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  • Where did this y^4 come from?

    Doing my calc work and there is a problem that I can't figure out where an extra factor of y came from. Should this value not be y^3? The book says y^4 and I can't figure out why. I get everything else, except this extra factor of y.

    (The y has an arrow above it)


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  • How would you classify these songs?

    I love Jazz and Blues music, especially Swing and Chicago Blues. I also love Cabaret that takes influences from these. While listening to some Cabaret channels on Pandora I came across these songs that I found to be great and am wondering how to search for songs similar to these. Basically, how would you classify these songs?

    The songs are:

    You Leave Me Cold by Jill Tracy

    Seventh And Trade by Clare Fader

    Jaded by Maggi, Pierce, and E.J.


    Ps: I know I already asked this question in Music/other, I am just broadening my quesrion access.

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  • Do top contributors care about academic dishonesty?

    It's come time for school and we can all tell by the amount of homework questions so blatantly post here.

    There are many top contributors here in the Astronomy/Space who claim to be in academia and I should assume would thus care about academic dishonesty. Yet these users continue to answer questions that they know will just be used to cheat on assignments. This is wrong. Academic dishonesty degrades the hard work of children who put forth the time and effort to do well.

    My question is why do so many of the top contributors so blatantly help others cheat?

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  • Why do so many of you insist on doing other's homework.?

    Why do so many of you constantly complete other's homework problems on Yahoo Answers?! Why help someone pass when they DESERVE to fail. Especially when there are people who actually study and try their hardest to pass. You are NOT helping the people with their homework, you are effectively demeaning the hard work of the people who DESERVE to pass.

    I think that this is especially appalling when the area the asker is cheating in is our favorite field. Do you want people to remain ignorant about the facts of astronomy?! NO WAY! So STOP helping people BLATANTLY CHEAT!

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  • Webcam for polarized solar filter?

    In looking for a webcam that would be sufficient for the upcoming Venus transit. I have a 10" Newtonian on a dobsonian mount. I need something that can take many pictures per second as I currently don't have an equatorial mount. I'm looking for anything from under $100 to $250 or slightly above. I obviously want something that will work well and can be modified to work with a telescope. I'm completely ignorant to this so any help or extra advice is much appreciated.


  • Zardos, what exactly is your convention?

    "[n] = 10ⁿ I'm promoting this as a convention. I encourage you all to join me. It's fast, it's fun and it's free."

    What the heck do you mean by this?

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  • Is NathanSensation a ****öt Döüchebag?

    Just wondering what people think of someone who criticizes someone's answer without posting his own "enlightened" knowledge. Fücking Döuchebag.

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  • Equatorial Mounts for a 30.8 lb Optical Tube.?

    I will be continually posting questions I have, as I am looking to buy an equatorial mount for my 'scope. The optical tube weighs 30.8 lbs. The focal length is 1200mm and the focal ratio is f/4.7. I will be using it to keep the objects in view and do some broadcasts of my views online. I may try to take "long" exposures of say M31 or M51 etc. The longest exposures I would possibly do are only several seconds to two minutes (probably not even). I just want to delve into doing broadcasts, and minor  astrophotography, even if they suck lol.

    Just looking to compare these mounts. Differences between the Sirius EQ-G and the Celestron CGEM, again, the optical tune is 30.8 lbs, so will the Celestron CGEM be a better option because it says it supports 40lbs? Thanks.

    I have a budget of around $1,200. Obviously I can go slightly above. I want something that's ok enough to delve into astrophotography that I won't be trading it in in two months. Lol.

    Celestron CGEM

    Orion Sirius EQ-G

    Celestron CG-5

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  • Compare these two equatorial Mounts.?

    I will be continually posting questions I have, as I am looking to buy an equatorial mount for my 'scope. The optical tube weighs 30.8 lbs. I will be using it to keep the objects in view and do some broadcasts of my views online. I don't need it to be like an Astrophysics mount lol. The longest exposures I would possibly do are only several seconds to two minutes (probably not even). I just want to delve into doing broadcasts, even if they suck lol.

    Just looking to compare these two. I'm wondering why the Celestron is much cheaper and is able to carry 5 extra pounds. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Orion Sirius EQ-G

    Celestron CG-5

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  • Any equatorial mounts that support 30.8 lb Orion XT-10 optical tube?

    I have a 10" Newtonian reflector and am looking to buy an equatorial mount that will support it. I don't need to worry about absolute precision for 15 min exposures lol. I want to get it so I can keep a target in view and broadcast simple views through my scope to family and friends in other states. Trust me, I know that 30.8 lbs is heavy. I'm looking for around $1,000. I know that's probably not enough, so just give me some ideas.


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  • Do people not understand how much money is wasted on Astrology?

    I recently answered a question on Astrology that was obviously put into the Astronomy section. (ugh Yahoo) the asker responded with this,

    "Ok I think u and the rest of the people that answered, take the horescope too serious. ......Cheezz .....&#%*ezz be trippin."

    So, I want to know what people's take is on this. If you do know the actually amount of money wasted in the US on astrology each year please post it. (I think it's around $400 mill. Last I heard)

    Think what would happen if we diverted that money to say feeding poor children or sheltering homeless. Plus we could save space in newspapers. Lol.

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  • Suggestions on CCD astrophotography camera.?

