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  • Who would win in this game?

    Team 1

    PG-Deron Williams

    SG-Dwayne Wade

    SF-LeBron James

    PF-Dirk Nowitzki

    C-Dwight Howard


    Team 2

    PG-Chris Paul

    SG-Kobe Bryant

    SF-Kevin Durant

    PF-Chris Bosh

    C-Amar'e Stoudemire

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  • Rate My Madden Fantasy Draft?

    QB-Matthew Stafford(78)

    HB-Adrian Peterson(99)

    FB-Peyton Hillis(84)

    WR-Brandon Marshall(92), Hakeem Nicks(75),

    TE-John Carlson(88)

    LT-Jammal Brown(93)

    LG-Andy Levitre(76)

    C-John Sullivan(73)

    RG-Max Unger(76)

    RT-David Stewart(91)

    LE-Tyson Jackson(77)

    RE-Gaines Adams(81)

    DT-B.J. Raji(79)

    LOLB-Brian Orakpo(76)

    MLB-Lofa Tatupu(90), James Laurinaitis(78)

    ROLB-Terrell Suggs(90)

    CB-Aqib Talib(82), Malcolm Jenikins(75

    FS-Michael Griffin(88)

    SS-Chris Hope(87)

    K-David Buehler(62)

    P-Steve Weatherford(64)

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  • Can you return video games to Target if they come broken?

    Well just yesterday i bought a Xbox 360 game (Fallout 3) and as soon as I tried to play the game, it said that the disk is unreadable and next time I tried it kept repeatedly freezing my Xbox so i was wondering if I could return it for full refund and whether or not I need to have the receipt?

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