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  • Why did a christian email me saying "jesus walks inside of me but I take Lucifers hand"?

    That does not make sense. I am not a christian so I do not believe in those two christian gods of jesus and Lucifer? I am not into the occult so these two christian gods I know do not exist. christians need to remember that most people in the world are not into their world of the occult, and so we know that their two gods jesus and Lucifer are fiction. So what the heck is that email suppose to mean "jesus walks inside me but I take Lucifer's hand"?

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  • Why do christians hate me for wanting to protect children and animals?

    Every single time I answer a question where I say that I believe in the protection of children and animals the christians give me thumbs down?

    I am sorry if christians do not care about children and animals but I mean how silly to give me a thumbs down or making comments critizing me for it.

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  • Do christians just make up their beliefs as they go?

    It seems like their beliefs change with the wind and that they make it up as they go along. For instance when was the last time you saw a chrisitian turn the other cheek? Or when was the last time you saw a chrisitian not show their pride which they claim is a sin? Or not show anger which is another sin? And it goes on and on.

    Hell they break all of those rules on here every day. So do they just follow christianity when it is convenient only? Or do they just make it up to fit what ever situation they find themselves in each moment?

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  • Why does god hate the Oakland Raiders so much?

    Why does god continue to make the Oakland Raiders suck so bad every single year? What did they do to gain his evil wrath? How can we stop it?

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  • Since we are all children of the FSM?

    Then why do some ignorant people deny him? Are they blinded by evil?

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  • Atheists: Am I the only one who feels this way about christians?

    Christians believe that somehow a man is living in sky, and they believe that somehow another man with horns, tail, cloven hooves and a tail lives beneath the ground. And worse yet they believe that yet another man who could not even save himself from crucifixation is going to save us! Even though there is nothing wrong with us to begin with! And they think that supernatural beings really exist with halo’s or horns that fly around us controlling us! I mean come one! Am I alone in being scared to death that I live on a planet with people who actually claim to believe this stuff? I mean it really does scare me to have people like that out there in public. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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  • Since people keep asking about Satanism here is a brief summery, what do you think?

    Anton LaVey decided to start fresh with a whole new religion so he got rid of all of the Christian ideas about there being a god and Devil, angels and demons. Heaven and hell, good and evil, as well as other silly white light mystical stuff about karma and a spiritual realm and supernatural beings and goddesses, etc. He threw all of that out because that is what you do with garbage you throw it in the trash.

    So with a clean blank slate to start a real and new religion he wanted his to be based on reality. After all since all spiritual religions and ideas of gods are all created by humans than shouldn’t there be a religion based on the humans who created all of these things to begin with? The reality of the human animal and the reality of nature. So he put together a religion that would teach how all humans are born with their own opinions, views, different behaviors and reactions to things, different drives and desires, feelings and emotions, their own thoughts and ideas and instincts, etc. Also how we all have our own abilities and talents that differ from others.

    He also showed that since we are all born different that everyone has their own ideas about what is good and what is evil. He also showed how as human that like all other animals we live in a cosmos that comes from nature, belongs to nature and shall return to nature as there are NO supernatural beings at all within the reality of nature.

    Satanism also teaches that since this is our only life that we need to live it to the fullest and do everything to make our lives happy, but within the boundaries of the law as Satanism is big on being responsible and law and order. Satanism also teaches people to respect and protect animals and children from harm and to never force anyone into doing something that is against their will. Anton LaVey also knew that most humans have a need for fantasy and emotions and dogma. And so as an option only he created rituals for those who needed them to use as an outlet to release any emotions that might be bothering you so that you could live a healthy and happy life again which is the whole point of Satanism to begin with. These rituals unlike other religions are based on reality and not superstition or the supernatural or of worship like rituals of other religions. So with Rituals you can use symbols and trappings to help release any emotions until you reach a state of catharsis. Then of course if you want something you can act to make it happen without the hindering and stress of the negative emotions. The reason Satan is used as the symbol is because it means the Adversary and Satanists are the adversarys to all spiritual doctrines that hamper your happiness and instincts in life as well as being opposed to herd mentality. Have your own mind and think for yourself instead of letting others tell you what to think and how to act and what to wear, etc like a sheep being led

    That is a short summery, so does that help you folks?

