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  • If childhood sexual abuse victims are statistically more likely to commit sexual abuse as an adult, why does anyone ever admit it happened?

    According to research and statistics, victims of childhood sexual abuse are significantly more likely to commit sexual abuse against children themselves when they become adults. If this is true, why would any victim of sexual abuse ever admit to it? Doesn't doing so paint them a potential child sexual predator?

    Granted, there have been a select few victims, particularly female victims, that have profited fabulously off of selling their stories to the media (Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, Hannah Anderson, Daisy Coleman, the Cleveland trio, even the Sandusky male victims) but they are such a tiny percentage of the number of actual victims that I don't see how, for the average victim, it could possibly be carthargic enough to confess their victimization given all the detrimental side effects of such admissions. It seems to me that, at best, it would make people feel sorry for you and, at worst, view you as a potential sexual predator.

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  • Do you consider Danica Patrick's pit road wreck with Clint Bowyer at Bristol to be driver error or unavoidable accident?

    I don't see how losing control of your car at under 30mph (pit road speed limit) and crashing into a parked car can be anything except "driver error". However, the NASCAR talking heads and many liberal news articles are saying it was caused by "mechanical difficulties". I believe that anyone that has watched very many NASCAR races at all knows that the "only had 4th gear" excuse is pure BS. If she only had high gear, the pit crew would have had to help push her car off just to get it launched from the pit stall. What do you think? I am asking the real NASCAR fans, not the 1 million "twits". I know most of them don't know a transmission from a radiator.

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  • Hypothetical rape question?

    So in our present rabidly politically correct society, if a woman with a clinically diagnosed split personality gets legally intoxicated and uses a sex toy on herself, is it technically rape? Can she bring charges against herself? What if she speaks the word "no" at some point during the act? Who gets charged? The sex toy? What if there is video or pictures like there always seems to be lately? Doesn't this scenario meet all the present legal criteria for rape? What if she performs this act in front of others and they gossip about it afterward? Do they get charged with "cyber bullying"?

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  • Was Daisy Coleman's latest "suicide attempt" completely real?

    Or was the whole thing just "engineered" to sell media interviews and kick off Melinda Coleman latest donation campaign?

    To begin with, it would seem to be monumentally bad judgment for Daisy to attend yet ANOTHER local. This latest party would almost certainly have guests, of friends of guests, from the last party Daisy attended where she tried to get several of them sent to prison. Did Daisy and her mother think that all those people would be inclined to let bygones be bygones and welcome her with open arms? Whether Daisy was justified to do that or not, human nature is such that people hold longstanding animosity about little things like that.

    Then the "suicide attempt". The drugs Daisy is reported to have taken seem pretty mild for a serious suicide attempt. Yet Daisy's mother, Melinda, went right to work with the media with the story that Daisy had suffered brain damage as a result of this suicide attempt. She then followed that up by putting the word out on social media that Daisy was dead.

    Apparently was only in the hospital for a short time and is now perfectly fine. As soon as she was released, she and her mother started doing more interviews where her mother unveiled her new website for everyone to send donations in to fund her proposed "trauma center" that she wants to run.

    Do you think Daisy and her mother engineered this drama and suicide attempt to sell interviews to the media or is this just another tragic episode in this unfortunate teenagers life? Do you think that Daisy's mother may be manipulating the media to take advantage of her daughter's celebrity victim status? Does anyone, at least, believe that Melinda Coleman, using her first interview after her daughters "recovery" from her "suicide attempt" to kick off her "donation drive", was in poor taste? Does anyone believe that this whole episode was set up for media attention? Does anyone believe that all of it is just a string of unfortunate coincidences? What do you think?

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  • How can NASCAR justify not giving Gordon back the spot in the Chase hes had before Bowyer cheated?

