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  • Help, any tips for a teen in poverty?

    Okay,so I'm 15 and in poverty. I currently live with my dad and boyfriend. My dad, is completely out of it. He found out about some stuff his dad did to me about 3 years ago, and ever since then he's been so depressed that I've basically had to take care of him. He refuses to get a job so all the income I get from him is welfare. My boyfriend has a job but because he hasn't graduated yet it's only minimum wage and very few hours. I try working but because I'm only 15 everywhere I apply is just like "come back when you're 16". Therefore I tried looking for something on craigslist but all I find there is a bunch of creeps. So far my best luck has been with panhandling but i just feel bad doing that, even know i know im in a situation where i shouldn't be concerned about my pride. I tried doing research looking for help but on the internet people just seem to look down on people in my situation. By the way,I really hope this doesn't seem like I'm looking for pity, I just need some sort of advice. Any tips? thank you so much

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  • How to do curl ups without feeling sick or hurting my neck?

    Whenever I do curlups, I hurt my neck and feel sick after. How can I do it correctly? Please don't suggest I do a different exercise, I have to do curlups to pass PT, thanks.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • What branch of the military would be best for me?

    I'm in high school, and over the past year or so I grew a strong interest in the military, therefore plan on joining. When I do join, I plan on getting some sort of psychology job. But which branch would be best for that?

    Also, other than JROTC and CAP, is there anything I can do so I learn about the military more and that way I can be more prepared?

    and should i go to college first?

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  • How to bring spark back into a weird relationship?

    So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months, and as time does, we kinda lost spark. How could I bring it back? Before you answer, please note we aren't like most couples we know. When we were both new into the relationship, we rarely argued(still don't), didn't really do all that couple stuff such as writing long paragraphs on facebook about each other, we both thought that was dumb. we would text each other all day, unless we were together, which was nearly everyday. when we were together everyday we would have all kinds of inside jokes, and really are the best of friends. but now that's all kind of gone, how could I bring that back, and even better? Thank you (:

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  • How to beat depression without Meds?

    So, ever since 5th grade, every winter, I get really bad depression. It's really bad this year. Previous years I had a little control, but now, I just have a horrible day at school, go home, wait to be tired, go to bed, and repeat. I can't handle it. How could I beat it without meds?

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  • What makes Satan so bad?

    I know I sound crazy, but before anyone answers, let me state, I have no religion, and I'm open to all beliefs. So, what makes Satan so bad? According to the Bible, Satan never killed anyone. However, God did.

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  • How should I handle this situation?(Drama)?

    Okay, so, there are these two girls at my school, and I have them in my advisory period. My name is CONSTANTLY in their mouth. All I ever hear is them talking sh*t about me. I just met them about 3 weeks ago. I've barely even talked to them. But, they're teenage girls, they start sh*t. Not to sound conceited, but, I think it's a jealousy thing. They're both extremely small, with no body. They really don't have many friends, and they kind of look like little kids. I mean sure, they're pretty, but still. Also, they have low grades. Then, there's me. I have a somewhat big group of friends, have an amazing boyfriend that I've been with for 5 months, and I'm on honor roll. I'm not huge, but, my body is more full. I'm developed.(Which i hate, but i noticed girls with a smaller bust seem to want a bigger one) I wouldn't call myself pretty or anything, but, I have confidence, which they seem to be lacking. Now, how should I handle this situation, without causing more drama? Here's my ideas.

    1. Confront them. Just straight up tell them that they need to stop, and that they're being ridiculous, since they know nothing about me.

    2. Be super nice to them. Pay them loads of compliments, smile at them, etc. Not kissing their a*s, just attempting to make them feel guilty.

    3. Ignore it. Just stop worrying about it, and stop wasting my thoughts on it.

    Which one of these should I do? Do you have a better solution?

    Thanks (:

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  • Do relationships make you less depressed?

    I'm in 9th grade, and I've been dealing with depression since 5th grade(I'm actually diagnosed, not one of those angst teens who swear they have every mental illness). It gets worse and better, sometimes nearly unbearable, other times like I don't even have it. Anyways, in my last episode I got so bad i was placed in the hospital. But, about 4 and a half months ago, I started dating my boyfriend. Ever since then, I barely had any depression. A few small moments, but, that's the most of it. Before in past relationships, I noticed the same thing. Is it maybe because it's summer(it gets the worst in the winter)? If it is the fact I have a boyfriend making me less depressed, how can I prepare myself for when we someday break up?(Knock on wood.) How can I make myself less dependent on another? Next time I see my psychologist I will talk to her about it, but, I wanted Yahoo's opinions. Thank you.

