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  • What medical code would I use?

    There are various medical codes out there I know that people put on name tags and medic alert jewelry and such (NO PEN, NKDA, etc). I was hit with Ulcerative Colitis and am trying to figure out the code to put on a name tag (specifically for my flight suit) in regards to not taking or that I shouldn't be given blood thinners (unless they have no other option). Anyone know what this code may be or where I can find a list of all these medical codes? EMT's and if by a stroke of luck any Pararescue Jumper answers, your answers will probably be given weight since you guys would be the one's who normally have to deal with these codes.

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  • Can you take pepto bismol if you have ulcerative colitis?

    I'm trying to find out in order to help take care of some problems, but on the bottle it says do not take if you have ulcers or bleeding problems, yet I've seen other posts of people taking it with the disease. But I can't find a single thing saying do or do not take it if you have UC. Help?

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  • Where can I find the USAF navy blue campaign hat?

    I am trying to find and purchase (obviously) a US Air Force style Navy Blue campaign cover. The one that the Air Force MTI's wear. Any idea? I can't find one on ebay or online anywhere, I can find the green USMC style all over the place but I need the USAF style.

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  • Is there any sort of disease or bug other than Chrones or IBS that can present and test as ulcerative colitis?

    I was diagnosed with UC almost a year ago, almost three months after I started having symptoms. Well it was controlled very easily through the year after that, but now at the EXACT same time as when I got the first symptoms, I'm having the SAME symptoms again, and the medication that controlled it so well just stopped working all of the sudden. The UC is preventing me from a lot of jobs that I wanted because they were mostly military or federal government related, is there a possibility that this could be linked to something other than Chrones, UC, IBS, etc? If so what could it be? If not, what could cause them to just come back all of the sudden and keep the meds from working? If you post any info on this, if you could leave a link to the source too so I could look at it that would be awesome. Thanks!

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  • What the is the website, or where can I buy custom security badges from Badger? I can't find that company...?

    I have a generic security badge that is hallmarked/has the trademark stamp of Badger on the back of it, but I can't find that company, their website, or where to buy their badges (custom or not) other than like Galls or something, but I want to find the full selection.

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