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22, veterinary technician student

  • Best ways of preventing abscesses in horses prone to it?

    I’m soon acquiring a horse that has been having chronic hoof abscesses. I’ve dealt with treating them before as they’re so common, but this horse might be more prone to them than normal so I’m wondering if there are ways of preventing them. I know the mud season can bring them on but anything else?

    All I know is when the owner got him, his shoes were pulled and he started developing them. He is turned out most of the time but they do have mud issues. My farrier will be trimming him soon so I’m hoping for his input but figured I’d ask for suggestions here.

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  • Completing bachelors after accelerated associates program?

    I'm almost done earning an AAS from a career college in veterinary technology. It's a whopping 102 credits (many of these are gen ed btw) so I'm curious if it's worth while attempting transfer some of my credits and attend a university to complete a bachelors in veterinary technology. My other thought is to just work towards a transfer associates in biology. I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully transferred gen ed credits from a career college to a community college or university. I'm working in my field now but interested in furthing my education within my field or working in other scientific/medical fields as well.

    Thanks for any insight!

  • Should I give my two weeks notice in person or over the phone?

    The notice would be to a pizza chain (not very professional in their practices anyway) that I've worked at for almost 3 years. I accepted an offer today but I don't work at the pizza shop again for 2 days. Should I call now so that it's in or should I be expected wait until I can do it in person? I will not have time to drive there before then.

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  • Could you have a concussion without pupil symptoms?

    I hit my head terribly hard this morning on the corner of the sink. I thought I was going to pass out but didn't. I felt a little out of it and nauseous but I went to work anyway. Around the 7th hour I started getting a headache, more difficulty concentrating, more nausea, and weakness and slight light headedness. Also I became very irritated and upset and almost quit my job (of almost 3 years) which is not like me. But my pupils are fine. It's also very hot out so I'm just not sure if I should go home and rest or go to urgent care. My copay is very expensive so if I can rule a concussion out id rather rest.

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  • Riding multiple horses a day for work after hardly riding for a few years?

    Last week I stumbled across my dream opportunity to exercise racehorses at a small farm. I've been working there a few days now.

    I rode competitively/under trainers from age 6 to about 16 and my recreational riding fizzled out around 19 and I've only been riding my retired senior horse and my aunts tb very occasionally since then (I'm 22).

    The horses at the farm are very green, some have only been backed once to 5 times, and we are just putting some time on them everyday. So far, I've been very confident working with them on the ground and even hacking them out at a walk and successfully working through their many spooks and other episodes and I've felt great about the skills and common training sense that I've retained.

    On the third day I got put on a "star pupil" and was asked to trot him, and holy crap I am weak and pathetic!! Even though I feel confident in my seat trotting and cantering my own horse and my aunts horse, trying to keep this strong mouthed tb at a steady pass (he was rushing so bad) and keep my legs strong and still was such a challenge!

    Now I am starting to feel down about my riding ability and I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this and what I can do to help myself get stronger? Should I ride more outside of work?

    I really like working with these horses, the owner works around my college schedule, and I wanna advance as an exercise rider! Please share some experience!

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  • I have questions for any vaulters on here?

    I've been wanting to try a new discipline... I'm 19, and I've been riding for 14 years and I've dabbled in a lot of different types of riding but I want to try something really different and fun and I've decided on vaulting. I'm going to watch a local vaulting team practice soon to see what it's like and to discuss possibilities. They welcome beginners of all ages.

    My questions are:

    -Is it common or uncommon for people my age (19) who have never done gymnastics or dance to begin vaulting?

    -Do vaulters typically do dance/gymnastics outside of vaulting?

    -Do vaulters typically do other riding disciplines or do recreational riding outside of vaulting?

    -What bits of advice would you give to someone beginning vaulting that has never been around it before?

    Any input is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

    1 AnswerHorses7 years ago
  • Can I get my ACT scores if I go to my high school?

    I've been out of school for 2 years, and I'm wondering if I can access my ACT scores without requesting and paying money to ACT.

    2 AnswersStandards & Testing7 years ago
  • Best way to find a job when moving?

    Being 19, looking for an entry-level position, I don't think anyone is going to choose me over all of the other equally qualified applicants. My parents want me to find a job here and then transfer, but I need to move in a month, and no one is going to transfer me that soon.

    ***And no this is not the first time I've moved out of my parents' house or out of state.

    I've spent time there before.. It's a university town. I've talked to students and non-students, and they all agree that it's easier for a non-student resident to find a job because of flexibility and not going home for summer and holidays. Also, I've been looking online for jobs there (I've applied for at least 20, but doubt they'll look twice at me) and it seems that there are WAY more jobs than in my area, where I have never spent more than a month looking for an entry-level/minimum-wage job.

    My question is, would it be too risky to move before having a job? I have no problem settling for fast food as long as I get enough hours.

    I'd be able to look in person and list my new address. I would have about 4 months rent saved up. Also, my boyfriend lives there, and I could stay with him for a week or so to look before actually moving in with my roommate (to postpone rent expenses).

    Everything is screaming move first, but I guess I need strangers to tell me that it does, in fact, make the most sense.

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  • How to cash personal checks when bank is closed?