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  • Why do people have problems with interracial relationships?

    Okay, I'm a white female, and my boyfriend is black. I can't even count how many people have tried to start sh*t with me for dating him. Most of the people who start problems with me for dating him are black as well, and all i can say is, why do people STILL have problems with interracial relationships? It's 2012, come on !

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  • Do you think I'm a good girlfriend?

    Okay, first off, I know nobody could truly answer this except for my boyfriend because everyone has different opinions, but, I just wanna know your opinions.

    So, we've been going out for 3 months, and we have never argued. Not once.

    Although I do get extremely jealous, I never show it. As a matter of fact, he thinks I'm not the jealous type. Don't guys want a non-jealous girl?

    I give him his space, enough said.

    He always jokingly says "I want to f*ck you" or something along those lines, and I'm always laughing and joking with him,

    I'm always smiling around him

    We always seem to be having fun

    He knows he can come to me and talk to me about anything

    I'm very honest with him

    So, opinions?

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  • What genre of music is this? Make suggestions please? (Lionel Richie, Temptations, etc)?

    What genres of music are artists like Amy Winehouse, Lionel Richie, The Temptations, etc? You know, that music that just makes you smile? Also, please leave suggestions?

    3 AnswersR&B & Soul9 years ago
  • What are some good relaxing songs?

    What are some good relaxing songs? A few songs that make me calm are

    I'm not human at all- Sleep party people

    Shine on your crazy diamond - Pink Floyd

    Siberian Breaks- MGMT

    So, along those lines? Mellowing best.

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  • How should I talk to my boyfriend?

    Okay, so last night, one of my closer friends asked me out over the phone. I really liked him for a while, so I said yes. But since last night was Saturday, well I won't be a rebecca black and tell you that today is sunday. But, how do I talk to him over facebook/text until I can see him again tomorrow? Should I change my relationship status on facebook? Should I just stay away from facebook today? Any other advice?

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  • Is this how we find the answer to religion?

    Do you think that if we linked all religions together we could find the true answer? I know that would mean some certain people would have to be open minded, which for whatever reason is hard for some people. But think about it, if we actually took the time to learn about every religion, each and everyone, don't you think we could find an answer?

    by the way, I'm agnostic.

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  • Why am I so connected to my best friend?

    My best friend and I knew each other our entire lives, but we didn't know we actually knew each other until we started talking. like, she was friends with all my friends. Or I would see her like everywhere? We became close very fast, we both felt very close and open with each other. We understood everything about each other. We used to astral project together when we were younger, before we knew it even had a name. We both can do odd things, but because of skeptics, I'm not getting into that. Last December, we noticed that if we both stare at the middle of each others foreheads, we could have a conversation. Now, we can even do it sometimes without looking at each other. Any thoughts?

    3 AnswersParapsychology9 years ago
  • Why do my eyes change color?

    Some days my eyes are a really solid blue, other days a really light grey, and some days blue mixed with green! It's really weird. People often accuse me of wearing contacts! I know it's not genetics, because nobody else in my entire family have eyes like mine. And one time I even got a DNA test, because my dad found out my mom cheated on him, but I am a child of my mother and fathers. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersOptical9 years ago
  • How to make a child molester admit to it? *URGENT*?

    Okay so I'm 13, and I used to live with my grandma, Grandpa, and dad. Well, my grandpa molested me and left the house. But since he owns this house, he can come back any time he wants. Well on Monday, I'm going to the detectives to call him. We don't have much evidence, so I need to get him to admit it. Please, tell give me some tips on how to get him to admit it! My dad and grandma can't afford a new house, so if he comes back CPS will take me.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • What would you do in this situation?

    Alright. I know this guy, and he makes it quite obvious he likes me. I am totally into him too, but there's a side of him I really don't like. So here are his two sides.

    Side I like: Pretty much almost every girls ideal guy. He playfully teases me. Messes with my hair. Hugs my waist. Compliments me randomly. I don't even care about looks, but he is adorable. Underneath that, whenever he touches me i get this feeling throughout my body, and it's amazing. I have never gotten it before.

    Side I can't stand: I mean I get he's a 14 year old guy and all, but he has a pervy side. Most of the time he tries to be sweet and all, but he has grabbed my a** a few times, and I'm not into that.

    So, should i just get over the side i hate? Or should I just lose him? I REALLY like him. What do I do?

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  • Good colleges for psychology in California?

    Can be ANYWHERE in California, but my family can't really afford to send me out of California.

    PS: I'm in 10th grade