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  • I deleted my icloud account from my iPad and lost all my data. The ID is back now but the data isn't?

    I accidentally clicked to delete my icloud account off of my iPad 4, which was a mistake. I put the password back in immediately and logged back into the account but all of my data on pages isn't there anymore, and I use pages for everything. There was over 200 documents on that! All of which are now gone. How do I get them back? The iPad hasn't been backed up onto the computer in about 20-30 weeks, as a notification kept saying, because every time I tried to back it up there was no success and it wouldn't work due to the computer being ten years old and very slow. I NEED this data back desperately, is there anyway possible??? Preferably without buying some expensive program? Please help me, I'm screwed!!!

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  • Achromatic. Can scars be achromatic?

    I need lyrics for a song and I want something to describe scars, and I was wondering if the word achromatic could fit the context? Achromatic scars? It needs to be three syllables and mean that the scars are old, faded, and without any colour. Help?

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  • The best descriptive sentence you've ever heard?

    A sentence that you have read and just loved. One (or more) that has such a nice flow. Whether this be 'the elegant silk tumbled like autumn leaves around her arms, flowing angelically in the gentle breeze' or 'the houses each had bruised walls and lacerated windows', tell me the sentences that depicted such a clear image in your mind that you absolutely fell in love with them!

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  • The nicest sounding sentence you have ever heard?

    A sentence that you have read and just loved. One (or more) that has such a nice flow. Whether this be 'the elegant silk tumbled like autumn leaves around her arms, flowing angelically in the gentle breeze' or 'the houses each had bruised walls and lacerated windows', tell me the sentences that depicted such a clear image in your mind that you absolutely fell in love with them!

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  • I need to get two of the three videos off this website ASAP! By tomorrow! Help! How?!?!?!?

    I need these videos by tomorrow because there's no Internet connection at the school and we've been having daily Internet shortages. It was out all day today and they're not expecting it to be back on for another two days AT LEAST! And I can't ask for an extension as I've already gotten one. I NEED it tomorrow, and the usual YouTube downloader sites don't work. HELP!!!

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  • Adjective help! Ostentatitous - could a gorgeous view be an ostentatious view?

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to describe an amazing view of the stars, so I was wondering if there is anything wrong with the sentence, 'She hesitated in the doorway, swaying back and forth as she fought the desire to step closer to the ostentatious view.'

    I haven't really used the word ostentatious before, so I'm a bit unsure. But if it doesn't fit, which word would you suggest to take its place? Thanks I advance!!

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  • What scientific evidence is there that proves that heat comes from the sun?

    I know this seems to be common sense, but I'm writing a novel and I was going back over the planning and adding extra details when I realised that I couldn't think of how the sun gave us heat? I mean, I know that the sun radiates heat, and that supposedly Mercury and Venus are hot while Neptune and Pluto are absolutely frozen, but what proves that theory? Are there heat detectors on the satellites that have been sent out? How do we know that inside our planet the heat isn't created from the energy of things moving, and perhaps friction of the dirt rubbing against each other. Perhaps clouds come when the friction is less than other days. Perhaps Mercury and Venus create more friction, and Mars to Pluto are more solid rock. Jupiter and Satin are too big to heat up, and Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are too small to have much space under their crust for friction?

    I know that this may all seem to be common sense, and don't get me wrong, I believe that the Earth is heated up by the sun, but can someone supply me with a source of scientific reason as to how I am wrong?

    4 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • I want to use a pen/stage name for my last name. My first name is Sheri. What last name goes well with that?

    Ok, so my first name is Sheri, but my last name is just a boring one, and it's my dad's name anyway. (He and I don't get along). But I'll use this pen name/stage name as my facebook name and for entering competitions. So please, can anyone think of any last names for me? And NO Sheri Moon Zombie!! Hahaha. I will dislike your comment for that, so please be serious and help me out here. Thanks guys! You guys are awesome! :D Love you all! xx

    3 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • How much does it cost to train a nurse in a third world country-and how long?

    Ok, I need information on the length of time and amount of money it costs to train a nurse in a third world country. As in, send a couple of qualified nurses over there to teach a bunch of third worlders the ethics of nursing. Preferably this information needs to be based on East Timor, but if you don't have such information ANY third world country will be fine. Just mention what country. Also, if you ONLY know the cost or you ONLY know the time periods, tell me anyway. It's important and I really need to know for my major school project, worth 75% of my grade. Help me, ASAP! Thank-you so much guys, you are lifesavers!!

