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  • What is wrong with my PS4?

    So I just bought a PS4 pro. I have had a launch console for several years now, and have never had this problem. I am trying to download a game, and usually when I do I just leave the console in rest mode, and then by the time I get home from work, it's done downloading. But now, anytime I try this, the game will not download. When I boot up the console, it has 0 progress, and a few times it actually starts from the beginning and all progress has been lost. I'm using the same wifi I had on my old system, and I'm not getting any error notifications. And PSN isn't reporting any problems on their end either. What's going on? Is there something about the pro I don't know? Am I doing something wrong? Any information would be helpful.

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  • Can this person be charged with child endangerment? ?

    So this is a bit of a long story so bare with me. Also know that I'm only going off information I was given. I'm also using fake names BTW.

    So my little sister's best friend who is 15 years old, who we'll call Cali, was staying with another one of her friends in the city I live. I live in a different city about 2 hours away from my family.So apparently there was a disagreement between Cali and her friend and it got a bit heated. But nothing out of the norm between 2 teens. After things cooled down, the mom of Cali's friend who we"ll call Lindsey took things way too far. She was super drunk and got physical with Cali, and then kicked her out of the house at 2 A.M.Cali's parents called and asked if I could get her, and let her stay at my place till morning(I am a long time friend of theirs. Our families have known each other for decades, which is why they trusted me to take care of their teenage daughter) And when I found Cali, this kid was absolutely traumatized. She had a black eye, and a cut on her chin, and she was just absolutely petrified. Cali also showed me a video she took of Lindsey attacking Cali verbally and calling her words like slut and b!%^h, and she was clearly drunk, and then at the end of the video she tries to grab at Cali's phone, and I imagine that's when she started physically harming her, and gave her those wounds.

    So anyway my question is can this Lindsey chick be charged with something like child endangerment, if not assault of a minor? 

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  • Is it illegal to hack your minor child's email account?

    So I'm 20 years old now, but my mom, who quite frankly I have an awful relationship with account of the fact that she left my father and my siblings when I was young, revealed to me that she use to hack my email account when I was a teenager on a "Regular Basis" as she put it. And I wanna know if that's illegal, or if the fact that I was a minor at the time change anything. Because I gotta say, I'm a little pissed off at her. 

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  • What would The Last Airbender 2 look like?

    So I'm a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's my all time favorite show. And like everyone else, I was deeply angered by the M. Knight Shyamalan adaptation.

    I know there was an initial plan for a trilogy though. And I'm just curious as to what the plans were for that film. What would it look like? Was anything like casting or scripting set in stone? Obviously I don't want the movie to be made for many reasons. But I'm just curious as to what that film would've been like.

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  • What is wrong with my anus? (Not a troll. Seriously. HELP!)?

    Ok so I have no idea what's going on. It's frankly been going on for about 5 years now. It nothing so serious that I should see a doctor, but it's annoying enough to drive me crazy. Every time I go and take a crap, I always wipe myself very good until there's nothing left coming out on my tissue paper. But then 10-15 minutes go by and my anus starts to itch like crazy. Like words cannot describe how uncomfortable a feeling I get in my anus. So I go to the bathroom and wipe again and then there's just a ton of crap on the toilet paper, as if I just went to the bathroom. What is going on?!

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  • Could this be bad for my health in any way?

    This may sound really stupid, and probably is, but I really don't know anything about physical health beyond "High fever = sick"

    But I have PTSD, and because of it, I get chills from nervousness, anxiety, etc every now and then. But lately it's been happening a lot. Like every 5-10 minutes. And ever since that started, I've been having back pain and headaches a lot. And I'm just wondering if all of it could possibly be connected in any way.

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  • What is wrong with my car?

    My car will not stop overheating. It does this thing for about a year now, where after you've been driving a while, it overheats when you slow down. But if you keep it going at a speed above 70, it cools down. But the second it drops below that speed, the needle shoots up to the H. I keep putting coolant in, I've changed the oil, changed out the thermostat, I've taken it to several mechanics, several times, and they never can find an issue, even after spending hours inspecting it.

    Also when it overheats, I try and relieve some of the heat by turning on the heater, but it just blows out cold air. I don't know what to do. Any information would be great.

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  • Can this person be charged with assualt?

