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  • Toilets and sinks bubble and tubs fill with water?

    We have rented a 75 foot snake 2 times and plumbing will work for a few days after using the snake then back to the stopped up plumbing. We have r own septic tank. We have had it pumped with in the last week. We have made sure the snake is coming out into the septic tank. We can open the clean out under the house and the water all drains so we believe the clog is in between the house and the septic tank. What now???

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What would cause a PT cruiser to leak radiator fluid?

    Leaking on passenger side bottom. Radiator replaced about 3 months ago. 02 model with about 90,000 miles on it.

    3 AnswersChrysler1 decade ago
  • Lawn mower wont start...what else can I do?

    We have replaced the fuel filter and the spark plug. We have ran compressed air through all the fuel lines. After running the air through the lines it will turn over but will not stay started. We also have charged the battery and drained all old fuel and replaced with new fuel. The mower is maybe 1 and 1/2 years old. It is a Cub Cadet LT 1050. Any help will be very yard is horrible.

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How to get a stain off of bottom of pool?

    I have a 10 ft. diameter by 36 in. deep quick set pool. I did a shock treatment due to cloudy water. Now the bottom liner is yellow brownish. I believe it is due to iron in our well water. What can I do to fix the stain?? The water is clear.

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  • My husband was served last night, What can I do???

    On January 23, 2008 in the early morn, my husband hit another vehicle. The damage was VERY minimal. I have pictures of the damage and you have to search for it. We were unfortunately without car insur. at that time. My husband told the guy we would pay for it just to please get 2 estimates. The guy only gave us 1 estimate. Then when he was asked to get another he never returned our calls. Now as of last night he served my husband with small claims court papers totaling $990.00. When the first estimate was well below that amount. The paperwork says he filed with small claims court in feb. basically right after the accident. I am just wondering if we show up with the one and only estimate he gave us and the phone bill showing how many times the planitff was called what might happen. I know we will have to pay. That is ok I know we were in the wrong. But Could the guy be in the wrong for not working with us??? Any ins. company would have made him get more than one estimate.

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  • After my father passed away my brother gifted me what he wanted of dads money.....?

    Now my lawyer wants him to sign a paper stating he gifted me what he wanted and that we are through. He will not sign that paper. When it is only for my protection. Should I be worried. We have a verbal agreement that others are aware of. But I am not close by any means to my brother. The letter was mailed to him 2 months ago and now he will not respond to any of my emails or calls reguarding this. What can I do??

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  • Whats your opinion?

    I am only 26 years old. But I have many people from the older generation, that will tell you. In their time they trusted the politicians. They trusted the government. But it seemed that with each new person or new vote things just got more complicated. I am tired of being part of a negative America. We have done this to ourselves. We vote for lying jerks, because we beleive them. I my few years alive I have come to realize that we are going NOWHERE Real fast. What do you think???

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