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  • Can anyone tell me what kind of camera takes these photographers use? 

    2 AnswersPhotography2 months ago
  • Can anyone tell me what kind of camera takes these types of pictures? 

    Photography2 months ago
  • chase bank help?

    I signed up for chase bank about 4 days. Does this mean that a debit card is automatically coming to me or is there an extra step i have to do to get one?

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance5 months ago
  • debit card chase bank?

    Hi I just signed up for chase bank online-- does this mean that a debit card is automatically coming to me? or is there an additional step I must do to order a debit card?

    2 AnswersCredit5 months ago
  • I don't know what to do with my life?

    I'm currently a college student in nyc studying business but lately i've been really unhappy. I don't have a lot of friends and usually spend my weekends inside doing nothing (my roommate doesn't invite me out). I've just been feeling really lonely and depressed lately. I feel like everyone thinks I'm weird or something / I give off a bad vibe. I just feel like I'm wasting my life and I don't want to spend my college years bored. I have a lot of interests in more creative stuff like art and photography and music and feel like i should maybe focus on a major like that but it's hard. I just feel really isolated and can't talk to anyone. can someone please give me some advice?

    7 AnswersFriends5 months ago
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    Iphone screen frozen?

    I dropped my iphone X and the top half of the screen is frozen (can't type in my password & get in) and there is also bright lines covering the screen. does anyone have any solutions? I'm including a picture

    5 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 months ago
  • is my friend a sociopath?

    college student here. can someone tell if my roommate is a sociopath or has sociopathic tendencies? 

     I'll give examples of what he does that makes me upset/ think that he's a sociopath. 

    - he 100% has a superficial charm with anyone he encounters and has a lot of "friends" When we go to the cafeteria together he literally stops and talks for 10 minutes with at-least 3 different people each time. He also totally ditches me and pretends im not even there when he sees friends. (everyone who knows him literally loves him like it's weird)

    - he lacks empathy with girls (treats girls like objects. literally. Once he has sex a few times with the girls he chooses he then completely blocks them out then calls them ugly, fat, etc. 

    - I had my weed in a jar sitting on my desk and the next morning it was gone. When I asked him about he admitted it but didn't say sorry / pay me back. all he said was "it was barely enough to even get me high don't worry about it"

    - we'll make plans to do something or go out but then one of his other friends will call him and he'll totally blow me off without even saying anything about it. (lack of empathy)

    That was just handful of the (bad) things he's done, but he also has a good side which I really like. Almost like split personality. I dont think he's some crazy sociopathic killer or anything, just very conceded.

    He also told me once that he feels like everyone expects him to always be the "happy guy" & that he's secretly depressed and. thoughts?

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  • how would a federalist want government to be structured?

    how would a federalist, like alexander hamilton, want government to be structured/ branches to be structured? which branch would have to most power?

    2 AnswersGovernment4 years ago
  • help me please.?

    my mother calls me a failure.

    she overwhelms me.

    makes me feel worthless.

    she has failed at raising me.

    i want her to die.

    and i want to die.

    her and my dad make me so angry.

    she treats me like a 10 year old and doesn’t understand what i deal with.

    everyday is a ******* nightmare.

    i’m always embarrassed and feel like everyone is against me.

    people never see how ******* depressed i am because i put on a fake smile and use humor as a defense.

    I’m ugly, my whole body is so ugly.

    i hate myself.

    everyone around me is talented and smart.

    and i’m worthless, ******* worthless.

    if i died i would be so happy.

    to not only be out of depression but to be out of this physical pain i endure everyday.

    my anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, tiredness, cramps.

    no one would suspect me to kill myself.

    thanks mom, for making me want to die.

    i know this has to be partly your fault because i was raised by you.

    i can’t do this anymore.

    everyone making fun of me.

    looking at me, calling me stupid, gay, ugly, weak.

    i hate my ******* life.

    i can’t even express my feelings.

    not even to my therapist.

    2 AnswersMental Health4 years ago
  • Its annoying when my friends talk about drinking?

    ok idk if its just me but anyone else like get annoyed when people talk about how wasted/ how much they drank last night? I have this close friend who's 15 and she always talks about how she gets wasted with her older friends, and she influenced my other friend who im close with to start drinking. Like yes, i get it, all high school kids drink, but honestly they're talking about how they take like tequila shots and drink rosé by the glasses. I wish they knew how ******* stupid they sounded and knew how bad drinking a lot is for you. what should I do?

    1 AnswerFriends4 years ago
  • how do you take a good photo on a nikon d3100?

    please link some simple directions or leave them below.

    15 AnswersCameras4 years ago
  • Do I have social anxiety?

    I'm really awkward in school, out of school i'm fine, everything is embarrassing to me, walking in the hallways makes me so nervous, I feel like everyone is judging me. It all started this year, Whenever i'm called on to read out loud or answer a question my heart starts to race and i feel like i'm going to **** myself. When i'm out of school/ at home, I feel so fine, like I stand up straight, not worrying about other people, and I think to myself "I'm going to change" but everyday I feel the same- stuck :(

    someone help It's making me really sad, and i have no motivation, all i want to do is sleep

    2 AnswersMental Health4 years ago
  • I hate this kid he's so mean to me, Help??

    ok, so I used to be friends with this kid (lets call him Y) but then him and my other friend, (lets call her X) started dating. X was one of my best friends before all this began, like we were really close. At first it was fine, but they really changed, they texted my friend, who X was once best friends with, and said that they hated her and that they didn't want to be friends with her anymore. I felt so bad for her :( she cried on my shoulder and was like "my best friend left me" it was just really sad :(. Anyway, after that I stopped being friends with them, and they would purposely be really mean to me, kicked me out of their lunch table, talked about me, etc. So i got really pissed and then started to hate them. Anyways, all that happened like 3-6 months ago, they're still dating and the guy Y is so ******* mean to me. In biology today, we were put into groups with 3 people. I was put into a group with Y, and some other kid I don't know. So when we sat down at the group table I could swear I heard Y mumble stuff to the other guy in our group, It made me so mad, and it was an online presentation thing that we had to go through like step by step, so whenever we needed to go to the next slide he would be like "click," and then he'd mumble "stupid" IDK WHAT TO DO, HELP?????

    1 AnswerFriends4 years ago
  • Reading guitar music ?

    okay so my guitar instructor is teaching me how to play this song, And he wrote out the music for me but I'm so confused. I'm a beginner, My instructor explained how to read the music but now I'm honestly so confused. Which frets am I in? What notes am I playing? How many times am i strumming each chord? I really want to practice this song, My next lesson is next friday and i want to show some progression. Someone Please help me,

    music will be attached on the bottom link

    PS: i'm a beginner on electric guitar and also, where do I "hammer" in this song?

    2 AnswersOther - Music4 years ago
  • Good alternative music ?

    I'm kinda sick of the mainstream alternative/indie music, I'd like to expand my music taste, Right now my favourites are:

    Beach House, Tame Impala, GIRLS, Best Coast, Jamie XX, The Kooks, Lykke Li, and HAIM.

    PS: can you guys give me some good different alternative/indie bands, I'm so sick of Vampire Weekend, Grouplove, The 1975 etc.

    6 AnswersRock and Pop4 years ago