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  • Is My Tragus Piercing Infected?

    I've had my tragus piercing for a couple months now. I wash it twice a day with antibacterial soap and spray it with Xtreme Piercing Aftercare once a day. It is itching, fairly swollen, and stuff is coming out. Pus I guess? There is no color to it but it does have an odor. Is it infected? Should I go back to my piercer or a doctor?

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  • What hair color would look best on me? Help!?

    I have fair skin, I burn easily; freckles, brown eyes, and my cheeks are pretty much always pink!

    My natural hair color is blonde. Any suggestions??

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  • Does Amanda Seyfried look more like an Elena or a Savannah?

    Elena is pronounced Uhhh-Lane-Nuhh

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  • Where can I find the best Myspace Layouts?


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  • What CSI episode am I describing? I don't remember the name.?

    You see a girl hit the ground in the beginning and the two people that were there look up and see a building with some railing.

    The girl was "kidnapped" by a paid kidnapper and a guy goes and gets her then takes her back to her boyfriend. He kills her by suffocating her, as he suffocates her he kisses her and he has a lip ring.

    He tells the CSI's that he found the biggest thrill: looking into the eyes of someone who is dying.

    I think this is CSI: Las Vegas but it could possibly be CSI: Miami.

    I saw it on tv the other day and I want to buy the season with that one on it so if you know which one could you please tell me the name of the episode and season and which CSI? please and thank you.

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  • What color hair dye should I buy to get Kristen Stewart's hair color in this picture?

    I want to get Kristen's color in the picture provided but I have to dye my hair myself so what dye should I buy? Brand & Color? My hair is a light brown color right now. If you are a professional that can give me some advice please please tell me!! Thank you=]

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  • Why did this guy gets so mad that I wore a Run DMC shirt?

    Is there something wrong w/ them? i don't know.

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  • Please read this little story tid-bit and tell me what you think of it?

    This is just a little tid-bit of a story I am writing about a girl whos best friend died and starts sending her visions and she experiences like out of body experiences to help her friend reveal her murder. It is just for me to see but I was wandering if you liked the idea and my little tid-bit. I know it needs some work but I was just brainstorming to outline want I wanted. This is kind of the beginning where she is at her friends funeral and she first gets the visions...........

    Lenna stood over Taryn's lifeless body staring at her...this wasn't Taryn. It wasn't the same girl she had been with the other day who had been laughing and full of life. It amazed her and scared her all the same how you could be filled with emotion, feeling, movement, and thoughts running through your head and one moment, just a brief second later, having all of that sucked from your body, your mind, just an emtpy heap of what used to be painted with life. She wondered if the dead in fact, could feel, moved at all, felt any emotion whatsoever as they peered down at their loved ones mourning over their death. Lenna felt her eyes well up as she started thinking about that day before she had died and when her mom told her the news and had sat and cradled her in her arms as she cried for hours. She hadn't even wanted to come today, she wanted to remember Taryn the way she was the last time she had seen her: smiling, happy, and alive. Not like this. But she just couldn't of just turn away from her best friend who was laying in a coffin not six feet from her. A tear that had ran down her face and pinched away from her chin landed on Taryn's cheek which made her cry even more. She pressed her fingertips to her cold cheek and wiped away the tear Lenna noticed a slight tingle in her fingertips where she had touched her cheek; she lifted them towards her own cheek and images started flashing in her head: the street that Taryn always took on the way home, a quick glance at the woods that lined it, the lake, and images of the woods which sped faster, and the last image which made Lenna's knees buckle and knock the breath right out of her: she saw Taryn's knees painted with blood from various cuts that ran down from her thighs to her ankles. she caught herself on the side of the coffin and went into hysterics. She heard people gasp behind her and someone hooked their arm around her elbow to steady her.

    It was her father, "Are you okay?" He had known the answer, of course she wasn't okay but she replied with a little, shaken "yes" so they would leave her alone. Her father still tried to steady her, "I can stand now, thanks." and he backed away. She pressed her fingertips to Taryn's cheeks again and then to her eyelids. Her fingertips started to tingle again and Lenna's vision clouded again, not really showing anything in particular. Taryn wore a maroon colored, satin dress and panty hoes that were probably meant to cover up the little, bloody wounds. She rested her fingers on her right knee. The same images of her bloody knees flooded into her mind,this time she could see and hear a few distant raindrops land on Taryn's skin and on the mossy patch they were rested on. This was the first time that Taryn had communicated her.

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  • What color of the rainbow should i choose for a streak in my hair?

    If it helps: I have light brown hair with a red tint, fair skin, and freckles. I currently don't have anything highlights or dye in my hair. I want to put highlight a small section of my hair for the Summer but I don't know which one so if you have any ideas then please tell me! It can be any color of the rainbow and please don't make any mean comments:) thanks.

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  • When do your breasts stop growing?

    I am 36B and 13.

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  • How hot do you think Jamie Johnston is?

    If you don't know who he is than type Jamie Johnston into Google Images. He is on Degrassi (Peter) and The Tenth Circle (Jason).

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