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  • Adding to my thin tb's feed?

    i have a 12 year old tb, the vet has been out and he is very healthly no worms/ teeth problems. he gets 3lbs of triple crown senior twice a day. 3-4 flakes of hay a day, he is in light/ med work i ride 2-4 times a week and is still ribby with a body score of 4. i was wondering if adding anything would help ie rice bran, oil, beet pulp would help gain weight without being hyper?

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  • i need good quality adjustable saddle w/ real leather?

    I lease a QH/ Welsh cross obo. 14.2 hands , i use the owners saddle which was like her first saddle so its a piece of crap. i want a adjustable saddle because she is a wide but i might switch to a narrow tb. does any one have any suggestions?

    o i ride english hunter/jumper sometimes shows and trail ride

    this would be my christmas present so like around $1000 ish

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