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25 years as a special educator and behavior analyst.

  • My wife doesn't give me presents for my birthday or Valentines.?

    We have been together many years. Over the years I feel there has been less and less communication between us. The gift giving is a small thing, seemingly, but its lack is accompanied by her rarely thinking of me or doing anything special for me.

    The other day we had an argument over something, can't remember what. However she said to me, "This last 18 years has been like living in hell." She wasn't really referring to me, but because I have been quite successful until I retired, she has failed at every business she has started. I have never complained about this, just been supportive.

    She doesn't even get how saying that might hurt me. It makes me feel that I was never enough and that our relationship sucked.

    Any words of wisdom or advice would be appreciated. I am feeling pretty low.

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  • Why do people think that all states implement IDEA 2004 the same way?

    I have worked in special ed in four states and one other country and they all had different interpretations of the law and procedures. For instance, Florida has dropped the severe discrepancy rule for SLD, but other states have not. Likewise, Florida now calls RTI, MTSS. Just like any other law I think IDEA has many interpretations. Has that been your experience?

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  • Why do people keep thinking everyone who is shy has Asperger's or Autism?

    Why do they keep throwing this very life changing disability around like its the flu? Why don't they research autism before saying stupid stuff like, "I think my boyfriend has autism." Have they ever gone on You Tube or looked it up on the 'Net? Since we have the Internet, you would think people would use it to at least be informed.

    It might be the flavor of the month for every shy and awkward teenager, but it is a life changing disability for those who actually are autistic. It is a highly disabling social communication and sensory integration processing issue that impacts the person's entire life.

    Here is an example of a high functioning autistic boy. He is very typical. He can't continue the conversation without drifting. He doesn't understand the world, he always turns the conversation back to himself, stiff, stilted voice tones. It is easy to recognize him as being different.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Is there a good affordable veterinarian in Gainesville, Florida?

    I went to Gainesville Animal Hospital and they were OK, but the prices were very high. Is there a vet that is kind, caring and affordable here? I cannot pay an arm and a leg. I need to get my dog spayed and they are asking over $400, which seems really outrageous to me. How can people afford to get anything done at that rate?

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  • Why did my friends snub me?

    We had 3 women friends come over to help us load a moving truck. Afterwards, my partner and I took them all out for dinner. After we paid, they all looked at my partner and thanked her, but never glanced at me, even though they know our money was shared. This really hurt my feelings and I cannot account for it and it really hurt my feelings. Am I overreacting or did they just make a mistake that I am turning into something that it is not. There were no problems during the loading or at dinner. Everything seemed normal. Why would they do this?

    I am not that good socially, so I need your advice.

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  • I cannot housebreak my IG/JR mix.?

    I am getting completely frustrated. My 2 year old rescue IG/JR mix cannot be housebroken. She does not establish any routine. For a couple of weeks, I could take her out immediately in the morning with my housebroken IG and she would go, but that pattern only lasts a week or so and she is back to looking at me like she doesn't know what to do.

    One thing she will do routinely is pee on a carpet at any time during the day, whenever she feels the urge, even if she has been out 15 minutes before. We have tried the following:

    Praising her and giving her treats when she goes outside

    Taking her out at routine times during the day, however she does not develop a routine. She just stands and looks at you like you are nuts.

    Keeping her in a crate until she must be overflowing and still she does not get the idea to go when we take her out.

    We cannot punish her because if you raise your voice to scold her, she then goes under the bed. She has received serious abuse, probably because of this reason. She also is terrified of big dogs and has numerous small scars on her body.

    She has been returned to rescue twice before, I suppose for the same reason. She is a cute, sweet affectionate dog, but seems to glory in peeing and pooping indoors.

    I don't know what else to do, but what I do know is that peeing and pooing in the house is something I cannot tolerate. I did manage to house break my other IG's. I do not know what else to do. Taking her back isn't an option. I have had IG's all my life and she is the worst ever at being housebroken.

    What should I do?

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  • I paid for an item and nver received. Yahoo refuses to answer complaint?

    I bought the following item on Yahoo shopping, never received . Yahoo refuses to do anything about it. What can I do.

    Name Code Qty Each Options


    Tank Herbal Incense | tank-herbal-incense--15-gra15 1 18.99

    1.5Grams |Strongest Blend

    on the Market!!

    Subtotal 18.99

    Shipping 2.75

    Total 21.74

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  • Best places to fish in Lee county, Florida, from the shore or dock or pier?

    I don't have a boat, so I am stuck with being on land or some other structure. Where is a good place to do this?

    I live on a canal down from Franklin Locks, near the Shores boat ramp and I see people trying to catch fish there, but I have only seen 2 caught in 16 years. What are they doing wrong?

    Also, if you can think of a good fishing place, can you tell me the species and the bait to use?

