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Im a medical student interested in many things far beyond medicine :)

  • Will I make it instantly in Nashville?

    Hello world of Yahoo answers!,

    Well...where to start...

    I am a country musician/songwriter/singer. But thats not the catch. I'm actually from Kuwait! (I know you never thought you would live to see the day :P)...Anyway I will post a link of one of my original recorded songs....I would like to know (only from those with experience, please!): Will I make it if I move to nashville? And will my strange combination (a Kuwaiti country singer) raise eyebrows of impression, or tomatoes of "go back home"? Are they racist in Nashville? Will it be difficult to live in Nashville? How hard is it to get a record deal for someone like me?

    This is the link above

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  • Can a musician make it in nashville?

    How hard is it to get noticed in Nashville?

    And how do ordinary country musicians make a living...if they arent famous?

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  • Should i leave to nashville?

    Im 20 years old and i'm studying pre-med and am living with my mom and older siblings..

    It's always been my dream to be a musician and singer ever since high school, but i entered the field of medicine for my mom- and because she convinced me it was a safe future financially and socially.

    I'm in my third year and i flunked my final exam (mainly becuase i didnt spend much effort on studying) but college is giving me a chance to re-take it in september. I don't like it here and find myself in the wrong place where im studying at. It's not that i cant do it...I can...but i dont love it.. I LOVE music...its practically my life...writing music playing various instruments...

    I want to leave and go to nashville, where i can try my luck as a country artist. It's really my dream to be one... Should i go without attaining a bachleor's at least? I know that there is high competition there...

    If i was to leave i would have to run away from home without anyone knowing....i dont think anyone would agree on me leaving here... So should I? It's really far from where i'm at...

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  • Who is a cookie addict?

    I Love Cookies..tell me if you're with me on this

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  • Only two days left...need to procrastinate?

    What is the best way to procrastinate for an exam? I'm a med student so it's a lot of information...and i need it to be there when i take my Cardiovascular module exam..any suggestions?

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  • Farmer's do they get it?

    I have a question!! How do farmer's or country singers get so wise, huh?!! On the superficial level the song sounds really simple..but when you really understand country songs it has huge philosophies!! Wow! Take 'In color' for instance..and other songs

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  • Why the hostility between Islam and Christianity?

    It seems to me that Islam and Christianity have a LOT in common..I mean the basics are so similar! Then why do we see this hostility sometimes in the way they view eachother? Weird aint it?

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  • How to spark something up?

    There's this girl i met who's really cool and attractive in uni...we were in sessions together but out of those sessions we arent really close seems strange because its really difficult to make eye contact with her in most occasions..she doesn't speak to any other males..but only when i initiate a conversation in sessions she becomes all outgoing! Why does she ignore me outside those sessions? And she doesnt seem like an extreme conservative type...How can i spark something especially when living in a place where asking a girl out is a taboo?

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