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  • The label says Pork "ham" butt. I usually buy just pork butt or shoulder.?

    Should I return it. I am hosting a dinner party.I am making pulled pork. Dont want to mess it up. Thank-you

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  • American Horror story?

    Just started watching the new season and was wondering if anyone is liking it better this year.

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  • Anniversary gift for husband?

    I pretty much got him everything you can possibly think of. Jewelry, personalized gifts, cologne, romantic dinners and night away. I am really stumped this year. Women can never have too much of anything. What is a creative gift for your hubby. We will be married 16 yrs. Open to suggestion. Thanks so much!

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  • How do deal with Euthanizing my dog?

    My 14 yr. old bichon, Melody has been sick. She'd had diabetes for 2 yrs. It was a struggle to get her blood sugar under control. As a result she is blind & deaf. She has a heart murmur and severe arthritis. She was diagnosed with Cushing disease a few months ago. After much thought with her Vet, I decided not to treat her, as there is alot involved and takes some to to get it under control. The past 6 months or so, there are days when she cannot walk at all. I've been carrying her out to the bathroom ,as she cant get up or down the stairs anymore. Its hard to say if shes in pain as she still looks forward to eating. (cushings symptom is a ravenous appetite) I am so torn on putting her to sleep. The Vet said to me"She's had a great life because of me". Unfortunately, her quality of life is gone. Every time i pick up the phone to make the final appt. I start to cry. I feel like I'm losing 1 of my children. Its so hard. Help!!

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  • Anyone familiar with Canine cushings. What are the symptoms if its untreated.?

    My 14 yr. old dog, Melody has diabetes for about 2 yrs. Was just diagnosed in January for Cushings disease. We decided to not treat for this. She is blind/deaf for about a year now, has a heart murmur and some days is unable to walk on her own (very bad athritis) .Her appetite is still good. My Vet said as long as she is eating ,she is free of pain. Not sure if I agree. Any opinions?? Some days she is good and other days she literrally can not move. I carry her in and out ,all day and night,for the bathroom. Its very sad to see little quality of life. When do you know its time?? Thank you for your help.

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  • Is it time to say goodbye to my dog?

    I have a 14 yr. old bichon. She is like 1 of my children. She was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 yrs. ago. It was a long struggle to get her sugar under control. She is also blind and deaf. (maybe from the diabete) A few months ago, she was diagnosed with Cushings disease. She also has severe arthritis in her back legs. Cushings does not help the joints. Also has a heart murmur. There are days she cannot walk at all. I have to carry her outside to go to the bathroom. Every morning I wake up to find pee, poo, or throw-up. (cushin symptom) She is now confined to my kitchen because of it. She used to sleep in my bed before this. My husband says its time for her. I just dont know. The only positive thing she does is eat. There is no playing outside. She sleeps all day and sometimes pee's in her bed as she cant get up. My Vet says the "cortisol" produced in her body, as a result of the Cushings disease, is keeping her out of pain. I know "The quality of life ": is not there anymore. She will eventually die from The cushings disease. It effects your heart, liver amongst other things. She still tries to greet me when I get home. It just breaks my heart. I love my little girl, Melody. Do I wait till she stops eating?? Please any advise would be so kind.

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