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I write poetry. I have two kids, a boy and a girl. My kids are my life!! I am mostly a depressed person but always smile and am a GREAT friend. I am a hard worker and have a set of strong morals which many people lack. I LOVE Alice In Wonderland, and my favorite quote is "We're All Mad Here."

  • The Car Question From ME?

    I haven't had a car in about a year, my car epically failed me. Well i have a job making decent money. Not alot but enough to try to get financed a car. Well i put a HUNDRED dollars down to hold a 2000 Mitsubishi Gallant. Less than a hundred thousand miles and they're replacing the engine too. Now I'm getting financed so this will be towards my credit. So i really need a car but am worried am I making the right decision?? I honestly have like total MAYBE three hundred dollars to spend towards the car and it will be about TWO months before i could save money and buy a half decent car out right. But I need a car now. Help please,thank you!

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  • What can I do?? My roomates dog needs help!?

    I have a dog. He's such a sweety! My roommate has a dog..not particularly fond of. The dog has nipped me once and although he is a puppy I am practically terrified of the dog. It's a mix of German Sheperd, Rottweiler, and a small bit of pit bull. I try to walk the dog because his owner {my roomate}, could care less. I told him he should get rid of the dog because I can only afford to take care of MY dog. His dog is like 7 months old where mine is a year and a half...who is enough for me to handle between two jobs and basic everyday chaos! I cannot physically care for both dogs!!!! My roomate neglects his dog, the dog pisses and sh*tz in the noone but me cleans up after it. The dog is neglected to the fullest PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY. what can i do!?!? I would call MSPCA but I don't want my dog being taken away either!!!!!!! I tell my roomate constantly he NEEDS to either LOVE and take CARE of the dog or give him away so he can have a shot at being LOVED and HAPPY...a real shot at a GOOD life. I am ignored and with noone to turn to I NEED some help. What is happening is not only CRUEL and UNHUMAN but WRONG and UNJUST!!!

    I am an animal LOVER and cannot bear this ANYMORE. The dog is a good dog he just needs alot of work and LOVE. I can't bear it anymore and wish my roommate would burn in H*LL for this. It's awful to see this go on, but like I said I don't have time for 2 dogz, and PHYSICALLY I CAN'T do it..otherwise I wouldn't be pleeding my heart out for help and someone I can turn to!!! Thank you for your time and cooperation on this matter. God Bless!

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  • A husky goes VROOM! w/ destruction 2?

    Ok I had got a husky whom is 1yr 1/2 old. He tendz to take me for walks. I am training him all different tricks and he is really a fast learner. My TWO BIGGEST problems are: When we go for a walk I cannot get him to stop PULLING me. Yes he is a husky and a purebred, but isn't there some way to correct this!?!? And the second is when I leave for work or extended periods of time he destroys stuff. He's eaten 4 DVD's and odds and ends. I have got toys and actual BONES, NOT rawhide for him.

    I think it's seperation anxiety but IF someone stays in the livingroom of the house with him more than HALF the time nothing's destroyed when I come home from work. Any advice? Any ideas? Because I have tried the internet and it's been nothing but dead end failures, THANKS!!!!

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  • My ex boyfriend was released from jail. I do have a restraining order. Noone properly informed me either.?

    I'm afraid he will come looking for me or to run into him when I am by myself {as I almost ALWAYS am}. I do not know what to do and I am scared out of my mind. Should I get a gun? I carry a knife on me almost always...ALMOST always. What should I do!? What can I do? He's really crazy. And he broke the restraining order once which is why he went to jail for ALMOST a year. I'm really really scared. Can someone PLEEEAASSSEEE help me!!???!!!???

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  • I need some kind of direction PLEASE. My life anyway...?

    Ok so I try to be this "type A" person. I am nice, considerate and should have a lot going for me. But I have nothing going for me. I graduated High School but am not a fan of college..the only reason I would even think to go to college is to learn different languages, is that possible?

    I don't have any friends and I work TWO jobs. I am trying to save money but can't seem to save anything, what should I do? My roomate now is stealing stuff out of my room and taking things that I have been using in my room the past few months..but he said it was ok to use the stuff and now he takes it back!?! He yells at me and I just take it, I want to scream back at him...he's a real problem in my life right now but I am living under his what should I do?? This question is the most important!! Ever since he dated this chick a month ago she shacked right up in here and the two of them are driving me bonkers. But I have no where to go and noone to stay with and I can't seem to save my money, ANY ideaz? I

    I would have posted this IF i wasn't soo despirate.

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  • A what?....A dude. No a DOUCHE!?

    I am 21 years old. The guy that I am staying with was a friend of mine. I was working for him and asked if I could spend the night at his place because I would sleep through my alarm. He agreed and that night we had a few beers, like 1 or 2. He's 41. yeah I know. I wanted to date this guy, he seemed nice enough and hey, age aint nothing but a number honey. Well he didn't want to date me because I am only like 3 years or so OLDER than his daughter. But yet we still continue to fool around. He never said he didn't want to date but never said yes to the fact either. What am I to do? Things are already kind of heading south. he's a bit superficial and never acknowledges my accomplishments or good deeds. I am lost. please, if you can, help!

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  • Help, FLEAS!!!! Their infesting the cat!!!!?

    I would like to know if anyone knows where I can bring my cat to get flea dipped and for how much I live in Westfield,MA or if you know any place else in the surrounding area that does this please let me know???? Thank you!

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  • NEED HELP ASAP!!!! My friend is in an abusive relationship!?

    Someone I've known LITERALLY my WHOLE life is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. I need help! I don't know IF i should file a report or what? She doesn't have a job, she relies on her boyfriend for a place to stay etc. The abuse was a few days before Christmas is when I was aware of this anyway, I found bruises all over her and she said it was nothing!!!! I don't want to upset her and i don't think she'll side with me if I filed a report, she's a timid person like that...but I also don't want her dead either! Her boyfriend acts like a nice dude but he beats on her, What should i do?!?!?

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