    So, basically, NASCAR is just picking who they want in the Chase and who they don't? I don't think Bowyer should have been allowed to compete in the Chase but, at least, NASCAR did something to acknowledge that he cheated. How can they do something to correct every other aspect of the results that were affected and not give Gordon back his spot? Gordon was a lead pipe cinch to make the last spot in the Chase if Bowyer hadn't intentionally spun.

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  • Is Amanda Berry still a groupie for that rap band?

    I wonder if she even realizes that Ariel Castro has been killed? ( I know the authorities are calling it suicide, but surely, no halfway intelligent adult could possibly believe that.) With 1/3 of 1.4 Million dollars I guess she can afford to party for a few years. Who is supposed to be taking care of Castro's daughter? I know she hasn't been seen anywhere around Amanda.

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  • If Ariel Castro to a plea deal to avoid the death sentence, why would he commit suicide?

    Doesn't anyone have any common sense any more? Does it make any kind of sense that Ariel Castro would take a plea deal for life in prison to avoid possibly getting the death penalty by going to trial, then commit suicide? I know that no one is sorry he is dead but COME ON! I scares me that the general public is weak minded enough to not see the conflict in reasoning here. No criminal would have worked so hard to avoid the death penalty just to take his own life a month later. I would love to hear a logical and reasonable explanation for this. I don't buy that he was suddenly overcome with remorse.

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  • Does everyone really believe that Ariel Castro hung himself?

    I'm not asking whether everyone is pleased that he is dead, I think that is obvious from all the comment boards. But, does everyone really believe he committed suicide? It was certainly odd that he took a plea deal so quickly when he could have probably gotten a better deal by going to court and pleading diminished capacity or something. It also seems extremely convenient that so many people wanted him dead and now he is. For such a cold blooded and heinous character, he seems to have been extremely accommodating in bringing about his own demise. Does everyone really believe it was suicide or do you think he had "assistance"?

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  • Does anyone believe that the authorities are still actively investigating the Hannah Anderson case?

    I see several people saying that the authorities are just pretending to have closed the Hannah Anderson case to ease the suspicions of any possible suspects. (Which I guess would be Hannah or the cat, as they seem to be the only possible surviving suspects.) All the investigating authorities I have seen reporting on this case seem to have ceased investigation of this case. They all seemed to have closed the case as soon as DiMaggio was killed by the SWAT Team. Is this normal procedure when a suspect is taken out like DiMaggio was? I am thinking that it looks like the authorities don't want to take a chance that further investigation might produce evidence that they killed a reluctant accomplice in order to "rescue" a possible murderer.

    Several news sources are reporting that many business establishments and individuals had surveillance footage of different segments of the case that showed Hannah and/or DiMaggio. Individuals that had seen Hannah and DiMaggio interacting said they were never contacted or questioned by any police agency. They said they kept expecting the authorities to request the footage or, at least, ask them what they witnessed, but they never did. Now, most of that video evidence has been taped over. Was this deliberate on the part of the authorities or just negligence?

    Why are the authorities so eager to proclaim Hannah and innocent victim "in every sense of the word" but absolutely refusing to release any evidence to back up that assertion?

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  • Do you believe that James DiMaggio was really Hannah Anderson's biological father?

    To me it is the only explanation that really fits all the evidence in this case. It also explains why Hannah and Brett Anderson are refusing to give a sample of Hannah's DNA. If she really is Brett's daughter, why not give the sample and dispel the rumors? Do you believe that Hannah was having sex with DiMaggio? Perversly, that is also the only thing that really fits the evidence.

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  • Why would Hannah Anderson's mother have had a DNA test kit in her car?

    Please don't say it is because the police made a mistake it was really one of theirs. I know that is the official story now. The police are capable of some glorious blunders but not one like that. How does her having a DNA test kit fit in with this whole bizarre saga?

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  • Why are the so adamently refusing to consider Hannah Anderson as anything except an innocent child/victim?