    I totally didn't realize that it's a Sunday and the bank would be closed. It's my only chance to go grocery shopping and I'm desperately out of food. I need this money. I know Wal-mart doesn't cash personal checks... is there any places that do that are open on Sunday?

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance8 years ago
  • Really confused with my prelude. Help?

    So I have recently bought a '92 Prelude privately. The previous owners did not have the manual anymore, but I have assumed it is the S not the Si by googling the differences. The only thing that doesn't add up, is that apparently only the Si has ABS, and my ABS dash light came on the other day.

    Do you think it was installed somewhere along the line? Why would anyone do that lol...Could the light come on if it doesn't even have ABS? What's going on?!?!

    3 AnswersHonda8 years ago
  • Would it be weird to get a tattoo of my grandma's name while she's living?

    I want her first name as my next tattoo. If I got it, I don't know that I'd even tell her about it, as she doesn't really like tattoos. If I do decide to tell her, I was thinking about having her write it or sign it and get it done in her handwriting?

    Not sure.. but either way, is that awkward? Since usually it would be tribute. Should I ask her how she would feel about it?

    2 AnswersTattoos8 years ago
  • Will I damage my hair too much if I go blonde?

    I'm definitely not gonna do it at home as I have no experience with bleach. I know coloring at the salon isn't as bad for your hair as color out of a box but what about bleach? I got a perm a year ago and I'm just worried about damaging my hair after the damage the perm caused.

    My hair is light brown/brassy red with a lot of natural blonde highlights (hasn't been dyed in 3 months and always fades to this color.... also, my Y!A picture is really old, it's not nearly as dark as my picture). I want to go a light ash blonde.

    3 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Can someone tell me about the Friesian breed?

    I'm going to be spending some time on a Friesian farm over the winter to learn about breeding and foaling. Other than breeding, they train in dressage and driving, they have a drill team, and they hold weddings.

    I have never even been around Friesians... can anyone explain their history, the Friesian industry, anything else worth knowing before I arrive? Thanks!

    3 AnswersHorses8 years ago
  • How does having a second job work?

    I need to apply for a second part-time job in order to get enough hours. I'm wondering how each company handles scheduling, especially since at my current workplace, our schedule is completely different every week. Will I simply have to send one company my schedule for the other company as soon as it's done? What if they're a day or two late making the schedule (this happens often at my current employer)?

    5 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • Can't decide between western and jumping at Meredith Manor?

    I'm going to Meredith Manor in March. I originally applied for jumping, but now I'm thinking about western...

    I would love to further my skills in jumping.. but when I picture myself working in the horse industry, a hunter/jumper or eventing barn seems so unfamiliar to me compared to a reining or cutting barn. I have much more experience in the western world, and I think I would advance much faster in training. I just don't want to miss out on what could be my only opportunity to continue jumping.

    I know you guys can't tell me what to go to school for.. but I would love some opinions and guidance in how to make such a decision. Has anyone ever had to choose between disciplines??

    6 AnswersHorses8 years ago
  • How does it work when a US citizen wants to work in another country?

    When I graduate, I might have the option to work in other countries. I'd really like to work in Quebec especially, and also England, Holland, France, or New Zealand.

    I'm wondering how you obtain a work permit? Is it different for every country?

    4 AnswersImmigration8 years ago
  • What is adjusted gross income?

    I'm filling out my FAFSA and it's asking for my parents' adjusted gross income for 2011. They gave me the tax return for 2011, but they don't know what it is either, and I've looked all over the paper and I can't find it. There's also an estimate calculator that asks for salaries, interest income, dividends, and IRS-allowable adjustments to income. And I can't find half of that.

    Someone help!

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid8 years ago
  • I'm interested in learning some basics of paganism?

    I'm not saying I want to become pagan exactly.. maybe down the road. For now, I'm just very interested and want to know a lot about it and how people practice it.

    I looked in the book store two days ago, and they had a lot but I didn't even know which book to get because they were all so different. I found websites but it's so confusing! There's so many different kinds of pagan! How do I know which types to lean towards?

    Anyone have a good website or personal advice on where to start? Help!

    5 AnswersMythology & Folklore8 years ago
  • Conditioning retired horse to bring back into light competition?

    I'm going to start conditioning my retired mare for a few specific competitions this summer. We're taking her to the vet in the next 2 weeks for an evaluation and approval. She looks fantastic and her muscle tone is looking great, except for her top line. I know to long trot her for that, but are their any other exercises I should begin with? I would especially like exercises designed for minimal strain on a navicular horse.

    I could also use these for my 9yo gelding that just received sacroiliac and coffin injections.

    2 AnswersHorses8 years ago
  • Does anyone know somebody who graduated from Meredith Manor?

    So basically, I'm deciding between EMS and Meredith Manor. Becoming an EMT, in my opinion, would be a safe option. But as I'm getting ready to apply into the training program, I'm starting to reconsider Meredith Manor.... even though I feel like I would LOVE it there and learn a lot, I'm worried about spending that much money (pretty much my entire college fund) and not coming out of it with a job.

    I do know one person who went there and now has a job as a barn manager.

    Do any of you know someone who graduated there? Did they get placed right away?

    Other opinions on Meredith Manor are very welcome (:

    6 AnswersHorses8 years ago