    I am an astrophotography noob and am going to buy my first camera, I have a 10" reflector. I usually view DSOs, planets, star cluster, etc. I have a dob mount, I know this sucks for me lol. I have spoken to a man in Switzerland who had his solar photo published in He was using a 10" Newtonian and a dob mount, so I know it can be done.

    Im patient, I know astrophotography takes time. I also am looking to take solar pics for the Venus transit next year. What I want is something that can take pictures and live video, I don't care if I have to take thousands of pics just to get a ten good shots. I do that with my iPod already. Lol.

    Price-wise I am looking around $300-400. It can be slightly above, but nothing too crazy. Remember I'll still have to buy filters and whatever else I many need, so any suggestions are appreciated.


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  • Can my employer forbid me from using their services?

    My sister is a maid at a hotel and she asked if she got a discout for staying there. Her manager told her the employees are forbidden from staying at the hotel because they don't want patrons who recognize the employees from seeing them staying there.

    Is this legal? Can a business forbid service based on employment?

    I would feel safe knowing that the employees know the hotel is clean enough to stay there. Does anyone else find this weird?

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  • Textbook help? Intermediate Algebra?

    I was assigned homework and my algebra textbook has not arrived. I am in Math-111 and my textbook is:

    Elayn Martin-Gay, "Intermediate Algebra", 5th Edition, 2009, Pearson Prentice Hall.

    I need the questions to:

    Section 2.1 page. #54

    Questions #31, #51, #57, #65

    Section 2.2 page. #62

    Questions #51, #53, #59, #83

    Section 2.3 page. #72

    Questions #11, #13, #31, #33

    Section 2.4 page. #84

    Questions #49, #57, #75

    page. #87, Question #28

    Section 2.5 page. #92

    Questions #55, #63, #69, #71

    Obviously I do not want the answers to these problems, I just am without a textbook and need the problems themselves.

    Please if anyone has this textbook, could you write down these questions so I can do my homework. 

    Also, my next class is Teusday the 13th at 6pm CST, my book is scheduled to arrive on Monday the 12th, but invade something happens I need the questions. Also it is much better to get an early jump on things.

    Thank you,


    2 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • Why do people keep talking about Teraform?

    I'm getting sick of people asking about Teraforming a planet. Please shut up, we will not Teraform within our own lifetime, so why are you wasting your time with these dumb questions and not asking questions that can help the world. Like how can we limit global warming.

    Think if people would just shutup and spend as much time on helping OUR OWN WORLD as much as they do about Teraforming another planet, the world would be a much better place.

    6 AnswersAstronomy & Space9 years ago
  • Where do these avatars come from?

    Almost everyone on yahoo answers has an avatar of a cartoon person in different settings. The cartoon person has different sex, hair color and design, clothes, ethnicity.

    You know what I'm talking about if you've spent some time on yahoo answers. Please tell me where these come from, ie website.

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products9 years ago
  • How to build a Newtonian Telescope?

    I want to know from the astronomers here who build telescopes.

    How do you go about building your own Newtonian telescope? I want to know how you get your mirrors, do you buy or make yourself?

    3 AnswersAstronomy & Space9 years ago
  • Littlefoot isn't a real dinosaur?

    I just found out that the brontosaurus isn't real that it was fake, now I love land before time. I have all of the movies on VHS, DVD, & Blueray. I also have land before time 3 on my iPhone, that's my fav. I always loved the brontosaurus as it is my favorite dinosaur. I have littlefoot memorabilia, like clocks, pot holders, action figures from mcdonalds, buger king, etc. I also have seat covers for my car, silverware and plates, cups, magnets, I even my have a wallpapered littlefoot room with land before time memorabilia like bed covers, posters, lamps, light switch covers, my land before time clothes. I have spent my life learning as much as I could about brontosauruses and I want to be a palenteologist. I am in undergraduate school and my major is paleontology with a minor in evolutionary sciences. I am going into my junior year this fall, and I feel that I have wasted my life. I don't know what to do, I feel hopeless. Why would this happen to me? I don't know what to do, I am 23, it's not like I can just start over and do something else. I hate paleontology now and I'm lost. What should I do? Should I kill myself? I feel like that sometimes. I have wasted my life, so what's the sense. Right? So should I kill myself? Or should I just sell all my stuff?

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  • Would you vote for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be President?

    If anyone knows anything about Science or politics, they know that verifying Texas Gov. Rick Perry says is crazy. I have read a substantial amount of polling that shows there is a large amount voters who actually support him. I'm asking if you would vote for him considering he makes up things about science, ie climate control.

    Read this is you do not know who he is.

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  • School for Astrophysics?

    I am 25 and am going to go to college, I am starting my frist year of my Undergraduate degree. I want to know from any Astrophysicists if the field is something that is prolonged that you will be able to do until your of an old age.

    I absolutely love science and math. I have no problem with having to learn complex math. I will try forever if to have to. I have come to the conclusion that I need this. I do not want to have gotten old and referred never becoming an astrophysicist.

    I know that there are certain scientific research fields where people who wait a few years to go to college are looked over for others that went immediately after high school. I want to know if Astrophysics has this sort of "thing" happening in the community.

    I do not care if I work the rest of my life even just giving tours of a small observatory. I love science and astronomy. I love explaining things to people about the universe. I don't want to end up not having the chance to do this professionally.

    So my general question is Is there any hope of me, being 25 and just entering undergrad school, having a career in Astrophysics? Please elaborate on your answer. Please do not answer with just a Yes or a No.

    Thanks, Anthony.