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  • In regards to Hoop Buildings?

    I have a small group of crossbred cattle and would like to spread out their calving dates throughout the year. I will keep the better heifers for breeding purposes and the remainder of the heifers and the steers I will feed out and sell to families in the area as "freezer beef". I wish to put up a "building" for calving and an area for feeding and loafing (during winter).

    I have considered putting up a "hoop building" as they are much more reasonable in price and do not incur a property tax in our state. If you have used these type of buildings would you share your experiences as to their durability, style of footings ie. concrete or posts and any other suggestions that you may have in regards to this structure. Thank you for your time.

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  • Replacing Pasture Fence?

    I have a 26 acre pasture for 20 head of cattle and their calves which are calving throughout the spring and summer. This fence has some age and is made up with various materials: hedge posts, metal T-posts, 5" round posts; woven wire and barb wires.

    I would like to start replacing this fence. What do some of you folks work with on your farms and what would you suggest when starting a project like this.

    Also, I wish to divide this pasture into about 4-6 paddocks so that I can rotate the cattle onto fresh grass on a set schedule. What type of fencing would you use for dividing the various paddocks.

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  • Dairy embryo's... beef recips?

    I have a small herd of 20 crossbred beef heifers dropping their first calf now. I used art. insem. on these cattle to drop an easy calf for their first calving. I have plans to use these cattle as recip's when it is time to breed them back and implant dairy embryo's of which I have in the tank.

    Has anyone had experience in using recips for dairy calves? When I was on the dairy we would always take the calf on day 1 and put them in a calf hutch as the cow entered the milking string. I am curious as to how the dairy calves would do nursing the cow or if I need to raise them in a hutch as we have in the past.

    With the pedigrees of the embryo's I intend to tame the calves for leading and showing at various dairy shows. Any thoughts or input from those that may have raised cattle for showring purposes?

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  • Do you know the percentage of milkfat in whole milk from the store?

    Interested in seeing everyone's realistic answer.

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  • Visit a farm???

    There are many strong opinions regarding the production of food on a farm some good yet many people seem to disagree about animal production and how they perceive that they are cared for. How do you recieve this information? Have you seen this first hand or have found the information through another source? Would you visit a farm?

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  • Reference to "Factory Farms"?

    I have spent my life on the farm and read many comments by individuals that reference farms as "factory farms". I am interested in hearing from individuals as to what determines this title.

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  • At what point do we consider a farm a "factory farm"?

    I have spent my life on the farm and read many comments by individuals or groups usually with an agenda, that reference farms as "factory farms". I am interested in hearing from individuals who eat meat to the vegan groups, what determines this title.

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