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  • Who has seen "Not another Transworld video"?

    Is it pretty sick? i wanna see it bad.

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  • Could you give me input?

    I would love if you could give me some input on my editing skills.

    Not looking for input on my skating other wise i would have put this question under sports.

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    Thanks so much!

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design10 years ago
  • Do you think it is possible to be in love at a young age?

    Like 14 years/15? please only answer if you are older thanks.

    Also 5 stars goes to best answer

    17 AnswersAdolescent10 years ago
  • how many more day until July 2nd 2011?

    first person to answer gets best answer =P

    1 AnswerIndependence Day10 years ago
  • do ya like skateboarding?

    plz give me ANY pointers if u see anything wrong... i want 2 get better!


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    i have alot more videos ... but these r the ones i want 2 get better at... thanx!

    and also if u leave a comment saying i suck... it really doesn't bother me =P

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  • Tips on my skateboard grabs and carving?

    i want to get higher when i carve... any tips? and also if your good at grabs.. and tips on how to land cleaner and get higher? thanx.. heres a link if u could point out what im doing wrong.....


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  • Ever been to camp Woodward west?

    how amazing it?! i have to wait a whole year to go... next summer im going for skateboarding. i got the introduction packet and i really really want to go! i have to get like really good grades nstuff for my mom to send me.... any ways... i just a persons imput on it if uve been....i want details! whats it like?!

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  • Why do people blame Obama for everything that goes wrong?

    i mean.. i just dont understand! why? they blame him for the economy! when bush was president, our economy was already going down. people should really give the guy some slack.


    24 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Opinion on gay marriage?

    i personally could care less.. and every one should be able get married! ;)

  • do you enjoy pooping?

    do u like eat ten fiber bars just so u can enjoy a nice crap?.. or do u dread it?

    just wondering.... *shrugs shoulders*

    dont judge me!! =D

    3 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • split! please help?????

    so... im with a guy. and let me tell u.... these 2months.. were the best ive had in a loooonnng time! they were amazing! the thing is... when ever im with my friend.. theres something i can feel about him. i really like him alot hs amazing! he never fails to text me every morning... he always invites to places... idk... hes just really kool. but the guy im wth.. well hes amazing to... but... theres something about my friend... help! and i dont know how i would break up wth the guy im with now! itd be really hard.... please help... ohh and dont tell me do what your heart tell you to do... cuz tht really does not help!!!!

    thanxxx =D

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  • My lawn gnome and Pink flamingo?!?!?

    i woke up this morning to find my lawn gnome and my pink Flamingo spooning. i try to keep them apart but i cant seem to separate them. i dont want to be together because it reflects negatively on me. any ideas on how 2 keep these 2 separated?

    thanx and have a nice day.

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  • what is ur fave color?

    my fave color is GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • the neighbor boy?????????

    last summer i met the neighbor boy. well honestly i couldnt call him the neighbor boy cuz really he lives 2 hours away from me. but his dad lives down the street from me and he comes and visits him every three weeks.well last summer i saw him riding on his bike down the street and well long story short we became friends. mostly because i met his sister and now were like really good friends.. blah blah blah. so summer ended and i never saw him for ever... and for some odd reason my stupid self never got his number so i eventually got over him and moved on. September went by.. along with december,january febuary, march.. and then at the end of april i was hangin wth a friend riding around on our bikes and then.... there he was. just sittiing there on his bike wth a bunch of little kids. i went on not really realizing who he was ... so me being my awesomly kool outgoing self... hey pimpdidler hows it goin?.. zach?! wow its u! and then ya blah blah this and blah blah that. that weekend... was the best weekend i had ever in my life! i mean all i did was ride around and did whatever i wanted .. hung with him and marina(his sitster).. so finallly i got his number.. (thankfully the first day i saw him again).. and when he left he asked for a hug! it was amazingly awesome! and so he asked me out and stuff... so here are my problems.... im in the 7th grade and hes in the 8th. ya and 2 make matters worse weve been going out for 3weeks and my mom doesn't know. ya and shed flip!..... what should i do here?.. oh and im soooooo exicited hes coming into town tommorw morning! =D ... ya i know i sound so kiddish because of me saying riding my bike and all that... well ya know what? im 13 years old and yes! i do ride an orange mongoose around! thats how i get around ok? so shut the hellup i dont wanna hear ur crap!

    thank u and have a nice day =)

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  • Who the hell is shawty?

    is it just a replacement name for the original name in a song?