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  • Since man created god, if he denies us would that make god an atheist?

    Since humans created god, would that mean that if he chose to deny us or not believe in us, wouldn't that make god an atheist?

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  • If god exists then why does he hide like a coward?

    Instead of causing all of these wars and arguments started by believers against non believers why doesn't god show himself if he exists? If he is so powerful then why not come off of his high horse in heaven and come to earth and show himself to people that he really does exist and is not just a part of our people's imagination? He should show us that HE is the one and not the billions of other gods that we keep creating. But no instead he just sits up there sending down more evil every day and tells himself that if these people do not blindly follow me no matter how cruel I am to them then I will burn them in hell because I can do whatever I want I am god.

    I mean why is he so sick and such a coward that he cannot come down and face the people that he hates so much? is he too ashamed or just a coward?

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  • Why do christians want to throw us in the fire just because we do not believe in their god?

    Why do christians have to be filled with that kind of hate that they want to threaten to put us all in the fire if we do not convert to believing in and worshiping this evil fictional god that they created? Why can't they just let other people believe in what they want without such violent threats?

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  • Why do christians have to preach and practice hate on here all day long?

    I mean my goodness there are so many different people on here with so many different beliefs, but the christians all damn day long all they do is preach and practice such hatred. I mean why? What is the point? How can you go through life like that? Are you ever happy at all in your life? I really want to know, and please try to be nice for once.

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  • Why do christians worship a scarecrow?

    I was out in the country the other day and in the fields I kept seeing what I thought was the crucifix of jesus. But my friend told me that they were scarecrows. Now I know that the sight of jesus scares away children, but i did not know that he was used to scare away crows. So why would crows know that jesus is some one to fear and why do christians worship this image?

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  • Should the christians learn about ethics from the Church of Satan?

    Since the Church of Satan and the Satanic Bible teach ethics and law and order, as well as preaching the protection of children and animals. Shouldn't the christian church do the same and then they would not have so many problems in those area's?

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  • Is the Satanic Bible the only bible based on facts and reality?

    Since the Satanic Bible is based on things that are real like human nature and science and rationality, down to earth philosophy and reality, etc. And all other bibles are based on Occultism, the Supernatural, and spiritual mumbo jumbo, etc. Does that make the Satanic Bible the only one based on proof and reality instead of silly blind faith?

    The Satanic Bible seems to be the only bible that denies supernatural spiritual stuff like gods, devils, spirits, superstition, etc. And isn't that how a bible should be? A book based on facts instead of fiction?

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  • Can you believe this sick email I just got? Do you think this person is insane?

    From: Captain Atheist

    Subject: CATS




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  • Did a christian radio host really sell T-shirts saying "Kill a Satanist for Christ"?

    Some morning radio host who is a christian was telling all christians to go out and kill all Satanists, and he even went as far as to make up shirts that he was selling that said "Kill a Satanist for christ" What the hell kind of sickness is that?

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  • Why do christians send insane emails to me like this one?

    I don't know who this weirdo is or what they are talking about, especially since I do not believe in the christian god Satan but look at this crazy email they sent me and of course were gutless and blocked me from responding. typical christian

    From: Godwillhealme

    Subject: WHY ARE YOU SUCH A JERK FACE ***....


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  • Are jesus, Buffy and Harry Potter all related or something?

    All three had supernatural powers. And Buffy like jesus was sent to battle demons and vampires, etc. So are they all related to god and sent from heaven to help save us from the dark forces of evil? let me know, thanks?

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  • christians: What is it about the Occult that keeps you so dedicated to it?

    Is it the fascination with supernatural powers and beings that keeps you drawn to it? Is it the unknown that keeps you dedicated to the Occult world of christianity? What is it exactly?

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  • Atheists: Why don't you want to go to heaven and spend eternity with christians?

    Wouldn't you like to spend eternity with the christians you chat with on here every single day? They are very loving and intelligent and they never judge so why would you not want to be with them?

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