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The PreDestined One

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Hi, I'm Gabriel, I'm friendly so don't worry I won't blast you with my 45 magnum lol. I don't take yahoo answers seriously, I only get on here when I have nothing to do. I ask silly questions and give silly answers sometimes,just for amusement. And I never give thumbs down. So if you're a dumb, close minded, stuck up, failure and loser then don't add me. In my free time I also like to restore old school cars, paint, draw, exercise run, lift weights, write stories and poems. I also can sing and play guitar:P One thing about me,you can't find or read about me in the History Books, I'm truly unique and oringinal. No one dead or alive is like me. I think deep,{How deep you say?}deeper than the abyss and I have more common sense than YOU and anyone dead or alive. (wink);) Here's photos of my art and me.

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