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  • I am asking conservatives and liberals to send a message.?

    BOYCOTT Chines products and companies who deal with China until China stops supporting NK. Both conservatives and democrats have enough common sense to know that when we buy something from China that we are indirectly supporting NK as China is their main supplier of fuel, weapons, and food. Why should we pay to have this problem. This is not a republican or democrat thing but rather an American way of responding to a problem. If we continue supporting economies that aid countries that hurt us, we are fools.

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  • US consumers can do something about NK.?

    An all out war between NK and SK is pointless and would have devastating affects on the world economy. Since China is supporting NK with fuel and food, why don't US CONSUMERS boycott Chinese goods until they agree to intervene? Isn't it time that we stop funding NK buy helping China's economy? I suggest that people contact companies like Walmart that have huge contracts with Chinese factories. Putting economic pressure might just end the silliness that we have been dealing with for decades.

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  • Why is it that people who ask medical questions pick answers that are not substantiated?

    People have been asking questions about the swine flu and have been picking answers from people who do not cite their sources. I don't really think that is very bright. I have seen answers that are blatant advertisements for "snake oil". I guess people will believe anything that is online.....I will get off of my soap box.

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