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  • calculating research results?

    Hi guys...I'm currently donng this psych research on the gender differences in the degree of agreeableness in the workplace. I've used questionnaires based on the Big 5 Inventory questionnaire with a 5-point scale of Disagree Strongly (1), Disagree (2), Neither Agree or Disagree (3), Agree (4), and Agree Strongly (5).

    After compiling the results from 30 questionnaires through SPSS, I analysed the data and got mean and standard deviation results. I've also split the data to compare for both males and females.

    I know about the mean as being the average score for each questions and the standard deviation as the scores that are spread around the mean (either +- 1) but I don't really know how to use the results to determine if females are more agreeable or males???? Do I compare the means for the set of questions for both gender and see which one is higher? Or do I have to do another method or test?

    Any help would do please...thanx!!!!

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  • need help...ASAP?

    hi...I'm a little confused right now as to what's really going on but...I had prootected sex days a few days after my period (which I'm guessing was a time when I was low in fertility???) and a few weeks after that I ovulated (i could tell coz of all the signs: changes in cervical mucous, moody, tired and bloating and twinging pains...). Also, around that same time and even a week or so before that I was really stressed coz of exams...I mean, i barely had a proper meal let alone proper sleep for like two weeks!!! Now exams are over (1 week ago) and I was supposed to have my period yesterday but it never came!!!! I've been having tender breasts and swollen nipples, bloating and sometimes feeling a little constipated & having headaches. So I'm just wondering the reasons for the delay...I heard that stress does crazy things 2 ur body and dat it takes a while to for the body to re-adjust...I'm just friekin out incase I might actually be preggers!!! Any ideas????

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  • home treatments for parvo?

    i think m pupz got parvo...she seemd a bit different since yesterdy. I'm not sure. These are her current symptoms:

    *sleeping a lot

    *not eating

    *sort of vomitting and has diahrroea [not anymore]

    *pulse of 80 in a minute

    *fever [gone down since yestrdy]

    The vets near me where i live was closed for the whole I'm takin her 2mro. We've been giving her a lot of fluids with salt and sugar at regular intervals. I'm kind of uneasy about takin her to the vet (there's only two in the country where I live!) coz the last time i took my dog there for paraquat poisoning they told me to put him down...but he pulled thru wid sum anitbiotics. The other vet didn't help at all...they didn't seem to know what to do. I'm just really worried coz i'm pretty sure their treatments won't work. Any clues?? There's no vomit in her stool...and she sometimes walks around the yard! i heard there was some sort of herbal tea??I also heard about Parvoguard but there's no way it's available here Help!!

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  • marketing - how the social environment affect firms??? this assignment due in a few days. I have to do this marketing plan where I have to talk about how the industrial climate affects firms/companies. My tutor mentioned sumth about I was just looking for more to work on coz it's not really on my text. It just mentions sumth about a cultural that the same thing????

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  • help!!! i think my dog has been poisoned!?

    k, dog vomitted a few days ago with food that we never gave her! The vomit had chicken giblets that was GREEN>..& there was a lot of it!!! She ate her dinner that night but then ever since then she hasn't been eating @ all. She only drinks milk occasionally & drinks water! She just sits & sleeps...& her stomach seems like it's shaking & quivering. My mum thinks she ate rat poison...but I don't know. We haven't taken her to the vet yet.

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  • gastric or stomach ulcer?

    was just wondering what are some of the symptoms of gastric or stomach ulcers. Is feeling light-headed one of them & having a tight, dull feeling on the left side of my stomach as well??? What causes them? Stress, poor eating habits & no sleep??? I'm not sure.

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  • class presentation...need help!?

    hey..i've got a class presentation in health psychology aftr this coming week. I'm kinda trying to figure out how i'm gonna go about doing topic is: "How to tell1st yr uni students how to cope...". The thing is that my lecturer told me to present [using powerpoint!] in such a way that it's like I'm explaining to a group of first year students!!!! Any tips??? I'm friekin nervous about's 25% of my final mark! Oh...& can anyone explain mediators & moderators in health psychology? Still can't quite grasp that one yet....

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  • don't know wats wrong wid me?

    k..i had tonsillitis wid a rily bad fever a wk ago but then I'm ok now. A few days aftr dat I had a tight, dull painful feeling on the left side of my stomach & upper left of my abdomen. I kinda felt nauseas as well & my stomach kept on making this gurrgling noises LOL...i thot it was gastric or something!!! But then now my tummy's not as bad anymore..the only thing is that I'm feeling really light-headed or is it vertigo??! it comes on & off...& it's kinda getting to me! it feels as if everything L's around me is movin....My mum told me itz coz I've been skippin my meals a lot [which is true!] & coz i haven't been gettin enuf sleep from ol the studyin!!! I don't know...does anyone know what cud be wrong with me??? I hate this light-headed feeling i get.....!!!!

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  • sexy make-up & hair color tips!?

    I'm asian (filipino) I was just wondering what kind of make up would look great on know, eye shadow & lip colors. any tips??? I'm soo inlove wid da smokey-eye look..but anything simpler for during the day or goin 2 uni make-up tips?? Oh...& i'm also thinking of dying my hair...which is currently jet-black...any color ideas???

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  • how to pull off the look...skinny jeans & make-up?

    hi...was just wonderin how pull off the whole 'skinny jeans' look...i'm kinda short (165cm) so I was wonderin what look wud look great without me lookin weird!!!

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  • high-waisted skirts!!!!?

    was just wonderin wat tops wud look really great wid high-waisted skirts????? I'm thinkin of buyin a few pairs but the thing is i'm not really sure wat kind of tops wud go with them! Oh...and what kind wud look really hot on shorter people...i'm 162 cm..LOL. Any sexy ideas??? LOL ;)

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  • porno supposed 2 b ok????? :(?

    i dunno wat 2 even think..but is it supposed to b ok that my bf is a porn friek??I come into his room with a naked slut on his desktp aftr he asked to borow my modem so he cud download sum i just overreacting???I don't even know why.....I'm guessing these goodies aren't good enuf 4 him.....

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  • HELP....light period friekin out!!!!!? itz a long story!!!Was on the pill for around 8-9 months last year then stopped. Then started again for august. Had protected sex a few weeks after my period that month [he came inside me but was still on the pill]. Now i'm off the pill for sept. coz da side effects were too strong. Now I've got my period for sept. except it's a little lighter than usual!!!! Still felt the whole PMS symptoms before my period...cramps, head & back aches, moody, breast & nipple sensitivity [GONE NOW!]... Now I'm friekin out coz my period is light,but I'm still feelin the crampz n ol dat!!! Is it coz of my hormones and coz I'm off the pill or coz i'm pregnant????? HELP!!!!!

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  • light period?

    I just went off the pill less than a week ago and now I have my period - but it's very light. Is this normal or is there something wrong with me?

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  • what are the chances??????

    what are the chances of getting pregnant if you had sex with a condom and was on the pill at the same time??? What if the guy came or ejaculated inside you but with a condom???

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  • confused over ovulation cycle...?

    hi...i'm a little confused with the whole ovulation thing. does it start 14 days after ur period?And how long does it we ovulate until we get our next period??? And what are the obvious signs when we do ovulate???

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