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  • Head and Camshaft Combo for 1995 mustang gt?

    here is the scoop, i already have 1.7 roller rockers, 1995 cobra intake manifold, so my next project will be to upgrade the heads and camshaft.

    im trying to do this as inexpensively as possible. so here is what i was thinking

    i believe edelbrock or holley makes heads that i can re-use my pedastal mount rocker arms. so either set of those heads, and with those heads on stock 95 pistons i researched and found i can at most go to .520 lift. so either a ford racing "b" camshaft or similar model would suit me best. correct? please inform me if there are different numbers i should be aware of..

    and yes i know to always check ptv clearance instead of guessing or going by the figures.

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  • New country song... heard it today for the first time.?

    I heard a new country song today. it talks about forever, being together forever and stuff like that, if anyone knows let me know! thanks!

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