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  • Cant remember this manga?

    About 2 years ago, I read this manga online when it first came out, and now I cant remember what it was called. It was about two teenagers, a girl and a guy (go figure) and they both worked for different organizations (or something). They were really good with fighting, and I think the girl even used a sword. They were both after something (I cant remember if it was some kind of device or whatever) and they hated each other. The guy had black hair and a cocky/flirty attitude, always harassing the girl, who had redish/blonde hair and would always get mad at him. I think they ended up having to work together to retrieve whatever they were searching for, and became really good partners. But then when they found it, the guy betrayed the girl, and I think he might have even stabbed her with a sword or something.

    That's all I can remember! Not a lot to go on, I know, but its been bugging me for awhile to remember the name of this manga. Ive been searching all the web sites, but no luck so far :( any kind of suggestions to anything that might be remotely close to what I've described is much appreciated!

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  • meaning of Ben Franklin's aphorism?

    can someone give me a good revised meaning of this saying from Poor Richard's Almanac?

    "Promises may get thee friends, but non-performance will turn them into enemies."


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  • suggestions on new manga?

    hey i just wanted to read some more manga with a little romance i guess. and not too serious. any good suggestions?

    here is what ive already read:

    -kaichou wa maid sama

    -gakuen alice

    -pandora hearts

    -bring it on!

    -neck and neck

    -kitchen princess

    -angel diary

    -fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden


    -ouran high school host club

    -vampire knight

    -meru peri

    -her majesty's dog

    -land of the blindfolded

    -full moon o sagashite

    -mamotte! lollipop

    -kare kano

    -from far away

    -alice 19th

    -happy hustle high


    -zodiac P.I

    -magic knight rayearth

    -hana kimi

    -the wallflower

    -fruits basket



    -platinum garden

    -absolute boyfriend


    and lots more but i cant think of any xD

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  • Any new manga i can read?

    I want to read some more manga. Not the serious kind. Just a cute/ romantic/funny series. AND it has to be finished and able to be read online. Any suggestions?

    *i already read:

    Full Moon o Sagashite

    Bring it On!

    Neck and Neck

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Vampire Knight

    Mamotte Lollipop

    Gakuen Alice

    Angel Diary


    Kitchen Princess

    Dragon Knights

    Angel Diary

    Hana Kimi

    and a lot more but i cant think of any at the time>.<

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  • Gakuen Alice Academy?

    I was thinking of reading Gakuen Alice and wondered if it was any good? Please tell me there's a happy ending:) Oh! and wasnt there an anime too? Any details would be appreciated!

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