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I like to research and talk about Ancient Civilizations, Various Religions (though I'm a non-believer), Ancient/Modern Mysteries, Mythology/Legends, Theory Science, Theology, Philosophy, Conspiracies and anything else that relates to the down right strange.

  • What is social vulnerability?

    I have to write a description of what social vulnerability is but when ever I try to find information about it all I can find is cause and what we can do the alleviate the causes instead of what it is. If anyone can point me in the direction of some information it would be so helpful and please don't point me to Wikipedia as I have already been there.

    Normally I'm really good at finding information but sadly lack of sleep impairs the way my brain functions. Thank you to anyone who can help.

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  • High Voltage Syndrome?

    Also known as Electric people or SLIders, I have been trying to find more information beyond:

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of other examples. Also would the kind of voltage being described here be able to magnetize small objects not just oneself?

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  • Visions whole life with a downside?

    Ok so the low down is ever since I can remember I have been having visions both asleep and awake. All of them over the years have come true and no it's not like deja vu, I hate them, because every single one I have ever gotten has hurt me, I get headaches and migraines when I have these visions. The smaller the vision the smaller the pain and well the big ones have left me crippled on the floor arms wrapped around my head crying.

    This morning was the most recent painful one, I'm not going to go into the details of what I saw because it was of someone I know but upon coming out of it the pain was excruciating and it sucks that today had to be a bright sunny day.

    I know the reality of what I see and I don't choose what I see, and not once have they not come true but why do I have to suffer the pain with them?

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  • Why do people feel they need to lie?

    The question says it all really and I just don't understand why especially when it does more harm than anything else.

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