    Even with all the evidence of her involvement and questionable behavior with DiMaggio before and during her "kidnapping", the police steadfastly refuse to even consider the possibility that she could have been remotely complicit with anything that happened in any way. Even without everything else that has come to light, just her behavior after she was "rescued" would have been enough to make me a bit suspicious. Does anyone else think that maybe the reason the authorities are so determined for Hannah to be an innocent victim is because to do otherwise could cast a shadow on their killing of James DiMaggio? Does anyone else have a reasonable explanation for the authorities turning a blind eye to any/all evidence that shows her as anything except the picture of innocence?

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  • Why are they charging Ariel Castro with only 7 counts of "gross sexual imposition"?

    Why are they exaggerating the number of kidnapping charges and downplaying the number of "gross sexual imposition" charges? Once you look up what "gross sexual imposition" actually is, it doesn't take a genius to know that it took place a lot more often than 7 times in ten years.

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  • What if there was an all female NASCAR series?

    What do you think it would be like? Wouldn't that be a good way for NASCAR to fill the stands again? I would pay to see that race. I know they would have to build a new car for each race but wouldn't it be wild to watch? There might not be many cars still running at the finish but there would be no shortage of "action".

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  • Do you suppose that there will ever be a stock car racing venue like NASCAR that is fair and legitimate?

    Something just like NASCAR but without all the manufactured drama and biased manipulation of every aspect? At the moment, it appears that ARCA is the closest thing we have to this. Wouldn't NASCAR be better if it was run more like a legitimate auto racing venue? Or does everyone really like all the manufactured drama and selective enforcement of the rules, fines and penalties?

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  • Why doesn't NASCAR (or anyone else) keep records of which drivers are given Lucky Dog Free Passes?

    NASCAR and a few others websites keep detailed records of every mundane statistic of every NASCAR race. EXCEPT FOR WHICH DRIVERS ARE GIVEN A FREE LAP EVERY CAUTION OF EVERY RACE. How can this not be statistic that is recorded? Searching the internet, I could not find a single record of this statistic. One site, Jayski, apparently kept a record of this up until 2008. Wasn't that the year that Brian France brought in Danica Patrick? Does anyone know of a site that still records the drivers that get the free pass laps? Why wouldn't NASCAR keep records of this?

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  • How many free passes did NASCAR have to give Danica Patrick on the lead lap in this weeks race?

    It usually takes at least 2 or 3 and NASCAR calls them as needed. I fell asleep about halfway through todays race and lost count. Does anyone have the actual count? At the current rate, Danica is on course to break yet another NASCAR record. She is going to be hard to beat for the most "Lucky Dog" free passes in a single season.

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  • Why does Jaycee Dugard and the Dugard family still shun Jaycee's step-father, Carl Probyn?

    Why do the Dugards still shun Jaycee's stepfather, Carl Probyn? It has been proven that every word he told the police about the kidnapping was true. The descriptions of the car and Nancy Garrido were spot on. It is now a known fact that he did everything possible to try and prevent Jaycee's kidnapping. Why do Jaycee and her mother still seem to have so much hostility toward him? Is it just Jaycee's mother being a vindictive ex-wife? Is it about money? I know there in mention in the book Jaycee is supposed to have written that she never felt that her step-father liked her. But still, it just seems like a cold hearted thing to do. For 18 years the police, and therefore, the public, considered him a suspect in her kidnapping. He is finally proven innocent and the behavior of Jaycee and her mother still cast a shadow on him and his reputation. It just seems vindictive to me to withhold redemption of this man whose life was also ruined by the same tragedy that theirs was. I thought with her new "Jaycee Dugard Foundation" she was trying to be a great humanitarian now.

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  • What is your prediction for Danica Patrick's finish at the Sonoma race this weekend?

    Better or worse than her results at traditional oval tracks? It is harder to go a lap down on a road course but if anyone can do it, Panica can. She has been finishing on the lead lap lately with the help of a "lucky dog free pass" or two. Will she be able to do it this race without any free passes?

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