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • has anyone read molly moon?

    its a great book! but everyone i ask says they've never herd of it... cuz i really want to talk about it!!!

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • read my book... "my week with the towel boy"?

    hey this is the first chapter of my book.. tell me what you think of it.

    I sat that with my nose pressed up against the window. my breath was stained in fog around my mouth. I drew my head back away from the window and drew a smiley face. i smiled to myself thinking about how much of a little kid i was.

    i rested my chin on the back of the seat and sighed. 7h grade had one by way to fast. i looked out the window and thought. it was going to be a long month and a half. most parents used there money they got from a car wreck for a new car. but no. my parents decided to drive across America in a used mini van with four kids.

    zzz.zzzz.zzzz.zzzz. my pocket was vibrating repeatedly. i reached out for my pocket and pulled out my phone, looked at the caller ID and smiled. at least my trip wouldn't be so bad. "hey chase" i said into the phone. chase and i have been besties since we were two. ever since i gave him a candy bar through the fence. he moved when we were about 8, and now that he lives a mile away instead of next door, i dont see him as much.

    "hey i wont be able to meet you guys till sunday" i heard chase say in a sad voice on the other end of the line. "but why?!" i shouted "i gotta help clean our lake cabin for summer. "but thats a whole week!" i said. "i know, i know. but no later then Sunday i promise" "alright" "kay, well see ya sunday, bye." I didnt bother saying bye. i was to disappointed. i just shut my phone and shoved it into my pocket.

    "so did he say were we are meeting" my mom asked. i rolled my eyes and sighed. "mom, i told you a week ago were meeting at the 50,000 silver dollar store." "oh thats right." "oh and mom?" "yes?" "umm.... chase said that he cant meet us there till sunday, so i guess we can just turn around now and head back to Spokane." "No!" shouted my two sisters. "No!" my brother jack screamed almost immediately after. I knew he didnt know at all why he screame no for, but he was going to keep screaming it untill one of us said ok. but what could you expect from a two year old?

    "well were almost there anyways. so, hmm? should we just saty there till sunday honey?....honey?.... JOE!!" mom started to get angry like she always does. my dad looked over at my mom with his ear phones in his ears. he gently pulled oneof them out and blankly said, "huh?" mom sighed very heavily and very annoyed said "never mind joe, were staying at the 50,000 dollar store till sunday." "kay sounds good"

    ok well theres more to the chapter but i didnt relize it would take me this long to type it... i have like 5 more paragraphs in the chapter ... so if ur interested in reading the rest of the chapter let me know...

    what did u think of it.. so far.. (i wrote the whole book soo there a lot more... =))

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  • Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    im going out with a guy i dont even like!!!! god wat do i do?!

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  • where is max and ruby's parents?!?!?!?!?

    where in the hell are they? i mean there grammas there.. but what about mom and dad? wtf!?

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  • my week with the towel boy?

    im writing this story and its called my week with the towel boy. im trying to make it for like 12 to 14 yr olds. its about a 13 year old girl named blue. an awesome tomboy. her and her family (jack 2yr old, the six year old twins sally and susian, her mom and dad, and of coarse blue.) are driving across america. well, she's meeting a friend to go with her and her family at a hotel. but unfortanatly her friend cant make it to the hotel for a week. so her parents decide to stay at the hotel untill the friend gets there. at first blue is mad that they have to saty at a really boring hotel that doesnt even have a swimming pool. but she meets someone there who keeps her company along the week... and well lets just say this person is the towel boy who is... atracted? shall we say? to blue. ive had some of my friends read and they say it is amazing! (so far anyways) so 12-14 yrs... do u think u would like this story? please be honest and thanks guys. ;)

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago