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  • 2011 Kia Sorento EX 3.5L (V6)?

    Where is the oil control valve filter screen located on the Sorento?

    I probably have build up and need to clean it off (brake cleaner).

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    2011 Kia Sorento EX 3.5L (V6), what is this part called on the engine?

    I currently have the check engine light on and when I scan it using my system I receive the following: P0024 - KIA - B: Camshaft Position Timing - Over Advanced or System Performance Bank 2. My system reads this as a confirmed issue.

    The SUV drives perfectlyfine, and has not displayed any issues, except for the check engine light being on. I switched out the Camshaft Position Sensor, but that did not turn off the light.

    I was told this part needs to be replaced and that it is a Camshaft Actuator. I have looked everywhere, but cannot seem to find the part, so I am thinking it must be called something else.

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  • What A/C unit could be replaced with Amana VCA60C2C?

    If my unit is bad, I would like to purchase a new outside unit to replace the Amana VCA60C2C. This is a 10 Seer unit that is 5 tons.


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  • A/C unit keep popping the breaker in the electrical control panel. Bad?

    Hello everyone, we have an Amana 10 SEER Remote Condensing Unit that is 5 Tonnage. I had a guy come out and he said we need a new unit, which is almost $5,000 to replace, according to him. Just to be sure, I checked with other HVAC people and it seems that the three most common problems that cause the A/C units to go bad are the fan motors, capacitor and definite purpose contactor.

    When the HVAC person came out he somehow unplugged the unit and was able to get it to start by touching two wirers. I was thinking it was the contactor and capacitor, but after turning the unit back on from the outside power box, the fan spun one rotation and the unit tripped inside the houses electrical box.

    Can anyhow explain why the HVAC tech was able to get the unit to turn on by connecting the wires? When this happened, did this bypass the compressor? And only turn on the fan?

    I am thinking that the unit keeps tripping now, because the compressor is bad.



    Model: VCA60C2C

    Tons: 5 ton

    MFG No: P1254403C

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  • Audio Cable Question - 1/8 inch to 3.5mm?

    Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a car with an sirius satellite radio already plugged into the radio using an adapter. Which is good, so everything is already wired, but I don't plan on using it. The stereo connector that is connected into the car stereo's rear AUX has a 1/8 inch male that is plugged into the hole on the sirius device. I'd like to plug it into my iPhone to just listen to music this way, but the plug on iPhone's is the standard 3.5mm that is used for most things (home stereos, headphones, etc..)

    Does anyone know where to get a 1/8 inch female to 3.5mm male adapter? I have looked but cannot seem to find one. I'd hate to have to rip out the cars dash board to remove the radio and to re-wire everything. The car is an 2003 accord, and removing the radios are hard, so it would be easier to just use a converter/adapter.

    1/8 inch = 3.175mm

    1/7.25 inch = 3.5mm

    Thanks for your help. 10 points to whoever can help me figure this out.

    1 AnswerCar Audio7 years ago
  • My dog was attacked in our front yard - Legal?

    Hello everyone,

    My wife let our small dog go outside in the front yard to urinate, as she normally does, just for a minute. She briefly closed the door, and a minute later heard a big yelp, she opened the door and saw our dog being attached by the neighbors big pitbull, the owner was in the yard telling his dog to get off. Our dog ran into the house, and his pitbull ran after ours into our home and into the kitchen, where thank god, my 1 1/2 year old was sitting in his high chair out of reach, and my 4 year old was on the couch, my wife said they were all screaming, as one could imagine a 18 month old and a 4 year old would be seeing their pet being attached in the kitchen, (I was not home at the time). My wife had to scream to get the owner to come in and get his dog, he was hesitant to get it, because it was growling... As it appears, he could barely control his own dog, and was probably scared that it might attack him.

    If I was home, you know what I would of done, as this dog could of easily killed one of our children. Though I was not.

    My wife took the dog to the doctor the next day, and they gave her antibiotics. She was bleeding, but nothing serious, so she will be okay. However, when my wife went over to show the people the bill, they do not want to pay, blaming us. Personally, if we owned that type of dog, I'd be at the neighbors house, being extremely apologetic, as any person who has respect should, after all, people should feel safe and not have to worry about their pets being hurt, let alone their family members, and I'd pay that bill. It is the responsible thing to do. However, these neighbors sadly, are anything but responsible.

    My wife contacted animal control. They will go out there and issue them a ticket, but that can take over a month, as only one person handles ticket citations. We live in a HOA, so I am contacting them as well.

    We have pictures of our dogs laceration, and pictures of this dog now roaming around in our yard and next door. Now I am scared to even let my kids go in the front yard, to ride my bike around the block. I once came home late after work and the dog was in our yard growling at me. What is worse is this is actually a nice community and we should not have to live in fear.

    We reside in Atlanta, GA. I am thinking of taking them to small claims court, but the fee is $103 and the medical bill is $150. So we would be asking for $253. What is our chance of winning?

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  • How does the mitochondria produce ATP from Pi?

    I am writing a paper and need to make sure I have this all correct. Adenosine triphosphate hydrolysis makes too much Pi, so the mitochondria takes this excessive amount of Pi and converts it to ATP.

    Besides the mitochondria using Pi (inorganic phosphate) to create ATP, what else does it need?

    My main idea was that mitochondria used the packed proteins to create ATP, but there are other ways it creates ATP too.

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  • What are all the caged bearings for a 1995 Honda Civic EX 1995 1.6L (D16Z6) ?

    Does anyone know the part numbers and the bearings that would go in the transmission for a Sedan 95 Civic 1.6L? or maybe there is a kit that just contains all the bearings.

