you tube, but now i cant find the video . i would like to make one instead of buying ck3 or a similar one. something to convert power from moles to 12 pin

    1 AnswerXbox9 years ago
  • Help me find my xbox. 360 problem ?

    For thoes who know how to fix xbox issues, i ened up with 3 xbox's and for some god forsakin reson they dont want to work, i think its the disc drive, so i tried to switch the drives out, disc d 1 worked before i dismantled it, to fix the gear mount, disc d 2 had a bad laser, and disc d 3 was part of a red ring system, now both 1 and 2 will not read the disc , just keeps saying reading disc then open tray, disc d 3 reads all discs as dvd's . Is the isue the drives or the motherboard ?

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  • online videos crash when i try to make them larger?

    the title says it all , includes mega video , videoob , and putlocker and a few other sites

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • steam great gift pile contest?

    i know the contest ended today at 10 am , but i would like to know if they had any official release on who if any won the main prizes , it seems i cant find any official information only hearsay from forums and they are vague at best , any info would be great , even better a link , or maby peek into the rules agin , cuz i cant find them ether

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  • property laws in west virgena?

    my grandmother got a call from a oil and mineral compines saying the bought some land that own a few years of back taxes, and the fro some reason the land was in her name so she needed to pay the 400+ on the back taxes, she had no clue as to what they are talking about , but is it illegal to put some ones name on land ownership, with out there knowledge ?

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  • ipod touch internet problem?

    i just got a new ipod to replace the old one i droped =p, now the old one 1st gen had problems and i got through them . the one i have now 3g is have the same ones but i cant rember how i fixed it

    . the ipod interten is really slow on the internet, and youtube and all the apps that use internet. now if i go to skool and connect , everything works amazing, better than the 1st gen, but the moment i get home same thing, i think it had something to do with the 2 wire router we have

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  • Unbuntu LAN question ?

    i have two ubuntu computers, i want to try a lan of sort, connecting them with a mini hub or directly with a enthernet cabel to play a quake style game alein arena < though we arnt suposd to cenat to the web , any one think they can help?

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Netgear wpn 311, "with range max".. wont conecvt to wifi?

    its so odd, workd sunday no problem, start to be a bit slow monday night , the next moring .. crwaled to a halt, then kept droping the connection, i did a resotr to the last fir, dint help, still couldnt connect, i undid that last restore, and it works amazing, i am watching some hulu , clik the next vid, it sayd error u cant watch out side the us, so im like ok , i restart the computer, now i see our wifi signal , but no mater how i try i cant get a conection, not evn the home network. any help please?

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • to make a program? changes desktop wallpaper every hour?

    i think there might be a few out there , that you can run on the background that works like a screen saver, but i want something .. idk like a macro that actives every hour and changes the wallpaper to another one in a specif folder?, any one can help me in the right direction would be helpfull, or if you know of something that does that

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  • knight rider 2000 movie? were to watch or buy?

    the new knight rider has a movie , which is the plot any one know were u could find it?

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  • xp window images are all screwy and blank out , whats wrong?

    the application or dll of c:\windows\system32 taskmgr is not a valid windoes image" is the error i get when i leave firefox on at night some times, i get that error , and fire fox and desktop start to loses images and such and comp gose super slow, the other half of the error tells me to reinstall the problem but idk how to reinstall taskmanger? any help

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  • Tower,what kind of motherboard fits?

    i have a tower that i bought , have to money for the board, but i dont know whta it means from factor, i have a micro atx one im looking at but the slots in the back dosnt match up

    here is the tower

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  • power supply with motherbord?

    im looking into a new motherbord, and the recommend power is 600 watts, is oj if i get a 800 watts power supply or will that damage it?

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  • cd shortage? lan party set up?

    I wana have a lan party with sum of my freinds, play a little Unreal tornumt, Team fortes 2, quake 3, and a little C & C, all but quake needs cd's and i only have one of each, i do plan of haveing a dedicated sever if thth helps?

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • ubuntu on school comps?

    have this hard drive, i install ubuntu hardy heron, on it, i duel boot at my home computer, woud i be able to duel at school comps , or do they have a block on this kind of things

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • can ubuntu work on an External hard drive?

    i have a 320 gb hard drive , with music ,games , pics and a few other programs, will i still be able to install ubuntu, dual booting, and keep all the ubutu stuff the the 320 gb hard drive, and just boot from bios?

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  • can this really be a server?

    i have seen this done by one of my friends at school, he called it a sever or something. but at the school computer he typed in a bunch of Numbers and gave him a page were he could Click things from his own computer, sorta like a sever at school , but he said it was his own personal one, with games and stuff, can any one tell me if this is possible or not , just want to know if it is, and if so how to do it, no flamers please

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  • can you se VNC server/ Viewer at school?

    i had an idea, if i left some files at home that i need i could use a vnc server/viewer SYSTEM, i wanted to know if school put blocks on some thing like this , i have tried at the Media center although i wont connect. most likely it was my slow computers fault , but i can also View my Computer through vnc on my ipod and my other home computer any help?

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago