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  • Does this fat burning plan work?!?

    This website told me that you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. If you can please read it and tell me if this is true or not.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • I feel out of place.?

    I always feel out of place. Mostly in High School. Although, nobody has ever said something mean or rude to me, i never feel comfortable. It's not that i feel ugly or anything. I get from people a lot that I'm pretty actually. Though all my friends are well known in school and outgoing, but I'm always the shy one who doesn't fit in and just tags along. I have way different preferences then all of my friends at school. WAY different. I find Korean/Japanese guys attractive, they find them butt ugly. I'm always listening to K-pop while they're listening to Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and all them. I don't know, i never feel comfortable around anyone there. I don't even have a best friend there.

    1 AnswerPsychology8 years ago
  • Do Asian guys like Middle Eastern girls at all?

    For 2 years now, I've been obsessed with Asian guys (Which is ever since I've been watching Korean dramas) .Mostly the type that are tall and playful. ( Kinda like Lee Min Ho or Kim Hyun Joong for example) Though i heard Asian guys tend to stick more with their own kind. Would i attract any if I'm Middle Eastern? Because there are pretty bad stereotypes among Middle Easterns nowadays... I do not wear a head scarf though. I have mid back length hair that's light brown, light brown eyes, and light olive colored skin. I'm also pretty short. What are Asian guys attracted to though? I'd like to know.

    10 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups8 years ago
  • What would Japanese people think of Middle Eastern women traveling in Japan?

    I do not wear a hijab or anything, but i was wondering what types of reactions i would get from Japanese people if i travel there with my friend. I have olive colored skin, dark hair, and light brown eyes. I do look Middle Eastern. I also know Japan is sort of Xenophobic. Thought, i absolutely love Japan. Would being a middle eastern traveling to Japan get a stronger reaction?

    9 AnswersJapan8 years ago
  • I'm depressed at nights.?

    Recently my Step Aunt passed away in a very extreme car accident.She was only 15. I was so close to her. We live more than 3,000 miles away, but my family and i still go during the summers to visit them. She's Swedish. But she spoke absolutely perfect English. She loved all the things i loved. Like for example. She and i obsessed over the anime Naruto. And she and i obsessed over a really good book series. We'd always stay up together until 3:00 am and tell stories and jokes until her dad came in and told us to sleep. She was so perfect too. She got perfect grades, she always listened to her parents, and she was loyal. Extremely loyal. Okay, so since she passed away. I've been crying almost every night for her. And while i am, i'm listening to sad instrumental sad pieces from the Naruto anime. Every night it's like that. I sob so hard my head starts to hurt. I even tell myself that i should have been the one in that car accident. She really didn't deserve it. She was so many things i could never be. I am useless in a lot of things. School and home. And i always backtalk my mother and father. So yes, i literally mean useless. I'm only good in Anime drawing and crying i guess. Can anyone help me. How can i be less depressed about her. How can i stop that huge depressed feeling at night?

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Earth in septillion years?

    How would you describe Earth in septillion years? Would humans have moved to another planet? Would we be as developed as the Wall-E world? What's your opinion?

    8 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • L or Near from Death Note?

    Which character do you guys like more from Death Note? Me and my friend are having an argument about which one of them people like more. I say L. And she says Near. Can you guys vote one. Then we'll see which one of us owes the other a Death Note CD.

    10 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Still have no Chicken Pox?

    I'm 14 and i still do not have, nor have had, the Chicken Pox. I heard if you grow older and have your Chicken Pox it's very bad. Should i be worried?

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • My parents hits me & i'm getting depressed.?

    Hello, i am 13 years old but almost 14. So, i usually have to do almost every single chore in the house. Without any help, while my whole family lays back and talks about their own things. And i have tried to not do a chore before, my mother hit me. She took a brush and hit me repeatedly with it. Even today, my dad as usual slams the doors and insults us to get up. So i woke up and i went upstairs. I had forgotten to say "Good morning" and my mother sent me back downstairs then back up to say it again. I was really tired because i had just woken up and she kept sending me back up then down then back up then down to say it. To "teach" me. Finally i stood up for myself and told her. "Mother, i can't take it. You're treating me like your dog. I'm not a slave. And please, stop hitting me. I don't think it's the right way to teach me to become any better." She started screaming at me, picked up a broom, and hit me hard on the back of my legs and back with it. My dad, yesterday, he punched me in the jaw really hard because i wouldn't do as my mother says. I told myself i'd do it. But i was tired since i didn't get to have breakfast with my mother screaming over my shoulder. Also, i'm not smart. No, i'm not smart at all. This year has been my first year ever i have to go to summer school. My mother, father and brother made fun of me for it. I took it all without saying anything back. I also have Trichotillomania. I've been so depressed that i've been pulling so much i have a bald spot. My mother, father, and brother made fun of me for it also. Now all they do whenever they see me is imitate me pulling my hair out. See, when my mom first found i had a bald spot, she kicked me and told me i should be ashamed of myself. It is not my fault i cannot control me pulling my hair out. I read about it online and it says it said that i can stop the disorder, or habit by a Therapist. I tried telling my mom this and she told me to shut up and that i could take care of my own problems. I have a feeling this is what's affecting my school grades too. This whole thing with my mother and father. They even hit me over my grades. I had four F's during my second 9 weeks. I really got it...i still have the bruises from that beating on some places on my arm. Usually, my worst grades would be 1 or 2 C's and the rest all A's and B's. But since this year they've been doing this, i've gotten really bad grades. And despite all of this, i still love my mother and father in a way. Sometimes, when my mother is in a good mood, she'd hug me and say she'd love me no matter what even if she does fight with my sometimes. It always makes me cry and when she asks why, i say because i love her so much. I mean, i don't understand. Does she love me or not? What should i do? Help me please!

    11 AnswersFriends9 years ago