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  • Help! The structure of a philosophy paper, ASAP!?

    And please don't copy and paste from another website. I've already looked at most of the websites for structure, and I'm pretty sure on what I'm going to do, but I just want the opinion from someone who has written philosophy paper(s) before as to which paragraphs are necessary, how many should be in the body and whether an argument or an Introduction comes first. And please don't waste time saying that I've been slack, because I have to hand it in in two days time. I know I've spent a lot of time trying to perfect the structure, so please help! I asked this five days ago when I was told that I'd have to write a paper, but no one responded, aside from a few useless answers.

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  • How to photo change a single colour in a picture?

    Okay I need to get this picture to be yellow, but I don't know what program I could use! HELP!!!

    3 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • Rosetta Stone help! How to skip a unit!?

    I started learning French for a while before purchasing Rosetta Stone, so when I got the computer program I just skipped the first unit and went straight to unit two. That was all fine, but at the end of level one (Unit 4) I couldn't get into level two (unit 5). It kept directing me back to unit 1, which is complete basics. This is a huge waste of time. I asked tech support but no one could help me, but there has to be SOME way!!! Please please please help me!!! I'm trying to learn French to get into a class at my new school. I've been studying for two weeks non stop and I have one week left to learn as much as I can in hope to get into this class, but this is a major set back. I've already spent one and a half hours with tech support trying to fix it, and two and a half hours trying to just complete unit one but I added up their time estimations and I have another 2 1/2 - three hours before I finish this unit. PLEASE help me!!!! This is extremely important to me!!! I'm fourteen and not the most computer saavy, so if you have any idea how to help me please break it down into easy to understand language. THANK - YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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  • What boys name could be the brother of Arabella and Callista?

    In my novel there are two twin girls with the names Arabella and Callista. Both these names mean 'beautiful'. I want a boys name for their older brother, but it obviously can't be Ben, John, Jordan, Phillip, Kyle or anything too common, otherwise it would look weird next to the twins's names...Help???

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  • Americans! Where and can you legally buy a knife in th usa?

    I'm an Aussie, writing a story, and I was writing and writing until I decided to edit. Well I've come to a point in my edits that when my main character buys a knife, he does it in a way to hide from the government system. A guy I know just came back from a month holiday in America and had pictures on Facebook of him in Walmart holding a gun. But what about knives? I'm assuming it's legal to buy them, but where would you get them from? (Besides over the net. My character doesn't have access to a computer/the net).

    P.S, please don't pick on any grammar with petty comments such as: "If you're a writer, why can't you spell, or why did you make that mistake." I'm fourteen, half asleep, and looking for an answer to my question. Thanks.

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  • how to write a short sstory (250-750 words) help sos!!!?

    I cannot write short stories. i do that much in dialog between talking. so can i have a plan, at how many hundred to have the middle, beginning and end. im gonna do 750 exactly. p.s this is for a competitiion so help asap

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  • applying for my first job-help!!?

    I want to apply for my first proper job at a cafe or safeway, and i wasnt sure what to do. I'm going to write out a resume (dont bother talking about clothes, i live in an Aussie town 49% hippies, 49% devil worshippers 2% others so i already know what to wear) but i need to know what to put in and what order.

    So if my name was Sheridan, bday 15/8/1998, adress 123 merchant street, fingtown, victoria, australia, postcode:4525. school: fingtown secondary.

    what info would I need to use (^^the above is all false info)

    So if you guys could please set out a resume using the false info above then that would help.Add more too please, and i think i'd need to put experience (which isnt much) but please, this will help me tonnes!!

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • I need help with inspiration for an ad to make people focus on their driving and the severe consequences?

    Theme; Party in the car, something that explores the dynamics between young people travelling together on a night out

    I don't want critisism on the topic, just a rough idea of what to write, a situation that might happen with a severe consequence, one that happened to a mate of yours, or a crazy out of this world idea. The best one gets 10 points, and please help, i need inspiration (i have got 1 or 2 ideas...) but i still need inspiration ASAP!! Pleeaaasssseeeeee helpppppppppppppppp............

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  • On the new facebook timeline, where does it show a relationship status?

    I know people who are in relationships but i can't find where it says so on the new facebook timeline... help?

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