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  • What are the benefits of Chapter 11 versus Chapter 13?

    I have mounds of credit card debt, a car that I owe more then I could sell it for, and a house that is in the same condition - and our income has taken a hit and I can no longer afford to make payments.

    I am considering Bankruptcy. What would happen to all this debt? What are the major differences between Ch.11 and 13?

    I live in Texas, if that helps.

    10 points to best answer with a reference link.

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  • Question for rehabbers...?

    Who has the best house insurance policy to cover the house, and the construction work that needs to be done on a rehab job?

    I heard some company name Zenith(?), or something like that, is awesome. Anyone know more about them?

    10 points to anyone who can tell me more about Zenith(???) and/or recommend the best rehab insurance companies.

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