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  • How to get other iPhones on the same account to stop receiving my messages?

    I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS6 and for some reason every time I get a text my dad gets the same text and every time I send a text he can see it and reaspond as me on his phone! If anyone could please help me stop this that would be great. -Thanks p.s. urgent he has been texting my friends weird annoying things.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • What is wrong with my foot?

    I had a gymnastics lesson and long story short, I hurt my foot. When I was leaving it hurt but I could still walk. I woke up the next morning and it didn't hurt at all so, I assumed it was fine and alright to play basketball and run cross country. After basketball it hurt so bad that even lightly tapping it would cause a stinging and unbearable pain and there was no way I could but pressure on it. Once again it all went away but, this time it left a little pain when walking but not unbearable. The same thing keeps happening every time I use it but, each time it leaves a little more pain. This has been happening for 2 weeks. Now just walking a few steps sets it off. In conclusion what I need to know is what is wrong with my foot and if I should get x-rays?

    P.S. The pain and discoloration is in my arch

    Injuries8 years ago
  • What is the best Call of Duty game?

    Well all my friends have MW3 and I love playing it!! But A lot of people say COD 4 is the best??

    5 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • How can I make rage comics?

    So I just got this app call rage comics on my phone and I really want to make some comics and put them there. I heard something about reddit is that an app and if so which reddit should I buy? (theres like 3)

  • Good stretches for cheer leading jumps?

    I'm trying out for cheer leading for 7th grade. Im very flexible and good at tumbling (roundoff, roundoff back handspring back tuck) but, I'm not great at jumps (toe touch, pike,herkie) so, I need good stretches and tips!!!!

    -Thanks :)

    2 AnswersOther - Sports9 years ago
  • Guy problem at school!! Does he like me?

    Well there's this guy, Spence, for short, anyway he's really cute and he's in my Orchestra class. He started out dating a girl name Carly now he's dating Sadie (*****). I really like him a lot but we haven't gotten past cheesy jokes in Orchestra. So my Q. is how can I speed up the convo. but keep him entertained.

    P.S. My goal is to have him ( or at least close friends) by April.

    P.S.S. I'm in 6th grade

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • What are the most common ingredients in cereal?

    I'm doing a project on it and need answers?

    6 AnswersOther - Food & Drink9 years ago
  • A change in velocity can be due to?

    A change in velocity can be due to

    A. a change in speed

    B. a change in direction

    C. Both

    1 AnswerPhysics9 years ago
  • What cereal is best for you?

    I have an assignment to find out what cereal out of Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, and Rice Krispies is best for you. It has to be according to the nutrition facts on the box. It also needs to include why this cereal is best. Please help I have been researching this all night!!!! HELP HELP HELP!!???!!??

    6 AnswersOther - Food & Drink9 years ago
  • HELP HELP confused with Bb cello.?!?!?

    Where would my finger be if I was playing b flat major scale on the G string through A string. I'm SO confused, my teacher, Mr.Beck didn't quite explain Bb major scale on cello. I'm in 6th grade. The fingering pattern that he put on the bottom under the scale was (on G string) 2 4 (on D string) 0 L1 2 4 (on A string) 0 L1...???? What does L1 mean and where would my finger go (on D string and A string) also where would my finger go for just plain Bb flat on G string.. Where would my finger go on Ee on D


    2 AnswersClassical9 years ago
  • Am I Fat Or Anorexic?

    Im 11 years old. I weigh 76 pounds. And im 4 foot 8. Am I overweight.

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Is my guinea pig pregnant.?

    My Guinea Pig is almost 8 inches wide around. I did see the boar hump her 2 weeks ago. That's when we found out he was a guy. They have been separated ever since.

    7 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • Is my guinea pig pregnant?

    I went to Petsmart and bought two girl guinea pigs. ( Well that's what they told me) A couple weeks later I witnessed and recorded them doing it ( For proof). Her junk is swollen. So now I have a few questions. Is she now pregnant? Was she in heat? Do i separate the her from the guy? How do I tell if hes a guy or girl? Can animals be gay? How do i tell if shes pregnant?

    2 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • What Brand Of Treat Do Guinea Pigs Like?

    I recently bought a guinea pig and I'm wondering what kind of treats do they like.

    P.S. I am specifically looking for a brand not a vegetable.

    2 AnswersOther - Pets9 years ago