    Thank you very much!

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • what are all the caged bearings for a 1995 Honda Civic EX 1995 1.6L ?

    Does anyone know the part numbers and the bearings that would go in the transmission for a Sedan 95 Civic 1.6L?

    Also the part number for a new clutch kit?

    Thank you very much!

    1 AnswerHonda8 years ago
  • 1995 Honda Civic EX Manual - making whoosh/scratching noises while driving?

    When I purchased my civic, the owners said the car had a small oil leak, which has seem to become worse, so I have been refilling the oil every about every 2-3 weeks and always checking the oil. I did just purchase a new oil pan gasket that I will replace this coming weekend and am thinking if this might be the cause of this problem. Though, it does not make much sense, seeing that this has been going on now for about 5 months and the noise just started 10 days ago.

    While I am driving on the express way, sometimes I hear a whoosh noise, basically it sounds pretty much like strong winds being blown against the front of the car, as if you were driving when it was extremely windy and the force was pushing against your car, it would make a whoosh, whooooooosh noise (as strange as it sounds, when I listen to the noise, it sounds like that)... When driving at say 55-65 mph it does it every so often. Just recently now when I am coming to a red light and slowing down/coasting in neutral or driving in rush hour traffic at about 5-10mph then I hear a weird scratching/screeching noise that seems to be coming from the underbody of the center of the car, when my foot is on the gas, I kind of feel a vibration from it. The noise lasts for about 5-10 seconds and then completely stops. The noise is not from the engine it self, but somewhere near it, but I just cannot pin point exactly where.

    I drive this car daily to school and this is now starting to scare me. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

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  • 95 honda civic Ex leaking oil?

    It seems these wonderful cars all have a common problem, oil leaks. I looked under my car yesterday and around the oil pan, it seemed all around the edges there was oil. Is this type of oil leak pretty common? Would replacing the pan and gasket fix the problem? I have to add oil to the car about every 5 days.


    1 AnswerHonda8 years ago
  • radiator changed, but no flow of coolant? 95 Civic EX Manual?

    I just changed out the radiator because the stock one cracked at the input and I replaced it with a solid 100% aluminium radiator, because I noticed others have issues with the top cracking.

    Now the radiator I replaced it with is not a OEM one, has duel row, so it is thicker, but it does fit. The biggest difference is that the inlet and outlet are both 1.25" inches, so I had to change both of the hoses from the stock, the car normally uses 28MM hoses, and now I have 32MM on it, so I tighten the hoses really well with the hose claps.

    After replacing the stock radiator, I begun to notice that there is no flow of coolant going through the engine, holes and that the radiator fan will not turn on, even with the cars heat on. The A/C fan works when the AC is turned up, but not the radiator fan when the heats on? It will not turn on. I opened the garage, let the car run for 5 minutes until the heat gauge went to 1/4 like it normally would, still no flow of fluids and the fan never kicked on. I am certain now that if I drove it a few miles it would overheat for sure. Something is not right.

    What might be wrong?

    Thanks for your help and your time.

    5 AnswersHonda8 years ago
  • A drop in blood pH will be compensated for by?

    A. Excreting more hydrogen ions and fewer bicarbonate ions

    B. Excreting more hydrogen ions and more bicarbonate ions

    C. Excreting fewer hydrogen ions and fewer bicarbonate ions

    1 AnswerBiology8 years ago
  • What does the kidneys do during respiratory acidosis?

    I know the kidneys secrete hydrogen ions. Do they also increase excretion of bicarbonate or reabsorb bicarbonate?


    3 AnswersBiology8 years ago
  • the urinary filtrate first enters ?

    I am confused.

    So the answer is either the glomerular capsule, or the proximal convoluted tubule.

    Renal Corpuscle is where the fluids begin to be filtrated, then they go into the proximal convoluted tubule, where the filtrate then starts the reabsorption process. I believe the answer is the PCT, but I am unsure. Because to me, filtrate, is something that has already been filtered, if it is filtered in the glomerular capsule, then after it is finished, it first enters the PCT.

    The original question is:

    The urinary filtrate first enters _____.

    a. Renal Papilla

    b. Proximal Convoluted Tubule

    c. Collecting Tubule

    d. The Glomenrular Capsule

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  • respiratory system functions?

    What of these is not a function of the respiratory system?

    1. Protect against environmental hazards

    2. Transport RBC's to tissues

    3. Exchange gases with the atmosphere

    4. Ventilate the air spaces

    I believe it would be transport RBC's, because the respiratory system job is to transport O2 and CO2 throughout the system. Now RBC's do transport oxygen through the body, but not the reverse, right?

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  • How plasma membrane hormone receptors work?

    Please describe the basics on how plasma membrane hormone receptors work.

    Thank you!

    3 AnswersBiology8 years ago
  • Certain hormones interact in an integrative way, what one here does not?

    Many Hormones interact in an integrative way. From all these examples, what one of these does not? Please explain your answer. 10 Points to whom ever answers correct. Thanks for your time!

    I am studying the hormones of the Endocrine system.

    1. Regulation of reproduction

    2. Lowering blood sugar by insulin

    3. Resistance to stress

    4. Regulation of growth

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  • process of breaking down high blood glucose back to homeostasis?

    How would these go back into order?

    So you just consumed a meal that is high in sugars and now your body needs to break down that glucose. How would the body go back to normal homeostasis? from A, B, C, D, to E. Please put these in order. Thanks!

    A. Pancreas Releases Insulin

    B. Cells take in Glucose

    C. Insulin Binds to receptors on target cells

    D. Blood glucose becomes high

    E. Blood glucose returns to normal

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