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  • Any women like this in bed?

    I have met a woman who has had a few sex partners in her life, she is 36years old. The thing is this woman has an orgasm, either with her partner or alone and then she is done. Like a guy done. No more desire to keep going, or even enjoy further stimulation. We have talked and tried many different things including toys, lube, movies, numbing lotions, and even with a different guy. She said she has always been this way? Its the first time I have ever heard of anything like this? Most women I have been with will have 2 to 8 orgasm's in a session. This woman is one and done. Even if I am not done, I can tell she is by the look on her face, anybody seen this before or have any good ideas to help change this. She says she wants to have more.

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  • Where is the strangest place you have ?

    had sex, oral or otherwise. Just wondering cuz my wife told she has had sex in some very strange places, like in the school, and on top of a water tower.

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  • Morals and marriage yet 50%+ get divorced?

    I just want to know why we throw morals into the mix when someone asks about swapping or 3-way sex? Maybe all the haters should keep it to themselves, just like us and the supposed war on terror? What do think?

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  • Need help with transfering files from my old PC?

    to my Mac G4! I need to transfer my msworks, word and lease master. What is the best way to go about doing this? I thouht maybe I could connect the 2 comps. via usb wire and go from there. I dont know enough to know that I dont even know?

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  • Hey Jude how is it you have?

    How is that you have so many points for this category? Dont you have a job? Or is this your job?

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  • Why are there so many people here who actually think?

    that they have the right to tell others what is cheating or addiction or morally wrong? I mean since when did I or any other human tell you to show me why I am wrong? This is just like the crusades and when the pilgrams came over here and forced their ideology and religion on the Native Americans. Have we as a society only come this far in our beliefs?

  • No sex drive from spouse?

    Wife and I have been together 16 years. She has never had a really strong sex drive. But lately she seems to have no interest at all. I am 6'1 200 lbs and atheletic. She is also very atheletic and I find her georgous. I know others do as well ( I see it everytime we are out) Lately she is never in the mood but will lay down and let me do my thing? We do all kinds of things together, we always go out together and dance and laugh and have a great time. In public she is very affectionate and provocative. (With me i mean) I dont know if she has lost interest in me or if there is a medical problem? i.e. hormones? We both 36years old. Anybody got a clue?

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