    So I was at a concert last night and for some reason security was standing in the crowd rather than at the front like they normally do. And i was standing right next to one of the guards. But he didn t have anything on him that indicated he was security. No badge, no shirt with the word "security" and/or "staff written on it, not even a shirt with the venues name on it. He was actually dressed like most of the people attending the show. He was wearing a superman tank top, torn jeans, and had piercing in his ears.

    I kpet getting pushed into the dude due from being in the middle of a hyper crowd, and he was trying to tell me something. I obviously couldn t hear very well on account of it being so loud, and I was trying to figure out what he was saying, and then next thing I know he s pulling me out in a choke hold and him and another guy have me pinned down on the bar with my arm in a vice grip.

    I showed no signs of agression or hostility towards him or anyone else. I simply couldn t hear him and was trying to understand what he was saying. I also genuinely thought he was just a fan. But because I "did not comply" with the direction given too me, I was forcefully removed from the show with what I feel to be excessive force. So I m honestly wondering if I can press charges against the guard and/or the venue I attended the show at. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.

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  • Why does this happen with my Blu-rays?

    I want to watch my copy of Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers on my PS3. It works completely fine on my downstairs Blu-ray player, but whenever I want to watch it in my room on my PS3, it skips every 5 minutes and gets all screwed up. This doesn t happen with any other of my movies. What s up with it?

    2 AnswersPlayStation4 years ago
  • Can someone I block on instagram still see my photos if my profile is public?

    So I have my sister blocked on Instagram, and I've had my profile private, because when I was public, she kept saying she was able to see my photos. I want to be public, but if that means my sister can see my profile even though she's blocked, I guess I'll have to stay private. But I can't find any information on this. So any answers are much appreciated

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  • I have a medical concern?

    I just got into a heated physical confrontation with someone. And when they broke my nose blood shot up into my eyes. And I was just wondering if anything might affect my eyes. Because they've been red for hours now and I'm concerned. In other words, is blood in your eyes a bad thing?

    1 AnswerOptical5 years ago
  • In Batman Arkham asylum how do I repeat the campaign without creating new profile?

    I just go Arkham Asylum for PS3 and it was epic. But I can't redo campaign. I found over 150 Riddler trophy's and completed a lot of Riddler challenges and I really don't want to delete my profile just to redo campaign. Any advice would be helpful

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • My ps3 controller won't work?

    My ps3 controller won't work. Every time i turn on the ps3 it goes to a reboot screen and I can't turn on the controller it won't even flash its 4 lights and I've tried charging it but the controller won't turn on. What do I do.

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  • Will Red Skull Return In Future Marvel Productions?

    So we all know red skull transported to another realm at the end of Captain America. And in the comics that's how he came back from ww2 times. I thought he was at the end credits of avengers but it turned out to be Thanos. But i think it would be epic if he would make a return in Thor 2 or captain America 2. Or anything else. Because it don't make sense to let him live and then not bring him back.

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  • what are the names of all the people who have been Batman's sidekick robin?

    I know that theres been a whole bunch of people who have been robin in the comic book series "batman and robin" but i only know 2 Dick Grayson and TIm Drake

    but who are the others

    3 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • What would be a good name for a character like this?

    I am a comic book writer my associate and we have created a super hero and we have gone through many names this one but all the great names can you think of one.

    He dresses in a gray cloak and kills the bad guys with two daggers and he also can telaport and is an anti hero please respond thanks

    4 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Is there something wrong with the memory card or the game?

    I have mercenaries playground of destruction for ps2. And I always get so far in the game and I save my progress but when I get back on it starts at the beginning of the entire game.So whats wrong with the game or is there something wrong with memory card. And I don't think there's anything wrong with the ps2 itself because this has never happened before but its really getting annoying so if any of you could help me please do..

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • I'm looking for some awesome ps2,Wii or PC games?

    So I'm a hardcore gamer who loves action filled games. I want a game that is similar to mercenaries But isn't rated M, can have blood but not extremely bloody and isn't so repetitive. And has to be on ps2 wii or pc. Can anyone help me out.

    3 AnswersNintendo Wii9 years ago
  • How Much Money Would I Get At Gamestop For this?

    I have a bigger version of a ps2 that I've had since 2004 it still works like new and has no problems.

    So how much money would I get

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