    Thank you

    Hopeless Fishing Person

    1 AnswerFishing7 years ago
  • Why did Yahoo change their logo and Answers Section?

    The new logo is not attractive, it looks like a skinny tree. Then the messed with Answers, which was nicely laid out, especially the colors which cued your eyes as to where to look etc. Now we have a blaring pure white background which is not comfortable on the eyes. Why do webmasters keep changing things that are already great to begin with? Are they bored? Do they ever ask their readers? This new section really sucks.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Why Doesn't Everyone Hate Google?

    What used to be cute is now a monster. Why can't people realize that Google is not only intrusive, with pop-ups even on its gmail site? When I read the exact same article, one on Fire Fox and one on Chrome, the Chrome site article is filled with landmine pop ups for every underlined word. Now they own You Tube and it has gone from a fun, free site, to a site that bombards you with commercials. Why hasn't anyone started a boycott? Just this morning I read that they are allowing access by the NSA to people's private online activities. I don't get it.

    9 AnswersGoogle7 years ago
  • Does anyone know of a Special Education advocacy group in SW FlOrida?

    Every link I try is a dead link. I really need help for some kids.

    2 AnswersSpecial Education7 years ago
  • What should I do about a teacher who is erratic and cannot focus.?

    I am the behavior specialist at the school and yesterday because the aide was absent in our 4/5 supported behavior class, I filled in. The woman verbally threatened two kids, had no structure, had two serious fights between students because of not keeping to her schedule. One time she lined them up to take them outside, but forgot about it when she was distracted, so the kids started to roughhouse and of course got into a fight.

    She kept screaming all day long and insulted the kids in every way possible and by the end of the day, as soon as they got outside to go to the bus ramp, two kids started to fight and a third joined in. One kid was just whaling on another kids jaw, so I had to take him down and finally we got them under control.

    I have gone to my principal, my program coordinator, the director of ESE and they keep shining me on. The room has never been observed by either the principal or the AP, despite my reports and the fights the kids are having.

    This woman and I have been friends in the past and it is hard to report her. What would you do? I feel complete despair.

    2 AnswersTeaching7 years ago
  • Need an italian greyhound sire in Southwest Florida?

    I have a beautiful, big IG girl who will be coming into heat soon. I was wondering if anyone near Fort Myers would be willing to breed their IG to her for around $200. She does not have papers, but she is beautiful and lovely in every way. Her puppies are all spoken for unless you want a puppy instead of money in which you can pick the first male or second female.

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  • Behavior Business Name?

    I have years of experience with behavior in schools, including having taught supported behavior classes, as a district behavior specialist and behavior analyst. I have a proven track record for being able to manage the most out of control classes. I would like to start a consulting business, but I am a loss for what to call it that would be not only inviting, but tells what I will do. If someone could give me some ideas, that would be great. I already own the website, Positive Behavior Solutions. Should I just keep that? I also thought of About Face Behavior Solutions and Behavior Strategies Clearinghouse. Please help if you can.

  • Capstar only works for one day?

    When I asked my question about fleas, I got two negative answers about why I couldn't spend $26-30 on a months supply of Capstar. Whenever I go online, it seems that each pill works for only ONE day. Why do people think it lasts for a month? To treat with Capstar it would cost $120 a month. Why do people have to be nasty and demeaning when someone asks a simple question, especially when they don't even know what they are talking about?

    2 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • Why don't principals fire bad teachers?

    I am an itinerant specialist and have gone repeatedly to at least 30 schools over a number of years. I have seen really great regular ed teaching, special ed, not so much. We have a few great teachers, some mediocre, and also some very, very bad teachers, who not only could not teach, but worse, did not develop a relationship with the children of caring and trust. These people lack empathy, make demeaning remarks about children and adults and do not teach social skills because they don't know any. Here is my question again: Why are principals allowing them to continue to destroy the hearts and minds of children year after year.

    Here is an example: I saw a Pre-K special ed teacher rip up a child's picture of himself and his therapy dog, because he spilled his cereal on the way back to his seat. So why, why aren't these folks being fired? I have alerted principals to some serious problems over the years. Not very many, but those people were neither censored or fired. Go figure.

    I thought that was one thing that principals got paid for.

    8 AnswersTeaching9 years ago
  • Do you realize that almost all dog treats are made in China?

    I was in Petsmart the other day looking for dog treats when I discovered that almost all animal based treats like pig ears, rawhide chews etc. were all made in China. That includes the "Uncle Sam" brand, Wagon Train and After Hides. This is the same China of the melamine poisoning of babies and pets! Am I right in this? What is going on???

    7 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • Do allergies cause dizziness and fatigue?

    Every afternoon, my eyes get red and I feel dizzy and want to immediately take a nap.

    1 AnswerAllergies9 years ago